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Celebrity Eternity Diamonds | Eternity Rings | Marilyn Monroe: The eternity ring DiMaggio gave her on his 1954 wedding was a platinum diamond eternity ring set with 35 baguette-cut diamonds. The eternity ring sold at auction for $772,500 to an anonymous bidder. Marilyn Monroe private jewelry collection held only two valuable pieces of jewelry, an eternity ring and a strand of pearls, given to her by her husband Joe DiMaggio. You can choose from a wide selection of diamonds, fine anniversary gemstones, diamond engagement rings, eternity rings and wedding bands and certified diamonds. A fantastic selection of fine rings at online jewelry stores at everyday low prices online. We add new stock of rings every week so visit us often. Read product reviews & also check out our recommended products section.

Ring arrived today. It looks amazing, Thank you for the hard work to get it together and shipped to me so quickly. Let's hope she says yes! Leena

Thank you so much for helping us pick out and design our engagement ring and wedding band. They're PERFECT. We love them and have gotten endless compliments. We're so pleased and we will always recommend you. Take care. Judy & Jess
I received my ring today, and I just wanted to say that it is gorgeous and I absolutely love it! You did a phenomenal job. I will definitely recommend Novori to anyone I know who is interested in purchasing jewelery! Thank you so much! Tiffany
Julie-She honestly can not take her eyes off of her ring...
The diamond engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a declaration of undying love and commitment. Choosing a ring that best expresses your love and devotion is an important decision. It is true that nothing compares to the beauty of a diamond ring. A diamond is forever and the love it symbolizes is eternal.

Ring Sizing Q's

Can these settings be done in 1/4 ring size increments? We can do quarter ring size increment. View Details.

Ring Matching Band

Do you have matching wedding bands? Yes. We can make them on request. Please e-mail us for questions & prices

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Do these settings come with an independent third party appraisal? To ensure the quality of your selections, includes an insurance valuation document with every purchase worth $2500.00 or more. View Details.

Shipping Questions

Can these be shipped for next day? No. Normally each ring is made to order and takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days. In special cases we can ship it it in a day or so. View Details.

Center Diamonds

If you're interested in buying loose center diamond, you can browse through our extensive collection of GIA diamonds. Click Here.

Ring Return Policy Q's

If you decide for any reason that it is not right for you, you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund or replacement. View Details.

White Gold Ring Q's

Can all these rings be made in 14K White or Yellow Gold? Normally for around $300 less. How do we order? Call 1-800-871-1066. View Details.


Design Your Own Emerald Ring - Largest Selection Anywhere - Diamond Rings for Anniversary, Wedding, & Engagement in Platinum Gold - Free Appraisal

The Ideal Engagement Ring | The Perfect Anniversary Ring | Celebrity Emerald Rings: John F. Kennedy gave his future bride Jacqueline Bouvier a 2.88 carat diamond and emerald engagement ring. Prince Rainier presented Grace Kelly with a 12 carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring--a jewel befitting the beauty and elegance of the future princess. Green expresses faithfulness and continuity. The name emerald derives from Greek smaragdos and means green stone. Birthstone of May: Emerald rings are more precious than a diamond, emeralds are formed by rising magma and metamorphism. Modern brides are embracing emerald rings with diamonds in designs that highlight richly hued emeralds with diamonds. Rings with emeralds and diamonds in platinum expresses a woman'sunique personality. Make sure you go for a rich green color emerald with a darker shade in a emerald ring. Quality emeralds will be in lime green color, optimum reflection, i4 clarity & fewer jardins. Craft your emerald ring with few visible flaw emeralds. Rings with Emeralds | Emerald Rings | Design Your Own Emerald Jewelry:Emerald is the most sought after gemstone in the world. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May and is also the anniversary gemstone for the 20th, 35th, and 55th years of marriage. The symbolic meaning of the emerald is the promise of new life, growth, integrity, flourishing, and of prosperity and increase. Emerald rings make great gifts for wedding anniversaries. Emerald wedding rings are also very popular settings of emeralds, also as anniversary gemstones for the 20th, 35th and 55th year of marriage. Emerald engagement rings are perfect gifts for the May born or taureans, as the emerald is their birthstone. Emeralds, along with diamonds or other precious stones are also an increasing choice of in wedding bands.

Emerald Rings

Learn About Emeralds | History & Lore of Emerald | Emerald The Mineral | Mystical Properties of Emerald | Emerald Enhancements or common Treatments | Taking Care of Your Emerald Ring! | mm to inches conversion chart | Learn About All Birthstones By Month | See All Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones | Learn About All Estate Jewelry | Custom Design Jewelry | See All Our Jewelry Services | See All Designers

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Unique designs made to bring back timeless beauty of engagement rings. Emerald anniversary rings feature deep green emeralds far more intriguing than diamonds.

Emerald Rings

Columbian Emerald, Muzo Emerald, Genuine Emerald Jewelry

Zambian Emerald, Real Emerald Jewelry

Exclusive Designs: Pretty Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold 1 - 5 cts Size 3 - 8 Price $3.050 - $45.750

Specially Designed: New! Gorgeous True Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum Size 3 to 8 | $3.750 Weight 19

Simple Designs: Natural Emerald With Genuine Diamonds Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum 1 to 5 cts weight | $2.925 Available Size 10, 6,4

New Designs: Round Emerald & Trillion Diamonds Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum Size 3 to 8 | 1 to 5 cts tw $2.975, Free Shipping

Take Advantage on Free Shipping,  and 30 Day Returns Exchanges! Take Advantage of No Engraving, Charges, Resizing and Repairs Take Advantage on Reserving Goods, Free Inspections and more Buy in Person or Visit New York City to Examine Goods in Stock!

Mozambique Emerald, Genuine Emeralds

Sandawana Emerald, Genuine Emeralds

Ural Russian Emerald, Genuine Emeralds

South African Emerald, Genuine Emeralds

Fancy Shapes: True Genuine Round Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum 2.55 ct

Various Shapes: Winsome Round Emerald Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum 2.57 ct

Fancy Shaped Diamonds: Spanish Ladies Round Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Various Designs: Exclusive Quality Round Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Baken Diamond, Natural Diamond Jewelry

Cullinan Diamond, Real Diamond Jewelry

Finsh Diamond, Certified Diamond Jewelry

Emerald Gemologists, Tay Thye Sun, Richard Hughes

Many Other Designs: Exceptional Value Round Emerald Gemstone Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Colored Designs: New! Large Round Shape Emerald Gemstone Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold With Photographs

Ornamental Designs: New! Gorgeous Round Shape Emerald Gemstone Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Variety of Designs: Beautiful Solid Round Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Emerald Lapidary, George Kunz, Emerald Cutting

