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Sndgems jewelry guides are easy to use, interesting and helpful guide to buying jewelry onle. Our jewelry guides are indispensable guide to judging jewelry characterstics, distinguishing genuine from imitation, making wise choices, useful to all type of consumers, from professional jewelry to online searchers.  Our diamond guides help everyone in viewing diamonds as gemologists, diamond experts, diamond dealers, experienced lapidaries, diamond buyers and online customers.  Our diamond guides dissects each aspect of diamond value in detail with a wealth of diamond grading information. Our gemstone guides help everyone in viewing colored gemstones as gemologists, gem dealers, experienced lapidaries, gem buyers and online customers.  Our gemstone guides dissects each aspect of ruby, sapphire, ruby value in detail with a wealth of gemstone grading information. Our guides offers step-by-step instructions for how to examine and judge the quality and craftsmanship and materials even if you dont know anything about jewelry.  If you're thinking of buying jewelry online this guide is a best place to start.  Our guides will help you to know about jewelry details such as finishes, settings, flaws and fakes. Our guides cover diamonds, gemstones, jewelry craftsmanship, treatments, diamond and gems sources, appraisals. There is something for everyone.

Jewelry as a gift for your Man – An elaborate Men’s Jewelry Buying Guide
Choosing the perfect gift for your man can be a daunting task especially so if the gift is going to be a piece of jewelry. However, precious fine jewelry can be a very memorable and timeless gift that would stay with your man through out his life. Jewelry as a gift is always special and will surely be appreciated by him provided you pick the right piece of gent’s jewelry that compliments his style and personality and body type. Today there is an extensive variety of men’s fine jewelry available in the market. There are jewelers specializing exclusively in men’s jewelry designs who have made a thorough study of what looks best on men. Men’s fine jewelry that showcases style, power, affluence, status, and wealth, masculinity in a simple, classic and subtle manner is often considered ideal jewelry for men. Today men’s jewelry can be found in precious metals and gemstones as well as state of the art contemporary materials. It is up to you to pick the one that suits best to his style and your budget. The most common jewelry gift ideas for men include Fine Watches, Precious metal and gemstone rings, bracelets and neck chains with pendants, Jewelry accessories like cufflinks, tie bars, tiepins, tie tacs, button covers, tuxedo studs, money clips and key rings. Single or double earrings as a jewelry gift for him is not yet a very popular jewelry item for men but is increasing gaining popularity in certain groups and communities.
Men’s Fine watches / Time pieces : A classic luxury watch is a man’s most popular fashion accessory. Today, besides the leather straps watches, designer watches are available in stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, sterling silver, gold and platinum. Watches also come studded with pearls and diamonds bezels. The internal mechanism of watches vary depending on the technology used to design it. There are watches that have quartz, mechanical or automatic movements. Watches today also have different functions. There are sports watches designed for outdoor activities and generally feature a durable rubber strap, nylon strap or stainless steel bracelet. Luxury watches are treasured heirloom that will be loved for generations. The price of a watch may vary from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the brand, design and technology used in the watch, metal and gemstones used in the design etc. Good watches last for decades if proper care is taken and can make the best jewelry gift for a man.
Men’s Fine Rings : When buying a ring for your man be it an engagement ring, wedding or anniversary ring look for masculine shapes in rings with smaller stones( diamonds or sapphires of different colors) or one large stone. Consider his finger and hand length, color preference, construction and style, personality, lifestyle, comfort levels with jewelry before picking the perfect ring for him. Men’s rings are generally larger and heavier. Simple and classic designs look best on men. Preferred metals for men’s fine designer rings are silver, white gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten. Popular stones are diamonds (white and black diamonds make a good choice for males) and sapphires of all colors, rubies and emeralds. Grey tones, matte finishes, woven patterns and two tone rings, wave style rings, jigsaw puzzle style, claddagh rings or celtic rings are very popular in men’s ring designs. Men’s wedding rings are wider than women’s wedding rings. Popular width of men’s rings generally range between 5mm to 7 mm depending on the hand and finger size. Too narrow rings may compromise on class and too broad rings can be uncomfortable as they would be tighter.
