Our mission at Sndgems has always been to offer the finest antique, vintage inspired modern design engagement rings, wedding rings and bands, jewelry designs and luxury colored diamond and precious and semi-precious gemstone rings  at extraordinary prices. Offer outstanding selection, quality and value. From diamond cuts that sparkle and gemstones purity and beauty of colors lend value and quality to fine jewelry pieces. Browse from a large collection of diamond engagement rings or design your own custom ring, for experts or engagement ring beginners, finding a perfect ring for her is easy.

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Solitaire Engagement Rings,  Antique Pave & Side Stone Engagement Rings, Three Stone Rings, Design Your Own Custom Engagement Rings

World's Most Elegant, Popular and Beautiful Designs - The Ultimate Gift of Love - Distinctive Beauty and Pure Color Values With Diamond Brilliance & Sparkle

> Solitaire, Pave, Halo, 3 Stone Diamond Accents

> Custom Made Design Your Own Engagement Ring

> Vintage Inspired Art Deco Engagement Rings
> Pre-Set Diamond Three-Stone Rings Metal Settings
> Modern Design Diamond Soltaire Engagement Ring
> Designer Diamond Engagement Ring Settings


Wedding and Anniversary Bands - Diamond Eternity Bands - Classic Bands. Perfect as a wedding or anniversary band, select a style from our large collection of custom diamond eternity bands which are all set with the highest quality diamonds. Browse our collection of classic wedding bands. We'll help you to select wedding bands for one of the most important and memorable days of your lives.

Our Wedding Rings & Bands Are Carefully Shaped, Polished and Finished. Available in 14 karat, 18 karat White Yellow Rose Gold, Silver & Platinum

> Platinum Men's Women's Wedding Rings Bands
> Unique Custom Handmade Wedding Rings Bands
> Men's Ladies' Sparkling Diamond Wedding Rings
> Classic Custom Design Diamond Wedding Bands
> New 14K White Yellow Rose Gold Wedding Band
> 18K White Yellow Rose Gold Wedding Bands


The three stone engagement ring setting is a classic design, perfect for a diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding ring or an anniversary right hand fashion ring. A wide variety of customization options - Your choice of stones, shapes and metals. Classic Three Stone Trellis. Pear Sidestones with Shoulders. U-Prong. Petite Shared Prong. 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

From Romantic Symbolism, Eternal Love & To Birth of A Child - Three Stone Diamond Accent Rings - Celebrate Romance, Love & Commitment Forever!

> Three-Stone Diamond Accent Anniversary Rings
> Precious Gemstone Accent Anniversary Rings
> Three-Stone Diamond Trellis Anniversary Rings
> Trellis, Shared-Prong Five-Stone Anniversary Rings
> Three Stone Rings - Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire Side
> Diamond Anniversary Rings With Side Gemstones


Women's diamond rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, metal types and widths. Women's diamond wedding rings are a great option for women who like flashy jewelry. Diamond
 wedding rings match beautifully with classic and carved and engraved flower and vine vintage inspired art deco, art nouveau and edwardian wedding bands..

Ladies diamond rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, metal types & widths. Women's stack diamond wedding rings and bands can be stylistically matched

> Vibrantly Hued Fancy Colored Diamond Rings

> Three-Stone Diamond Accent Rings Set in Platinum

> Five-Stone Rings with Diamonds Accent in Platinum

> Flower, Cluster Diamond Fashion Rings White Gold

> Round Brilliant Cuts, Princess Cut Diamond Rings

> Classic Diamond Eternity Wedding Band Rings


Rubies are the most valuable gemstone of the entire corundum mineral species. The red stone ruby even surpasses the colored sapphire, commanding the highest per-carat price of all the colored stones.

Ruby Gem of Passion, of Eternal Love, of Smoldering Desire, Burmese Intense Red Rubies Has Been Long Treasured For Centuries By Kings and Royals

> Art Deco Ruby Three-Stone Diamond Accent Rings

> Red Hued Ruby Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

> High Quality Ruby and Diamond Wedding Rings

> Unique Ruby 5-Stone Diamond Anniversary Rings

> Simple Design Ruby Diamond Eternity Band Rings


Emerald jewel as earthy as you? An emerald cut-shaped diamond is considered a

Explore Our Selection of Emerald Cut Diamonds Known For Their Classic Beauty and Elegance That Enhance The Diamond's Clarity

> Antique Diamond and Emerald-Cut Halo Rings

> Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

> Vintage Three-Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

> 5-Stone Trellis 4 Prong Emerald Diamond Rings

> High Quality Emerald-Cut Diamond Eternity Bands


Did you know that sapphire is also very hard, scores a nine on the Mohs scale, which measures gem hardness. Diamonds are rated 10, making sapphire a close second.