Emeralds from the Best Mines, Columbian Emerald, Brazil Emerald, Zambian Emerald, Madagascar Emerald

Genuine Emerald, Real Emerald Jewelry

Emerald Ring Designs, Antique Designs, Modern Designs, 3 Stone Ruby Ring, Tension Set Ring,

Reproduction of Old Styles: French Pave' Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold a. Front View b. Side View c. Rear

Immense Store of Emeralds: Stunning Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum From Mexico

Newest Styles: Test of A True Emerald Classic Channel Set Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

New French Styles: Old 'Balzac' & "Voltair"e French Pave' Brilliant Emerald & Geniuine Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold 2.78 - 2.80 cts

Emerald Ring Styles, Anniversary Ring, Birthstone Ring, Cameo Ring, Claddagh Ring, Cocktail Ring, Episcopal Ring, Engagement Ring, Eternity Ring

Emerald Ring Styles, Gimmal Ring, Memento Mori Ring, Purity Ring, Signet, Sovereign Ring, Wedding Ring

Emerald Ring Settings, Prong Settings, Bar Settings, Bezel Settings, Channel Settings

14k Yellow, White Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver

Antique and Old Styles: French Pave' Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinm 2.293 ct

May Birthstones: Channel Set Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold Size 2.72 1.53 mm

Various Sizes and Styles: Prong Set Emerald & Diamond Ring 14k White Gold Size 10 13/16 x 4 5/8

Exclusive Styles: French Pave' Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

14K White Gold Diamond Millgrain Edged Engagement Ring Wedding Band Set UGL Certified $13 550 Value 2.07 Carat Antique Style (VS-2 Clarity, E/F Color)

18k Yellow, White Gold, Pink Gold, Blue Gold, Red Gold

22k Real Gold, 24k Pure Gold

Sapphire Ruby Rings, Sapphire Emerald Rings, Sapphire Amethyst Rings

New and Popular Styles: Discover Channel Set Emerald Ring With & Diamondsin 14k White Gold

Special Prices: For Channel Set Emerald Coupled With Genuine Diamonds Ring Worked Into Ornaments Size

Price Comparisons Welcome: Light Greenish-Gray Hue Channel Set Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold Weight 2.97 ct

Special Estimates: Flower Ring set with 5 stones: sapphire, purple amethyst, green emerald, ruby & white diamond

Emerald Ring Designers, Original Jewelry Designs, Vintage Jewelry Designs, Vicorian Designs, Edwardian Designs, Contemporary Jewelry Designs, Modern Jewelry Designs

Filigree Jewelry Designs, Greek and Etruscan Filigree, Scythian jewelry

Emerald Eternity Ring with Diamonds

Emerald Anniversary Band with Diamonds

Popular Prices: Perfect Channel Set Genuine Emerald With Brilliant Diamonds Putnam Anniversary Ring 14k White Gold

Prices on Request: Exclusive Round Shaped Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold Weight 1.910 Carats Size 6 x 4

Description and Prices: Remarkable Channel Set Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold Weight 1.906 Size 6 x 3 mm

Prices Depending Upon Size: Extraordinary Channel Set Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold 1.909 Carat 3.23

Ruby Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Emerald and Diamond Wedding Band

it is proven that yellow and blue mixed together make a very beautiful green

Edwardian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Various Creations: Stunning Composition Cut in Half Rounded Shape True Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold 6 x 3

Special Modern Creations: Important Bar Set Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 18k White Plate of Gold Matching Earrings

The Bishop's Rings: Fine Gemstone French Pave' Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Matching Necklaces, Pendants

Prices Are According To Actual Weight: Precious Gemstone Bar Set Dark Green Round Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Art Noveau Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Victorian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Antique Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry

Antique Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry

Assorted Sizes: Very Few Come This Fine Prong Set Green Emerald Ring With Diamonds 14k White Gold 1.906 ct Sz 5x4 mm

Various Sizes: Explore Burnish Set Tiffany Style Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Jade Gold With 4 Cardinal Points

Great Variety of Sizes and Forms: Enchanting Burnish Set Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Various Sizes and Styles: Charming French Pave' Fine Emerald Stones & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

3 Stone Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Gemstone, Amber & Gold Necklaces USA, Amethyst Jewelry Canada

Columbian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Made To Order in Gold: Beautiful Burnish Set Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k Pure White Four Sided Solid Gold 2.45 Carats

Specially Prepared Classic & Elegant Design French Pave' Green Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold Platinum

Made to Match: Blazing Gem-City French Pave' Emeralds & Diamonds Set in Rings in 14k White Gold Sz 3 6

Extraordinary Brilliance: Shining Sculptured Mountain Burnish Set Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold 2.3 in 3.8 x 18 inch

Zambian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Brazalian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Mozambique Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Sandawana Emerald Ring with Diamonds

English-French Creations: Gleaming Burnish Set Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold Weight 0.640 pounds

Made Under Personal Supervision Transparent Tiffany Style Burnish Set Green Emerald Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold

Made And Sold Only By: In Modern Times A Great Channel Set Green Emerald Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Sets Made Up As Desired: Perfect Channel Set Emerald Diamond Gold Ring in 14k White Form Assuring Its Greatest Efficasy

Ural Emerald Ring with Diamonds

South African Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Baken Diamond Ring with Genuine Emeralds

Cullinan Diamond Ring with Columbian Emeralds

Have The Exclusive Control: Wonderful Crystalline Channel Set Split-Shank Green Emeralds & Diamonds Ring 14k White Gold

Genuine Hand-Made: Own Popular Rich Green Hue Channel Set Split-Shank Genuine Green Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

May Zodiacal Signs: Own Rare & Unique Channel Set Birthstone Emerald Ring With Diamonds in Favorite Materials 14k White Gold

Matched or Graduated: Wear This Channel Set Split-Shank Gemstone Emerald Diamond Ring in 14k Pure White Gold

Finsh Diamond Ring with Zambian Emeralds

Finsh Diamond Ring with Sandawana Emeralds

Diamond Ring with Ural Emeralds

Diamond Ring with Mozambique Emeralds

Surrounded By Diamonds: Wear New Offer! French Art Deco Pave' Emerald Diamond Fashion Ring in 14k White Gold Click To View

Single or Double Row: Shop On Sale! French Art Deco Pave' Emerald Diamond Gift Ring in 14k White Gold Click To View Sides

Offered For Sale: Buy French Art Deco Pave' Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold  at Great Prices Click For Rear Side View

Work of Art: Shop French Art Deco Pave' Emerald Diamond Gold Ring in Platinum At Reduced Sale Price Click View & To Own It

Columbian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Zambian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Sandawana Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Brazalian Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Perfect Individual Gifts: Wear This Classic French Art Deco Pave' Diamond & Emerald Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Exclusive Characteristics: Own This Curious French Art Deco Pave' Diamond & Emerald Gold Ring in 14k White Gold Platinum