Men’s Neck Chains and Pendants: When buying a neck chain and pendant for your man always consider his physical appearance like his skin tone, and neck length and thickness. Neutral colors that are neither too flashy nor too fine that they completely blend into your skin color make an ideal choice while selecting the color of a neck chain for him. The length of men’s chains should run from 18 to 24 inches in length, depending upon his body considerations. If you have a thick neck, larger links and thicker bands will look better than delicate links and narrow bands. Dog tags are very popular in men's necklaces and are easily personalized by engraving. Platinum chains, gold chains and silver chains are the best choices for men .These chains come in simple classic designs that look stylish and sophisticated. Ancient symbol theme based pendants make ideal for men to which they can relate. There are endless choices that you can make while selecting an ancient symbol as a pendant for your man. Some examples for ancient symbols are the Cross, the Star of David, Anchor, Celtic Knot, Claddagh symbol, Gordian knot or Torus Knot, Ankh, Udjat or the eye of the Horus. To get more ideas on ancient symbols as jewelry click here.
Men’s Accessories: Men’s accessories like cufflinks, tie bars, tiepins, tie tacs, button covers, tuxedo studs, money clips and key rings are nowadays available in a large number of precious metals like platinum, gold, silver, tungsten and titanium along with gemstones like diamond, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. While selecting any accessory for him just keep in mind that it needs to look simple and classic.
Men’s Bracelets: While selecting a bracelet for your man keep in mind his personality, lifestyle, does he have any favorite rock star, film personality or a sports icon, his wrist size ( thin or wide) etc. Larger bracelets can give a widening illusion to thinner wrists and those selecting a bracelet for a man with larger joints must look for something robust but simple and subtle. A consideration for these factors will help you select the perfect bracelet for him. Different metals are used to create bracelets and variations are given to them with different finishes. The diamond tennis bracelet makes a wonderful jewelry gift; it is beautiful and always fashionable. Bracelets with clean line and architectural and geometric designs look better on men. Some popular bracelets include gold bracelets, platinum bracelets, silver bracelets, tungsten bracelets, and titanium bracelets, bracelets with swarovski crystals and magnetic bracelets.
The market for men’s jewelry is not as developed as women’s jewelry but is rapidly growing with more and more celebrities opting to wear at least one or two pieces of jewelry like, bracelets, chains, rings, watches, etc. The growing hip hop musical and cultural trends are also contributing to a growing demand for jewelry among men. Men’s jewelry today has gained a lot of social significance. It is no longer considered a taboo or a habit of dubious, peculiar individuals but it conveys style, trend and status.
Metals and Gemstones for Men’s Fine Jewelry
Men's jewelry tends to be larger and heavier than women's jewelry making it more expensive and less affordable with the rising prices of gold and platinum. But at the same time the metals and precious stones that look good on women may not enhance the looks of men. White, gray and black metal colors look classic and ideal on men so jewelers today are prompted to try experiments with new metals and stones to design a unique and stunning piece of jewelry for men that is affordable as well a exquisite. The most popular precious metals for men’s jewelry are white gold, platinum, sterling silver and palladium and the non precious metals popular in the men’s jewelry lines are titanium, stainless steel and tungsten
Precious metals
Palladium: Palladium is a member of the platinum group having many of the advantages of platinum but it weighs only 56% as much as platinum making it more comfortable to wear. The lower density and weight of palladium allows for chunkier and taller designs that are still affordable and hence ideal for making men’s jewelry like, rings, bracelets, neck chains. The major advantages of palladium are as follows
v     It resists tarnish, doesn’t discolor
v     It is malleable, making it easy to form and manipulate. It doesn’t have the brittleness of white gold
v     It is Hypoallergenic
v     It is whiter than white gold but slightly darker and more grayish than platinum
v     It is classified as a precious metal.
v     It often has high purity (95%). It is alloyed with other hypoallergenic metals like ruthenium. To learn more about palladium click here.