Discover engagement rings featuring different colors: dazzling blue, pink, and yellow sapphires. Its timeless and distinctive beauty makes it a vibrant choice.

> Edwardian, Victorian Sapphire and Diamond Rings

> Art Nouveau Diamond Sapphire Engagement Rings

> Three-Stone Diamond Side Stone Sapphire Rings

> Designer 5-stone Sapphire Diamond Accent Rings

> 18k White or Yellow Gold Blue Star Sapphire Rings


Diamonds are the perfect partner to a wedding or anniversary band or set, so we welcome you to browse our high quality collection and consider one of designs featured in our online Diamond Eternity Band collection of full and half diamond eternity rings and bands - diamond wedding bands, diamond anniversary bands, and even gemstone and diamond eternity engagement rings that maximize light return and sparkle factor and will catch eye with intense sparkle. Available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold in sizes 3 - 14. Handcrafted in house with the highest quality diamonds and gemstones.

Enchant Your Love With Stacks of Dazzling Diamond Eternity Band Rings Perfect  As Wedding Anniversary - Timeless Lasting Symbols of Love & Commitment

> Platinum, Gold Diamond Eternity Rings & Bands

> Cluster & Flower Design Diamond Eternity Bands

> Stacks of Dazzling Diamond Eternity Rings & Bands

> Full & Half Ruby Emerald Sapphire Eternity Rings

> Perfectly Matched Fit Bezel-Set Gold Band Rings


Tension settings maximize light return and sparkle factor. The gem is held in place securely with a compression spring, lifting the jewel up enough to show off a large surface appear floating. The only downside is that only very hard stones like diamond, sapphire and ruby can handle the tension.

Dazzle the room in this open setting that allows the diamond sparkle to be seen from all angles in this tension style modern design engagement ring

> Modern Platinum Gold Diamond Tension Settings

> Diamond Tension Style Engagement Ring Setting

> Named "Best Ring Design" - Tension Ring Settings

> JCK Jeweler Design Choice Award Ruby, Sapphire


White colorless diamonds are graded for their visible lack of color. Colored diamonds, however are valued for the hue, saturation and tone of the color they display.

Diamonds occur in a variety of colors: gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink to purple, brown and black. Buying Guide: How to buy colored diamonds

> Fancy Purple, Green Colored Diamond Rings

> Intense Yellow, Pink, Blue Colored Diamond Rings

> Chocolate Brown, Red, Colored Diamond Rings

> Fancy Colored Diamond Accent Three-Stone Rings


Colorless or Fancy Colored Diamonds are not, of course, the only colored stones. An engagement ring featuring vibrantly hued yellow, orange, purple, blue or pink sapphires, red rubies or green emeralds could also be very stunning. Vintage inspired art deco jewelry pieces featured gems such as white diamonds, onyx, sapphire, ruby and emerald. These stones were often paired in ways that boldly contrasted color with one another. For example, diamond and onyx, sapphire and diamond, as well as ruby and emerald, were commonly paired in flower and vine designs.

Discover timeless engagement rings featuring vibrant hued colors:  blue, pink, and yellow to orange fancy sapphires. A distinctive beauty and

> Rarest Pink Sapphire Rings, Yellow Sapphire Rings

> Purple Sapphire Rings, Orange Sapphire Rings

> Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Tanzanite, Topaz Rings

> Aquamarine, Quartz Jade Tourmaline Peridot Ring


From their origin in the South Seas, pearls emerge as naturally perfect gems that require no cutting. With a legacy of mystery and romance, have long adorned crowns and tiaras.