Bordered By Diamonds: French Art Deco Pave' Diamond Ring With Emerald in 14k White Gold For Mother's Day

Unique and Original: French Art Deco Pave' Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold For Daughter's Engagement

Ural Emerald
Ring with Diamonds

Fancy Blue Diamond
Matching Engagement/Wedding Ring Set 14k Yellow
Gold Antique Style

Bluis Green Hue and Medium Tone Muzo, Columbian Emerald Ring with

Yellowish Hue And Medium Tone Madagascar Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Design Variations: Modern Update on Classic Channel Set Spring Green Emerald Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Legendary Pliny & Damigeron: Extrasensory Channel Set Brilliant Green Emerald Diamond Modern Ring Crafted in 14k White Gold

Diamonds in Unique Designs: Crystal Vision Channel Set Emerald & Diamond Created Ring in 14k White Gold

Especially Unique and as Distinctive: Channel Set Emerald & Diamond Women's Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Emerald 12x16mm Solid 14Kt White Gold Diamond Green Wedding Amethyst Ring CT1211

Estate Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Designer Natural Emerald & Diamond Ring 3.7g



Best & Choicest Jewels: May Birthstone Gifts Channel Set Haloed Emeralds & Diamonds Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Examples of This Unique: Channel Set Filigree Store of Fine Emeralds With Diamonds Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Its Rich Tradition in Jewels: Charming Channel Set Filigree Other Emerald Cut Diamond Ladies Ring in 14k White Gold

Emeralds With Diamonds: Channel Set Filigree Emerald With Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Polished Gold

Pretty .50ct Natural Emerald Cut Iolite & Diamond 10k Yellow Gold Ring 1.4g

Solid 18K Rose Gold Oval Cut Emerald Natural Diamond Engagement Ring



Treasures of Nature: Bezel Set Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in Smooth, Polished 14k White Gold & Enduring Tested Platinum

Blazing & Most Gorgeous: Split-Shank Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Hammered Finish Platinum Withstand Blows

Blazing With Gems: Wordly Presence Split-Shank Diamond & Emerald Gold Ring in 14k White & Enduring Strong Fine Diamond

Most Brilliant Gems: Gemstone Split-Shank Fine Perus Emerald Stones & Genuine Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum



Emeralds, Diamonds, and solid 14 KT yellow Gold Ring

Vintage Estate 1.02ct Ceylon Blue Sapphire Diamond 10k Gold Ring Emerald Cut VG+

Emerald Gem-City: Visions of Past, Present & Future Split-Shank Spanish Created Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Rare Richer Goods: Bela U-Prong Emeralds & Diamonds Anniversary Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Rich Color Emeralds: Sparkling Bela U-Prong Emerald & Diamond Fashion Gold Ring Created With Most Intersting Specimens

Glowing Beautiful Emeralds: A Elaborately Engraved & Milgrain Edge Christian World Created Emerald & Diamond Floral Ring

10k White Gold Emerald Diamond Three stone promise Engagement Ring

18k White Gold Ring with Emerald Cut Diamonds

Edwardian 14k Rose Gold .36ctw Gem Emerald & Old Cut F-VS2 Diamond Ring 5.3g


Finest Quality Emeralds: Ancient Style Special Design Emerald & Diamond Micropave Floral & Leaf Motif Classical Openwork Ring

Absolutely Authentic: A Special Design Large Round Emerald & Diamond Cross Pattern Micropave Renaissance Openwork Ring

Remarkable Examples: Ancient Design & Style Brilliant Emerald Diamond Milgrain Diamond Cloissons Openwork Gold Ring

Exclusive Designs: An Ancient Style Natural Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Micropave Diamond Channel Openwork Ring

Take Advantage on Free Shipping,  and 30 Day Returns Exchanges! Take Advantage of No Engraving, Charges, Resizing and Repairs Take Advantage on Reserving Goods, Free Inspections and more Buy in Person or Visit New York City to Examine Goods in Stock!

Synthetic Emerald Filter Test Results: Natural Emerald with greenish
body color

Synthetic Emerald Refractive Index Test: Natural Emerald with Refractive
Index of 1.578 and Birefringence
of 0.0075

Synthetic Emerald Growth Pattern Test
 Results: Natural Emerald with
No Growth Patterns under 10x magnification

Natural Emerald Cross-Polaroid Test Results: Natural Emerald with
No Distinctive "Jagged Peak Inclusions Resembling Swallows in Flight"

Mesmerizing: Finely Crafted & Brilliant Diamond & Emerald Micropave Granulation Votive Adze Floral Motifs Cloissons Ring

Genuine: A Finely Crafted Jade Green Emerald & Diamond Micropave Navette Cloissons Repousse Openwork Ring

Notably Many Exclusive: A Victorian Style Emerald & Diamond Milgrain & Micropave Cloissons Ring View From All Side

Finest & Most Attractive: Eternal Offering 3 Stone Heart Diamond & Round Emerald Divine God Halo Exclusive Service Ring


Synthetic Emerald Filter Test Results: Natural Emerald with no flux inclusions, no fingerprints

Appraiser Spectroscope Test Results: Natural Emerald

1.11ctw Synthetic Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring - 14k Yellow & White Gold

Some of the Notable Pieces: A 3 Stone Trillion Diamond & Round Emerald Halo Ring with Diamond Divine Gods Halo Eternity Ring

Popular For Hunfreds of Years: A 3 Stone Round Diamond & Round Emerald Halo Ring with Diamond Divine Gods Halo

Exquisite: Richly Created Three Stone Round Emerald & Bullet Shape Diamond Halo Eternirty & Anniversary Ring

Distinguishing Mark: Richly Ornamented 3 Stone Pear Shape Cut Diamond & Round Halo Light Eternity Ring & Earrings

Genuine Emeralds, Authentic Real Emerald Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry, Gemstone Rings

Rich Green Emeralds in Gold and Platinum Rings

Genuine Emerald Rings with Diamonds

The Quality is Always English SterlingBaguette Diamond & Vibrant Round Emerald Halo Radiance Light Ring Star Light Diamond Sprinked Necklaces

Appreciated From Any Angle: View This 5 Stone Bar Set Diamond & Jade Emerald Divine Halo Radiance Ring Brilliant White Diamond Sprinkled

Composition & Design: Eye-Catching This 5 Stone Prong Set Diamond Brilliant Green Emerald Divine Halo Light Ring Encrusted With Genuine White Diamonds

New Features: View This Visual Classical Art Diamond Emerald Gods Halo Ring with Diamond Set Basket & Prongs and is Eye-Catching

Emeralds from Best Mines, Columbia Emerald, Zambia Emerald, Madagascar
Emerald, Sandawana Emerald