Sterling Silver: Silver is another commonly used precious metal in designing men’s jewelry. It is loved for making men’s jewelry as it is reasonably priced, versatile and the most reflective of all the precious metals. Silver can go with any outfit; it can be casual yet worn with dressy clothes. Click here to learn more about silver - its advantages and disadvantages in jewelry making.
Platinum:  Platinum is undoubtedly the most preferred metal for making jewelry. Platinum is pure and brilliant white and does not fade or tarnish. Platinum is 30 times more rare then gold. Platinum is more durable then other jewelry metals due to it's density. It doesn't wear away or change it's shape, perfect for a lifetime of wear. But the rising prices of platinum make it less affordable. To learn more about platinum click here.
White Gold: Platinum and gold are the most suited metals for making jewelry. White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with metals such as silver, palladium, or nickel. White gold is coated with either rhodium or a palladium and platinum mixture, both of which add luster to the jewelry's surface. This alloy hides the natural color of white gold, which is a combination of grey and slight yellow. White gold is increasingly popular in jewelry due to its cost comparison with platinum. Purity of gold is measured in Karats (k). 24k gold is the purest. However, it is very soft and malleable and lacks hardness; hence it is rarely used in jewelry. Pure gold is usually mixed with other metals, usually copper or silver, to make a stronger alloy which is used for the purpose of jewelry. To learn more about gold click here.
Non Precious metals
Tungsten: All tungsten rings are a combination of elements, usually tungsten and carbon, which forms a compound called tungsten carbide. This alloy is so strong that it is used in place of diamond for cutting tools. The jewelry industry refers this to tungsten carbide as tungsten and the industry refers to it as carbide. Unlike, titanium and stainless steel tungsten is a heavy metal giving a similar feel to platinum. The major advantages of tungsten are as follows:
v     It is very durable
v     It does not discolor skin or turn yellowish with wear.
v     It is Hypoallergenic
v     It is low priced. It costs more than titanium because of the difference in equipment and environmental control needed to produce it.
v     It does not require rhodium plating to make it scratch resistant
v     It can be combined with gold or platinum to create interesting jewelry designs. Click here to learn more about metals in jewelry design
Titanium: What makes titanium a very popular choice for gent`s jewelry is its light weight, price, strength, durability, sturdiness and comfort. Titanium metal comes in different grades. The strongest grade is the aircraft grade 6-4, which consists of 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium and is used for jewelry and hip implants. The major advantages of titanium in jewelry are as follows.
v     It resists tarnish, doesn’t discolor
v     It is malleable, making it easy to form and manipulate.
v     It is Hypoallergenic
v     I is very durable and does not dent or get deformed. And hence is very good for people who work out or engage in sports.
v     It is low priced and sells for lesser than white gold.
v     With an electric charged can be colored bright colors like blue and purple, a process called anodizing which is preferred in designing rings for men.
v     Weighs less than other jewelry metals
v     Does not require rhodium plating to make it scratch resistant
v     Has a high purity ranging from 90 to 99 percent. Click here to learn more about metals in jewelry design
Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is preferred by many men as a jewelry item for themselves. Some men who would never consider wearing a gold or platinum bracelet, will buy a stainless steel to go with their watch. Men also accessorize their watches with stainless steel pendants and necklaces. Steel is an iron alloy containing 0.5 to 1.5 percent carbon. Stainless steel is alloyed with at least 10 to 13 percent chromium for corrosion resistance. Nickel may also be added to increase corrosion resistance. Rising platinum prices have motivated amore and more jewelers to consider stainless steel as an alternative white jewelry metal. They can buy high quality material and combine it with precious metals and gems to create attractive , affordable jewelry.
The major advantages of stainless steel jewelry is as under
v     It resists corrosion and does not discolor the skin.
v     It is relatively light weight
v     It wears better than brass and most gold
v     It is low priced
v     It is suited to innovative finishes and creative designs. Click here to learn more about metals in jewelry design


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