Ropes of Luxurious Pearls, Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace, 5 to 8 mm Pearls, Golden Pearls With Diamond Accents White Yellow Rose Gold

> Southsea, Freshwater Classic Golden Pearl Jewelry

> Distinctive Sea Pearl Necklaces, Strands 18 Inches

> Beautiful Japanese Diamond, and Pearl Earrings

> American Diamond, Coral Pearl, Gold Rings


Diamond Stud Earrings, Jackets, Fashion, Pearl & Dangle Earrings in 18K White Yellow Rose Gold

Variety of Fine Jewelry Styles Like Solitaire, Three Stone, Five Stone, Studs, Hoops, Dangling and More

> Custom Made Diamond Stud Earring Builder

> Diamond Fashion, Jackets, Hoops, Pearl Dangling

> Vintage Halo Diamond, Fashion, Drop Earrings

> Birthstone Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire Stud Earrings


Diamond tennis bracelets and bangles are a classic addition to anyone’s jewelry collection and we offer both men’s diamond bracelets, women’s and children diamond bracelet designs. Luxurious and stylish diamond tennis bracelet will make an expressive fashion statement whenever and however it is worn.

Give Her A Perfect Gift That Is Sure To Please With A Dazzling Diamond Bracelet From Classic Tennis

> Diamond Tennis, Bezel, Shared Prong Bracelets

> 1930s Art Deco Style Diamond Flooral Bracelets

> Classic Ruby Emerald Sapphire, Diamond Bracelet

> Color Gemstones and Diamonds Bangle Bracelet


Cabochon Amethyst, Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Morganite, Spinel, Tourmaline Halo Pendants

Gold Open Heart, Pearl Tassel Pendant, Yellow Diamond Pendants, Olive Leaf Design Pendant

> Vintage Diamond Mixed-Cut Line Necklace Pendant

> NEW Diamond Sapphire Necklace Pendants Onyx

> Star of David Pendant, Medal, Enamel, Granulated

> Pure Diamond Cross Pendant, Signet Celtic Locket


Pate De Verre,  Plique A Jour,  Fleur De Lis,  Orchids, Flowers, Petals

Signature Fashion America Fell In Love With The Sleek and Shimmering Fashions With Elegance

> Men's & Women's Designer Platinum Jewelry

> Imported Designer Platinum Chains, Bracelets

> Classic Men's & Women's Platinum Bracelets

> Platinum & Men's & Women's Solitaire Earrings


Remove your blazer and belt your dress or skirt to take the look from the office to cocktail hour in no time.

Now it's your turn to dress up in this flourishing fashion. The perfect way to bring a little worldly

> Authentic Women's Stylistic Designer Clothes

> Genine Women's Stylistic Designer Skirts

> Imported Women's T-Tank, T-Top Brand Name

> Latest Women Black Armani, Valentino Gowns

> New Style Women's Versace, GF Ferre Jackets

> NEW Women Top Family Name Original Pants


Transform your nine to five office attire into a look with a bit of edge. Swap out your neutral-colored clothes for a white, yellow and rose gold style to accent your look.

It doesn't take long to learn the value of dressing appropriately with our large selection of apparel

> Authentic Men's Original Designer Clothing

> Additional Men's T-Top Labels Shirts Sports

> Many Men's Versace, D&G Long Short Shirts

> New Designer Men's Prada, Gucci, Fendi Shirts

> Stylish Men's Original Tag Sweater, Jackets

> Absolute Genuine Men Premier Designer Pant


When you put on your clothes chose clothes that mix multiple colors for contrast. A floral design outfit with pink and green or orange and yellow will give you a start from which to plan your jewelry.

We know that true color connoisseurs crave more. That's why we' like to invite you to see.

> Full Line Women's Top Designer Handbags

> Wide Selection of Dolce & Gabbana Handbags

> New! Summer Cloth Fabric Totes Bags $1200

> Ferre, PRADA Genuine Leather $100 Upward

> Exclusive Etro, Versace Fabric Handbag Goods

> Original Fendi, Gucci Hand-bag Items in Stock


To update your wardrobe on a decent budget, search for shoes or accessories with rose gold accents. Metallic pieces are hot for summer and will transition well into the fall season.

Our Italian accessories are your passport to Italy. These genuine beauties will transform your

> Collection of All The Top Original Brand Names

> Exlusive New Designs Original Labels Armani

> Large Catalog of New Original Fashion Lines

> Artistic Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Merchandise

> Full on Original Animal Pattern Cavalli Below

>  Original Labels & Identification Tags and other

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