A diamond ribbon wraps around a round brilliant on an ultra-feminine dior ring

Emerald Rings Jeweler

Rings Reviews

Unusual Advantages: View Not Only This Micropave Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring & Band But This Princess Diamond Radiating Divine Gods Halo Bezels

Offering Gifts of Emeralds: View This Exclusive Eye Catching Visual 3 Stone Heart Shape Emerald & Diamond Divine Mother Goddess Halo Light Ring

Truly Fine Emeralds Offered: Premier Designer 5 Large Fine Stone Peruvian Bar Set Emerald & Diamond Whirl Wind Manta Ring & 5 Stone Anniversary

Beautiful Green Hue: Designer 5 Stone Shared Prong Set Emerald and Diamond Ring & Also 5 Stone Covering Matching Shield Fold Plate Cross Forming Band

Emerald Rings Jewelry Store Online

14k Rose Gold Bar Setting Emerald Ring with 

18k Red Gold Bezel Setting Genuine Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Platinum 950 Ruby & Diamond Pave Set Ring

Special Annoucements:  This Especially Recommended 7 Stone Cocktail Ring with 7 Emeralds and Diamonds & 7 Stone Wedding Diamond Band in Gold

Manufacturer of Jewelry: One-of-A-Kind Ring Justifies Its Title with 7 Stone Ring with Genuine Emeralds and Brilliant Diamonds offered As May Gemstone Birthday Gifts

Importer of Diamonds: This New 5 Stone Anniversary Ring with 5 Diamonds & Emeralds & 5 Stone Eternity Band Click To View Wear And Own It pp. 255-257

True Emerald & Genuine Diamonds: This 5 Stone nniversary Ring with Emeralds and Diamonds Available in New York Gem City Jewelry Store Size

14K Yellow Gold Flush Setting Emerald Ring

22k Gold Channel Setting Emerald Ring

18k Red Gold Invisible Emerald Ring Setting

14k White Gold Emerald Ring Pave Setting with Certified Diamonds

Brilliant Green Stones: Genuine Round Diamond atop Claw Set Emerald & Diamond Eternity Ring & Gemtone Eternity Band Size 6

Gold & Emeralds: View A Round Emerald atop Claw Set Emerald & Diamond Ring & Birthstone Eternity Band Free Returns

Divine Offerings: Round Shaped Diamond atop French Micropave Natual Emerald & Diamond Sprinkle Ring & Eternity Band

Most Renowned Emeralds: A Gold Bezel Set Treated Emerald & Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring & Womens Eternity Band


The sweet Gumdrop ring with a round brilliant by Chris Correia has a curvy band with diamond sprinkles

A delicious design, Michael B's ring combines a round brillant with a narrow pave-set diamond band

Signet-Style Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Claddagh Emerald Ring in 18k Red Gold

Most Carried in Stock: A Heart Diamond atop Emerald & Diamond Half Eternity Ring & A Delightful Right Angled Slide Down Emerald Diamond Band

Most Comprehensive Stock: A Rich-Color Heart Treatment Oil Emerald, Diamond Comes with A Platinum Ring & Diamond, Emerald Rolling Band Size 6

Principal Items in Stock: A not only Sparkling Brilliant Cut Round Diamond & A Oil Treated Divine Emerald Ring But A Emerald Diamond & Sliding Down Band

Rich Green Color: A Not only Richly Created Vibrant Young Woman Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring But Also Diamond Emerald Band

A graceful leaf of pave-set curls from one end of a round brilliant to another in a ring

A round brilliant sits in a collet on top of a stylish diamond split-shank ring by H. Stern

Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires Ring Made in USA

A sporty white gold band by Suzanne Felsen has a round brilliant at the center with diamond studs above and below

Perfectly Cut: Not Only A Emerald Cut Diamond & Emerald Cathedral Ring But This is Paired with A Diamond, Beautiful Emerald Gold Band Set Size 6

Framework of Gems: Center Emerald Cut & a Curved Line Emerald & Diamond Ring & A Curved Line of Half Way Point Emerald Diamond Band Size 7

Among Important Additions to Stock: A Princess Cut Diamond in Center & Emerald Ring & Circular Line of Emerald, Diamond Wedding Anniversary Jewelry

True Princess: Discover This Classic Diamond & Princess Cut Emerald Ring & Round Emerald & get it with This Gold Diamond Half Gemstone Eternity Band

The arty platinum Omega ring by Steven Kretchmer clamps a round brilliant in a tension setting

Ruby Rosary Ring in 14k White Gold

Ruby Signet Ring Design with Sapphires and Emeralds

Emerald Multi-Gem Wedding Ring with Turquoise, South Sea Pearl, Amber, Red Garnet, Lapis Lazuli

Faith, Hope, & Charity: Line of Richly Created Center Pears Featuring Diamond, Emerald & Platinum Ring & Emerald & Diamond Made in America

The Splendid Emeralds: Wonderful & Richly Designed Featuring Center Pear-Shaped Diamond With Square Emeralds Set in Two Gold Rings

Perfect Emeralds: Discover Line Featuing Heart-Shaped Center Diamond & Princess Cut Emerald Ring & Also Emerald, Diamond Precious Stones Wedding Band

Popular & Fashionable: Buy Center Heart-Shape Emerald & Princess Cut Diamond, & Also This Platinum Ring & Square Emerald & Diamond Band

The arty platinum Omega ring by Steven Kretchmer clamps a round brilliant in a tension setting

Ruby Multi-Stone Ring with Blister Pearl and Shell, Russian Amber, Jade, Sapphire and Emerald

Rare Collectable Emerald Ring with 4.0 carats certified diamonds

Fine Art Collector Emerald Roman Flower Ring with 2.75 carats fine Columbian Emeralds

First Hands Wonderful Round Cut Brilliant Diamond & Princess Cut Diamond Ring & Princess Cut Genuine Emerald & Diamond Wedding Band With Slight Greenish Tinge

Are Strictly Retailer: Eye-Catching Set Features Smooth & Round Emerald & Princess Cut Diamond Ring & Also A Nine Stone Square Emerald & Diamond Band Free Appraisal

May Birthstones: This ring has a Emerald Cut Diamond, in Center and Square Emerald & Gold Ring and A Princess Cut Diamond, Emerald Band - It Comes With Free Shipping or New York Store

Gem of Spring: This Unseen ring features a Emerald Cut Emerald in Center & Princess Cut Diamond Ring & A Line Square Emerald & Diamond Anniversary Band & View in New York Jewelry Store

Emerald Diamond Snake Ring with 4.75 Carats Grass Green Genuine Muzo Emeralds from Columbia $575,525.00

Diamond and Emerald Bird Ring in 14k Rose Gold with rare fine 5.75 carats Zambian Emeralds $75,000.00

Ancient Signet Rings with Rich Blood Red Color Burma Ruby Gold Signet Ring a Roman Emporer

Ancient Rich Blue Color & Vibrant Burma Sapphire in Gold Signet Ring Head of a Royal Emblem

Talismani Gems: This ring showcases a Princess Cut Diamond Center & Square Gold and Emeralds & Diamonds on Sides and Emerald & Diamond Band With Information

Men's Seal Rings: This stunning ring features A Square Emerald Center and Princess Cut Diamonds, Gold & Emeralds on sides & Diamond, Emerald Gold Wedding Band

Men's Signet Rings: This is an Ancient Signet Ring with Rich Blood Red Color Burma Ruby in Gold Signet Ring Depicting a Emporer Head, Eyes & Upper Body Could Be Shipped Free

Men's Engraved Cut Rings This is an rich Ancient Rich Velvety Dark Blue Color & Vibrant Burma Sapphire Eyes in Gold Signet Ring with a Head of a famous 14th century AD

Ancient Signet Rings with Rich Red Color & Vibrant Burma Ruby in Gold Signet Ring Depicting a King

Ancient Rich Blue Color & Vibrant Burma Sapphire in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Roman Emporer

Ancient Rich Green Color & Vibrant Egypt Emerald Red Sea in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Ram

Ancient Rich Green Color & Vibrant Emerald Red Sea in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Lion

Men's Solitaire Rings: This is an Ancient Signet Ring with Crimson Dark Red Color & Vibrant Burma Ruby in Gold Signet Ring Depicting a King

Men's Old European Rings: This is an Ancient Rich Dark Sky Blue Color Burma Sapphire in Gold Signet Ring Depicting Sapphire Eyes A Roman Emporer Size 8

Men's Old English Rings: An Ancient Rich Forest Green Color & Vibrant Egypt Emerald Red Sea in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Figure of Ram Free Sizer

Men's Exclusive Styles Rings: In this Ancient Rich Mountain Green Color & Vibrant Emerald Red Sea in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Figure of A Lion

Ancient Rich Green Color & Vibrant Egypt Emerald Red Sea in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Emporer

Ancient Rich Red Color & Vibrant Ruby Burma in Gold Signet Ring Depicting A Roman King



Finely Carved and Chased Heads Figures: Ancient Rich Green Stone Color Emerald from Red Sea in Gold Signet Ring Depicting Face of A Emporer Size 3-8

Finely Carved and Chased Serpents, Heads and Other Designs: An Ancient Rich Red Color & Vibrant Ruby Burma in Signet Style Ring Depicting The Face, Ruby Eyes, Ruby Lips of a Roman King




Emerald 28, 34, 68, 76-79

Emerald 90, 132, 145, 234

Emerald 236, 237, 238, 240

Emerald 242, 280, 293, 303

Classical Ovals: Really Classic 3 Stone Dark Tone Hue Bright Color Solid 14k Gold Oval Emerald & Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Rich-Color: Truly Classic 3 Stone Oriental Created Oval Emerald & Round Diamond Ring in not only Platinum but in Gold Also

Precision Cut: Beautiful 3 Stone Natural Oval Emerald & Pear Shape Diamond Ring in Gold as well as in Enduring Platinum

Hoop Rings: Let this Vibrant 3 Stone Genuine Oval Emerald & Trillion Cut Diamond Gold Ring in Size 6 Reflect Your True Love

Emerald 313, 336, 349, 372

Emerald as burnt offering, 255

Emerald as symbol of St. John, 312


Genuine Emeralds: An Experimental & A Truly Classic 3 Stone Oval Genuine Emerald & Fancy Cut Natural Diamond Ring

Among The Celebrated Emeralds Gold 3 Stone Luminous Oval Genuine Emerald & Brilliant White Shield Cut Diamond Ring

Renowned Emeralds: This is a Proven 3 Stone True Oval Emerald & Genuine Diamond Halo Light Gold Ring That Speaks Wow


Emerald blinding of serpent by, 158

Emerald engraved, of Ismenias, 139, 140

gem of Cancer, 346

gem of Jupiter, 348

This is a Richly Decorated Vintage Style Gold, Emerald & Diamond Halo & Chevron Ring with Intersecting Light Lines

A Rich-Green Color Antique Gold, Emerald & Diamond Halo Light & Angled Chevron Ring with Elegant Curving Light Lines

Showing Weight & Movement is this Vibrant & Sparkling Victorian Emerald Diamond Radiance Halo & Chevron Ring

Earthly Rich-Color Oval Emerald & Heavenly Diamond Halo Engagement Ring & Gold Band Radiating Star Light


gem of Spring, 323, 324

Emerald in breastplate, 276

Emerald in Revelation, 304

luminous, in tomb of Hermias, 167

Assorted Combinations: This is a 3 Stone Perfect Emerald Cut  Emerald & Emerald Cut with Elegant Intense Lines Diamond Ring in Platinum Polished Gold

Carried in Stock: A long & ThinClassic 3 Stone Splendid Emerald Cut Emerald with Parallel Lines & Pyramid Trillion Diamond Ring in Enduring Platinum

arious Combinations: A long & Thin Elegant 3 Stone Emerald Cut inEmerald & Pear Shape Diamond Ring in Gold and Platinum Size 7

A Complete Display: Popular & Fashionable: Emerald Timeless Classic 3 Stone Emerald Cut Emerald & Bullet Shape Diamond Ring in Platinum $3000 - $8000

of isabella da Este, 31

of Mt. Zabara, Nubia, 292, 324

of Otho I of Germany, 260

Rubies from the Best Mines, Columbian Muzo Mines

Highly Prized Emeralds: 14k Gold Ring Features Emerald Cut Diamonds & Princess Cut Emeralds and Diamond Band

Most Comprehensive Collection: 14k White Gold Contains Emerald Cut Diamonds & Baguette Emeralds & Eye Catching Band

Rich Spanish Emeralds: In Platinum or Gold Emerald Cut Emerald & Baguette Diamond Starry Halo Ring Shows Space

Beauty of Green Stones: "Vibrant" Emerald Cut Emerald & Round Diamond Accent Ring & Eternity Band Start $3000

of Tullia, 31

one adorned by ancient Peruvians, 247, 248



A "Special Design" Emerald Cut Emerald & atop Emerald & Diamond Designer Ring & Divine Light Halo Band

A Three Stone Heart Diamond & Emerald Cut Emerald Ring Crafted in Platinum Creating Extraordinary Visionaryl Experience



Emerald Rings Manufacturer, Designer, Jeweler, Jewelry Store

supposed cup in Genoa, 258

Emerald Ruby Rings, Emerald Sapphire Rings

Emerald Diamond Rings, Diamond Emerald Rings, Emerald Diamond Anniversary Bands, Zambian Emerald, Columbian Emerald, Brazilian Emerald

Green Columbian 3 Stone Emerald Cut Emerald & Baguette Cut Diamond Platinum Ring

Rich Green Emerald Cut Emerald & Round Diamond Accent Ring & Platinum Diamond Band

Fine Green Emerald Cut Emerald with Parallel Lines & Square Cut Diamond Accent Ring & Band

Beautiful Natural Emerald Cut Emerald & Baguette Diamond Channel Set Ring & A Band

therapeutic effect of, 370, 375

Green was regarded as the color most beneficial for the sight

and to the Emerald and other green stones was ascribed great curative power in this respect

In heathen mythology this showed itself in
the ascription of the emerald to Venus

Yellow & Blue Colors Creating Great Shade & Tint of Rich Green Natural Emerald Cut Emerald atop Asscher Cut Diamond Ring & A Diamond Green Stones Band

Woman's Folk-Lore Columbian Emerald Cut Emerald atop Brilliant Baguette Diamonds Set in 14k White Gold Ring & A Gold Diamond Green Stones Band

Rich Collection of Emerald Cut Emerald atop With Brilliant Baguette Diamonds Set in Gold Ring & A Diamond Gold Fashion Green Stones Band

Precious Gemstones 7 Stone Natural Emerald Cut Green Color Emerald and Diamond Designer Ring & 7 Stone Emerald Cut Band

as the exponent of the reproductive energies of nature

while in the Christian conception these stones became typical  of the resurrection conception

Emerald Half Eternity Band in Yellow Gold


"Special Design" Natural Emerald Cut Emerald & Princess Cut Diamond Chevron Ring

Genuine Emerald Cut Emerald & Round Diamond & Platinum Chevron Ring in Size 3 to 8

"Vibrant" Emerald Cut Emerald & Baguette Diamond Chevron Right Angled Ring


Round Emerald Full Eternity Ring

of the birth into a new and purer life

The pure and colorless and yet brilliant stones, such as the diamond and all other white stones

were naturally brought into connection with the moon

Rich-Color & Sparkling Green Hue Genuine Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Devine Halo Ring

Brilliant Crystal Green Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Halo & Chevron Ancient Design Ring

Ancient Bright Green Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Halo & Chevron Shape Gold Ring

Brilliant Rich Green Emerald Cut Genuine Emerald, Micropave Diamond & Platinum Vintage Ring


In the emerald were shown the deep and translucent waves of the sea

A necklace of rock crystal emeralds, hexagonal crystals, and amazon stones from Egypt

Nature delights to represnt all things by colors and forms

various images of natural objects in stones

"Vibrant" 3 Stone Square Natural Emerald & Princess Cut Diamond Popular Fashionable Ring

"Deeply Hued" 3 Stone Square Genuine Emerald & Trillion Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Signature 3 Stone Square True Emerald, Baguette Diamond & Platinum Ring Size 3 to 8

Gorgeous Square Emerald & Princess Cut Emerald Diamond Eternity Ring & Gold Band

Stone of Love & Stone of Hate

In ancient Egyptian burial-place at Shech Abd el-Qurna, excavated by Passalaqua

was found the mummy of a young woman. Not only was it evident from the rich ornaments adorning

the body that she had been of noble birth, she was exceedingly beautiful in form and feature

Bluish Green 7 Stone Square Green Color Emerald and Princess Cut Diamond Ring & Band

Princess Cut Diamond atop Square Green Emerald Ring & with Emerald Eternity Band

Extra-Bright Princess Cut Diamond & Green Emerald Square Ring & Princess Cut Band

Signature Baguette Cut Emerald & Diamond Gold Ring & Diamond Baguette Gold Band

and must have died in the flower of her age

the hair was artistically braided and adorned with twenty-one bronze hairpins

about her neck was a remarkably beautiful necklace composed of four rows of beads

with numerous pendants representing divinities and sacred symbols

Symbolic Solitaire Princess Cut Emerald, Emerald Diamond Accents Gold Band & Ring

Vibrant 3 Stone Square Nourished Emerald & "Striking" Shield Diamond Gold Engagement Ring

Sophisticated Solitaire Princess Cut Nourished Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Matched Gold Band

Flawless Solitaire Princess Cut Sea Green Emerald Cut Baguette Diamond Ring & Platinum Band

jewelry artist, designer, goldsmith, silversmith, workshop, court, shop, artisan emerald jewelry, engraved emeralds

there were also two smaller necklaces with beads of gold, lapis-lazuli, and carnelian

two large jewelled earrings hung from her ears

and on her index-finger of her right hand was a ring set with a scarab; a gold bracelet adorned with semi-precious stones

Deeply Saturated Round Emerald Cut Micropav Diamond Band in 14k Golden Yellow Gold

Zodiacal Princess Cut Emerald atop Baguette Emerald & Diamond Devine Yellow Gold Ring

Graceful & Elegant Solitaire Princess Cut Emerald Gem & Diamond Chevron Ring

Magical Solitaire Square Cut Sea Green Emerald & Baguette Diamond Divine Chevron Ring

emerald from colombia, emerald from egpyt near red sea, diamond from brazil & britain, jade from burma, turquoise from india

Yellow Gold Half Eternity Ring with Emeralds

Yellow Gold Half Eternity Ring with Rubies

Yellow Gold Half Eternity Ring with Sapphires

"Special Halo Design" 3 Stone Square Emerald & Round Diamond Halo Ring Embody Grace

Solitaire Square Natural Emerald & Round Emerald & Diamond Ring & Band in Gold Start $3000

18k Signature Solitaire Square Emerald & Diamond & Emerald Halo Ring & Studded Band

"Striking" 3 Stone Square Genuine Emerald & Trillion Diamond Ring in Enduring Platinum & Gold


is used very loosely by earlier writers, this victory-stone may haven been an emerald or possibly jade

Lithica celebrates this quality in the following lines

evidently the green hue of this translucent stone suggested its association with the verdure of fields

in an even closer degree than was the case with transparent green stones such as the emerald, etc.

Phenomena - Solitaire Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring & Band

14k Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Ring Paired with Princess Cut Diamond Band

18k Princess Cut Graceful Emerald & Baguette Diamond Bridal Ring in Enduring Platinum

Solitaire Princess Cut Transparent Emerald & 14k Baguette Diamond Ring & Diamond Gold Band

The emerald for instance, according to Damigeron, was to be engraved with a scarab, beneath which was to be a standing figure of Isis

there is the sea-green of the emerald-all shining together in incredible union

two emeralds, seven beryls, two rubies and a hyacinth

in each ear of the statue was inserted earring bearing a pearl and an emerald

14k Gold Square Emerald & Asscher Cut Diamond Ring & Diamond Wedding Band

14k Solitaire Gold Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Ring & Womens Wedding Band

Square Emerald & Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring & Baguette Diamond Band

18k Signature Square Emerald & Princess Cut Diamond Chevron Ring in Platinum

about the neck was hung a necklace consisting of four rows of emeralds and pearls

Unique and Chic, an R. Esmerian ring has a row of fresh rose-cuts

while two bracelets were set with eight emeralds and eight pearls

wonderful city Devaraka - a gem-city - the walls of this city were of emerald

Large Varieties of Articles: Fabulous 14k Materials Elegant Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Halo Fire Gold Splendor Ring

Large and Varied Collection: 18k This Simple Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Halo Chevron Gleaming 18k Gold Ring

Different and Varied Arrangement: 18k Gold Mystic Precious Stones  Square Bright Extra Emerald, Diamond Halo Chevron Ring

Perfect Astonishing Gift: Truly Enchanting Brightly Tinged Emerald, Diamond French Micropave & Gold Ring

cross-roads decked with sapphires and highways blazing with gems

furnished with cupolas of rubies and diamonds,-with emerald pillars

and courtyards of rubies with
beautiful pearls

raised platform blazing with the most gorgeous precious stones

Pure Green Hue Emeralds: A Vibrant 14k Gold Square Emerald & Heart Diamond 3-Stone Gold Ring & Sparkling Diamant & Moret

A Large Varying Assortment: A Square Emerald & Trillion 3-Stone Diamond & Platinum Halo Ring in 14k Rose Gold View Sides

A Selected Assortment: A Iconic Star Square Emerald & Pear Shape Diamond 3-Stone Halo Diamond Ring in 18k Gold

Choice Assortment: Graceful Princess Cut Emerald & Baguette Diamond Halo Ring in 14k 18k White Gold Start $3000

offering emeralds will produce Gyana or Knowledge of the Soul and of the Eternal

For instance the emerald here is assigned to Mercury, whereas in Western tradition this stone was usually the representative of Venus

Perfect mothers day present. Brian

Genuine Emerald Rings with Diamonds

Speaks of Beauty: Especially Pleasing "Special Design" Princess Cut Beautiful Color Emerald & Diamond Ring & Diamond Eternity Band

A Large Assortment: Super Natural "Vibrant" Square Wonderful Green Color Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring & Emerald Eternity Band Available Size 6

A Varying Collection: Positive Touching Gold & Square Gorgeous Emerald Diamond Halo Ring & Diamond Emerald Halo Band Available Women Size 6

Precious Stones: Gold & Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Halo Divine Mother Goddess Ring & Diamond Halo Band Available Women Size 3 to 8

Easy Financing

In the time of Moses precious stones like the ruby, the emerald, or the sapphire

The Authorized Version has emerald here instead of in third place

the first foundation was jasper; the second sapphire; the third, a chalcedony;
the fourth, an emerald.

Engraved Floral Scrolls & Motifs Ornamented Gold 3 Stone Emerald & Diamond Halo Engaved Ring & Halo Band

Exquisite Engraved Foliate Motif Gold 3 Stone Birthstone Emerald & Trillion Diamond Halo Ring & Halo Platinum Band

Timeless & Eternal 3 Stone Square Gemstone Emerald & Pear Cut Diamond Halo Ring & Gold Halo Diamond Band

Endless Love 3 Stone Square Natural Emerald & Heart Diamond Halo Ring & Matching Genuine Diamond Halo Gold Band

in the emerald is exppressed the strength of faith in adversity

the transparent green Emerald kindness and goodness

the ring bears either an emerald or a sapphire

Among Mohammedans, six of the seven heavens - the first was of emerald

3 Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring & Halo Diamond Engraved Gold Band

3 Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Halo Ring & Engraved Diamond Halo Band

3 Stone Diamond & Emerald Halo Zodiacal Ring & Diamond Halo Scroll Mystic Band

3 StoneNatural Beauty Emerald Diamond Engagement Halo Ring & Halo Platinum Engraved Band

Paracelsus (1493-1541) afiirmed that the emerald was a copper stone

the carbuncle and the jasper were golden stones.

the ruby and chalcedony silver stones

the white sapphire (corundum) was a stone of Jupiter

Perfection: Antique Columbian Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Matched Hand Engraved Gold Original Ring Band

A Vintage Brazalian Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring & Gold Nature Foliate Scroll & Motifs Platinum Fashion Band

Ancient Art Deco Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Features Hand Engraved Nature Motifs and Popular Band

This is a Beautiful 7 Stone Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Ring and 7 Stone Princess Cut Diamond & Women's Band


these natives burned gold and emeralds before the images of sun and moon

Mens Emerald Jewelry

Emerald Art Collection

The emerald, which is of green color, is nourished with oil

True Meanings: This is in Gold with Saturated Green Colombian Square Emerald Solitaire & Gold Chevron Original Spring Gem Ring

Perfect Ones: Center Princess Cut Emerald & Diamond Betrothal Ring with Two Baguette Sparkling Diamond Split Shanks in Gold

To Cherish Forever: Tradional Emerald & Diamond Solitaire Ring and Hand Engraved & Decorated Contours Platinum Band

Signify Eternal Love: Nature Classic Emerald & Diamond 3 Stone Ring & Masterfully Decorated White Gold Band


that its tranparency and the beauty may not change

Famous Emeralds

Largest Emeralds

we conceive this stone to signify John the Evangelist

Eternal Love: Heart Diamond & Emerald Solitaire Ring and Gold Matching Band Creating

Pure Love: Heart Emerald & Heart Diamond 3 Stone Ring Created in Gold

A Choice Collection: Solitaire Heart Diamond & Emerald Ring with Gold Diamond Band Men's Size 6

Endless Love: Vibrant Heart Emerald & Heart Diamond 3 Stone Ring Crafted in Gold

the chrysolite, gleaming with the splendor of gold, may ymbolize Bartholomew

as the sapphire is likened to the heavens, from the stone is made a color popularly called lazur

by the sardonyx, showing with a certain transparency and purity the color of human nail

the sardius with its tawny and translucent coloring suggests fire

A Large Collection: Classic Diamond Pears & Emerald Heart 3 Stone Anniversary Ring Size 3 to 8

Latest Edition: Sparkling Trillion Diamond & Heart Emerald 3 Stone Ring in Platinum & Gold

NEW SERIES: Glittering Round Diamond & Heart Emerald Three Stone Platinum Ring

NEWEST STYLES: Vibrant Heart Emerald Soitaire Ring with Diamond Accents & Diamond Gold Band

the beryl imitating the color of the sea and of the air

the topaz which is of a ruddy color resembling somewhat the carbuncle

the chrysoprase more brightly tinged with a golden hue than gold

the jacinth which is of celestial hue signifies Simon Zelotes zwalous for gifts

Treasures of Nature: Gold & Heart Emerald & Baguette Diamond Halo Eternity Ring

Wonders of World: Gold & Vibrant Heart Emerald & Diamond Bridal Set

Forever Together: Heart Emerald Solitaire Ring & Gold Diamond Band

Wonders of Creativity: Heart Emerald Ring with Diamond Emerald Accents

by the amethyst which shows to the onlooker a fiery aspect is signified Matthias, who is the gift of tongues was so filled with celestial fire

emerald from colombia, emerald from egpyt near red sea, diamond from brazil & britain, jade from burma, turquoise from india

If held under the tongue, emerald was believed to foretell future events and to reveal the truth even under enchantment

Emerald Rings Designs

Treasure of Love: Heart Emerald & French MicroPav Encrusted Diamond Ring

Timeless Creation: Heart Diamond & French Micropav Emerald Encrusted Ring

Ancient Treasures: Columbian Solitaire Heart Emerald & Baguette Diamond

LATEST PRODUCTS: Heart Emerald Cathederal Solitaire Ring & Engraved Diamond Band

A beautiful Art Deco-style diamond ring by Neil Lane is set with an Asscher

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Emerald and Diamond Ring in Ring Size 6.75

Emerald Ring in 14k Gold Ring Size 9

Heart to Heart: Heart Emerald & Diamond Five Stone Ring in 14k Gold

UNIQUE PRODUCTS: Vibrant & Rich Green Heart Emerald & Diamond Halo Ring in Platinum

Marriage & Love: Heart Diamond & Square Emerald Ring & Band in Goldl

Celebrate Life Together: Heart Diamond & Square Emerald Gold Bridal Set

Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring in Ring Size 5

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IN CURRENT STOCK: Solitaire Heart Diamond & Emerald Ring & Eternity Band

Extraordinary Emeralds: Heart Diamond & Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring & Band




Yellow Gold
Ruby Engagement Ring in Ring Size 8

White Gold
Emerald Anniversary Ring in UK Ring Size R

Diamond and Emerald Ring in French Ring Size 52 3/4


Foretell Future: 14k "Vibrant" 3 Stone Cushion Cut Emerald & Baguette Diamond Ring Gold

Reveal The Truth: 3 Stone Emerald Cut Emerald & Baguette Diamond Platinum Ring

Gifted & Brilliant: Classic 3 Stone Princess Cut Emerald & Trillion Diamond Platinum Ring



22k Gold Emerald Engagement

in German Ring Size 19

Emerald Ruby Cameo
Ring in Japanese
Ring Size 15

Burma Ruby Ring in
Ring Canada Ring
Size 10 Mens

Huge Burma Emerald
Cut Ruby Ring
in US Ring Size 5.5

IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: Princess Cut Emerald & Micropav Diamond & Halo Ring Color Refer Friend Easy Return Free Ship

IN LATEST STYLES: Green Emerald & Micropav & Halo Diamond Ring with Good Distribution of Lights and Dark

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Emerald Cut Emerald & Micropav & Halo Diamond Ring Color Creating A Sense of Movement

Interesting New Design: Heart Emerald & Micropave & Halo Diamond Ring, Resonance of Life with Light & Shadow


Satin Polished Emerald Cut Emerald Ring Ring Size 3

Shiny Polished Pear Cut Diamond and Emerald Cut Emerald
Bar Set Ring

Round Diamond Emerald Cut Emerald Shiny Ring

Trillion Cut Ruby Emerald Cut Diamond High Luster Ring

FRENCH COLLECTION: Diamond & French Micropave Emerald Solitaire Ring

LATEST FRENCH STYLES: Diamond & French Micropave Emerald Wave Ring in Gold

EMERALD CLUSTER RINGS: Emerald & Micropave Diamond Free Flowing Ring

Elaborately Ornamented: Micropav Diamond Encrusted Solitaire Ring

Tapered Cut Diamond Emerald Cut Sapphire in 14k Gold

ancient jewelry box displaying emerald ring

Rich Green Columbian Emerald Ring with Real Diamonds

Emerald Rings in Platinum 500

French Period: Vivid Green & Lustrous Emerald & Micropave Diamond Ring

Nature Theme: Special Diamond & Micropave Emerald Flower Ring

Clusters of Diamonds: Genuine Emerald & Micropave Diamond Ring

Ancient Designs, Copies, Images: Diamond & Micropave Emerald & Diamond Ring


ancient jewelry box displaying emerald ring

Solitaire Emerald & Diamond Foliate Scrolls & Halo Diamond Ring & Band 

Solitaire Emerald & Diamond Nature Scrolls & Motifs & Halod Diamond Ring & Band

Solitaire Emerald & Diamond Scrolls & Motifs Ornamented Ring & Halo Band

Solitaire Emerald & Diamond Foliate Motifs Decorated Ring & Band

Shimmering: Victorian Style Three Stone Emerald & Diamond Halo Solitaire Ring

Celebration: Five Stone Emerald & Diamond Anniversary Ring Using Lines

Expert Craftsmanship: Five Stone Diamond & Emerald Anniversary Ring

Exclusive Design: Victorian Style Emerald & Diamond Halo Solitaire Ring & Band

Ruby & Emerald & Gold

pages of emerald brooches

emerald from colombia, emerald from
egpyt near red
sea, diamond from brazil & britain, jade
from burma, turquoise from india

images of emerald jewelry

Victorian Design: Exquisite Foliat Motif Solitaire Emerald & Diamond Ring & Band

Antique Styles: Extravagant Foliat Motif Victorian Emerald & Diamond Ring & Band

Vintage Designs: Foliat Motif Emerald & Diamond Ring & Band

Ancient Hand Engraved: Victorian Style Engraved Emerald & Diamond Ring

Carefully Hand Engraved: Gold Victorian Style Foliat Motif Surmounted Emerald & Diamond Ring & Band

Really Majestic Design: Platinum Victorian Style Exquisite Engraved Emerald & Diamond Ring & Wedding Band 14k 18k Gold

Really Exclusive Old Design: Victorian Style Emerald & Diamond Solitaire Ring & Engraved Wedding Band 14k 18k Gold

Craftsmanship: Genuine Solitaire Emerald & Diamond Victorian Style Ring & Victorian Style Band Information, Free Ship Return

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Emerald Rings with Diamonds

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From The Past: 14k Antique Style Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond 3 Stone Gold Ring

Old European Rings: