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Designer Clothing Resources

Basics of Teens Clothing - Designer Boys Clothing

Teenage clothing has evolved much from the nineties and they are evolving. All famous fashion brands have their clothing lines for the teenage clothing in the formal or casual segments.

Cheap Designer Clothes - Authentic Designer Clothes At Wholesale Prices

Designer clothes, footwear and accessories can make a person look extremely smart and no doubt that every person wants to look smart. Some people are really crazy about new clothes because it is their hobby to buy new clothes and dress up in a very ethnic way. For those who like collecting beautiful designer clothings must go for cheap designer women's clothes, as this will be really beneficial for them because they can buy good variety of designer clothes without spending big amounts.

Know Everything You Wanted To Get The Best Designer Clothes & Handbags Before You Buy Designer Women's Clothes, Men's Clothes and Designer Handbags

There is an accepted quotation which says Clothing is an art of expressing one's personality. This saying holds a great truth in itself. It might be one of the reasons why people pay so much of attention at what they wear. People who do proper planning and buy clothes, undoubtedly look different elegant among hundreds of people.

Designer Skirts Defination - Garment that hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs.

A skirt is a tube- or cone-shaped garment that hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs.

In European culture,skirts are usually considered women's clothing. However, there are exceptions. The kilt is a traditional men's garment in Scotland, and some fashion designers, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, have shown men's skirts.

Designer Children's Clothing

Children's costumes have evolved to the variety of needs and themes. Kids clothing lines is following trends from popular children's movie's and books. Kids clothing have also become expensive, stylish and comfortable. The durability of kids clothing has also improved much.

Designer Clothing from Italian Designer Diesel

Diesel Fashion house one of the best in Europe was established by a popular Italian designer, Renzo Rosso in 1978. Diesel is doing remarkably well in the world of fashion industry commercially and in setting trends. Diesel has managed to compete well with other famous major brands present in the fashion world.

Designer Clothing & Handbags from Valentino House

Born on 1932, in Valentino, Italy, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani became a popular fashion designer who started the Valentino SpA fashion brand and company. Valentino gained immense popularity in the world stage by designing and manufacturing trend setters of exclusive range of the Haute Couture, pret-a-porter fashion sequence, and custom made clothes.

Evening Wear Shopping Tips

Most people consider shopping for that special evening dress is tough. If you have the time and patience, you can start early and find the perfect designer dress for evening out.

Designer Kids Clothing

Children's have their own style sense and it is up to the parents to choose perfect clothing for them. It is said that kids clothing have more creative ideas than adults. Most online stores have these great prince and princess costumes, which any kids would love to wear. Most kids love to wear those traditional costumes based on their bed time stories.

Designer Men's Clothing: The Suits

A suit is said to be a jacket and trousers having similar cut. They are from the same material and fashioned, designed to be worn together. This definition, limits the personality of the suit. In addition, the suit creates a personality that has a long lasting effect and makes the valuable factor for men.

Designer Teenage Clothing

Teenage clothing includes shirts, pants, skirts, and swimwear. Most popular outfit is the jeans. Teen designer clothing is unique and fashionable for teen girls, proclaiming that they will have style, with a hint of attitude.

Men's Sports Jacket vs. Suit Jacket: What's the Difference?

While the suit jacket is governed by the conservative specifications of the suit, the sports jacket knows no such bounds. Its similar cut still flatters the body and frames the face, but its independence invites a broad range of outfits for myriad situations. The odd jacket--a term for any jacket that's not part of a suit, generally a blazer or sport coat--originated as leisure wear and remains as such, while today's loosened standards of professional attire now make it also the garment of choice for many who would have worn suits twenty years ago.

Europe Clothing Trends: Versace

The well- known Versace Trademark-Gianni Versace is from Italy and is one of the best in Europe. This trademark has a vast assortment of the latest trendy wear, scents, decorative for interiors and additional classy items.

Finding Designer Clothing At Cheap Prices

Cheap designer clothing is a reality if you have a good searching plan and time and patience to value them and buy at the right price. Most designer clothing is expensive as they are branded popular around the world and is known for its quality, comfort and style. Most people would love to have designer clothing but in most cases majority of the people are not able to afford such expensive prices.

Italian fashion house: Prada

An Italian fashion house, Prada, provides the trendiest and fashionable clothes to the International fashion market. Prada is the famous and reputed fashion clothing brand recognized all over the world. Known as 'Prada Brothers in Italy initially, was founded by Mario Prada in Milan in 1913, and run by his grand daughter Miuccia from 1978.

Designer Women's Jean Skirts

A denim skirt, commonly known as a "jean skirt," is a skirt made of denim, the same material as blue jeans. Some are modeled after the exact style of jeans. Others are constructed more like other types of skirts. Jean skirts were first introduced in mainstream fashion lines in the 1970s, and since then, have grown in popularity. Today, jean skirts are one of the most common type of skirts worn by women in Western fashion[citation needed.

Long Evening Designer Party Dresses Tips

Dressing for events is just like any other, the golden rule is: keep your clothing appropriate. This rule is just as important for more informal office dressing as for formal events. The key word is 'appropriate' rather than 'inappropriate.'

Louis Vuitton - Handbag Collections are Trend setters

Louis Vuitton brings in the latest trends in the Handbag segment. Most people think of owning a Louis Vuitton handbag, as owning one of the best handbags in the world. It is considered as one of the most amazing and most recognizable brand names throughout the world. Madonna is the new ad model for the spring 2009 collection of handbags so it is considered to have some new great styles to choose from. They will have some real interesting new trendy styles as well as the classic monogram styles that you have been accustomed to.

Discount Armani Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags - How to Buy 100% Authentic Armani Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags At Discounted Prices

100% Authentic Armani Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags, jewelry and accessories can make a person look extremely smart and no doubt that every person wants to look smart. Some people are really crazy about new Armani Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags because it is their hobby to buy new clothes and dress up in a very ethnic way.

Discount Versace Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags - How to Buy 100% Authentic Versace Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags At Discounted Prices

100% Authentic Versace Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags, jewelry and accessories can make a person look extremely smart and no doubt that every person wants to look smart. Some people are really crazy about new Versace Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags because it is their hobby to buy new clothes and dress up in a very ethnic way.

Discount Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags - How to Buy 100% Authentic Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags At Discounted Prices

100% Authentic Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags, jewelry and accessories can make a person look extremely smart and no doubt that every person wants to look smart. Some people are really crazy about new Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) Designer Clothes & Designer Handbags because it is their hobby to buy new clothes and dress up in a very ethnic way.

Men's Designer Clothing - Evolution

Men's clothing evolved from fur and animal skin to the new generation outfits. With Centuries passing though, men's clothing assumed a new significance with changing circumstances. Men's clothing became a signature for social status. Decade's later man found the means to bridge his geographical gap with his neighbors through the platform of Fashion.

Designer Skirt Styles and Types

These knee-length skirts are fitted to the body from the waist to slightly above the knee, usually in stretchy fabrics or with a slit at the back. They are for you only if you are skinny or slim, because they curve in at the hip, emphasizing the hips and the derriere. The black leather Roberto Cavalli skirt is a classic pencil skirt that could be worn to formal occasions for sensual elegance. Great for a svelte figure.

Party Wear -Ladies Designer Evening Party Dress Complete Guide

The party season and the Nightlife is always with us, but somehow this makes women panic before they find that special evening party dress. Party wear has evolved much and is one of the most expensive clothing segments.

Party Wear Designer Dresses Guide

Party wear has evolved, as importance of parties and Nightlife has gained significance in everyone's life. There are several designs and styles for choosing party wears. From the black tie suits to the gorgeous gowns, party wears have dresses to bring out elegance classic look.

Designer Clothing for Men

The truth about men's clothing is that most men care less about how they looks in some cases they care even more than, women do. Men want to look simple, good, and like women they want clothes that feel comfortable, look great, and perfect fit.

Shopping Tips for Designer Party Dresses

There are many things to consider for choosing appropriate wear for an office party. Following are some suggestions for setting about shopping for party dresses.

Which Skirt Works for your Body

Ever since skirt hemlines rose to the level of the micro-mini, there was only one way to go, and that was down, because they simply could not go higher and still be called skirts. With the rising feminism of the 70s, hemlines began their way down and did not really get back to the mini until the 90's when women began to feel confident enough in their feminine strength to bring the mini back into fashion.

The Invention of Skirts

Skirts can be sassy, flirty, businesslike, severe, fun or elegant, but all of them definitely emphasize one quality; and that is femininity. There was a time when the European women wore nothing but dresses and skirts, even to the point that the word "skirt" became slang for "woman" in the English language. But skirts were not always as feminine as they are today.

Spring-Summer Kids Clothing for Girls

Probably, in all families, one with the most curious and detailed sense of fashion, is none other than your own special little-school-going daughter. Being a parent you can very well notice her likes and dislikes, in terms of spring/summer kids clothing.

Designer Denim Skirts Buying Guide

There was a time when the denim skirt was nothing but an adaptation of the traditional five pocket jeans. They looked just like a cut and un-sewn pair of jeans. As such, they retained the same elements as the blue jeans: waist band, belt loops, yoke, five pocket configuration ,rivets and fly. Making a vintage denim skirt from an old pair of jeans is still a great way of recycling while at the same time adding a basic to your wardrobe.

Some Good Reasons to Buy Designer Clothing

Designer clothes fascinate everyone! But did you ever thought about the artistic talent that creates these awesome outfits? Designer wear are joint effort of several artistic skills that starts with a unique vision and selection of fibers and ends with the creation of a winning clothing line up that people enjoy wearing. From the beginning to the end, each and every detail is carefully considered by designers with artistic skills. And the final product is the outfit that you love to wear.

Celebrity Designer Clothing

Celebrities wear clothes as impressive, ranging from delicious lunches and dinners in their delicious luxury cars. Film and television star known by millions because of his work in fantasy prizes and gala celebrations. Sports stars to run faster, better and throwing skating gracefully as viewers around the world to see and appreciate his skill.

How to Spot Knock Off Designer Clothing and Fashion Accessories

One trend that has sprung from the marketing of designer clothing and fashion accessories is the marketing of fake or knock off products. While at first glance these less expensive alternatives may seem like a bargain, for the most part they are not. For one thing, they are without exception, made from inferior materials and constructed to lower standards.

Recognising Fake Designer Clothing

How is it that so many people you see can afford designer clothes? Wherever you go, it seems, someone's flaunting Prada or Marc Jacobs, D&G, Versace, or any one of the multitude of designers who sell their clothing.

How To Easily Spot Fake Versace Designer Clothes & Handbags

With more and more imitation products flooding onto the market, the knack of learning how to spot fake Versace products is a trait that could come in very handy in the near future and if you follow the following simple tips and ideas, learning how to spot fake Versace goods may not be as difficult as once thought.

How to Spot a Fake Armani Dress Shirt

These fake Armani shirts come out of China from a website called This website has manufacturers of bootleg designer wear available for distribution via drop shipping. The sellers of these fake Armani shirts do not have to carry the inventory and the shirts are drop-shipped to you.As a rule of thumb, Armani dress shirt NEVER have:

1. Eagle logos on the main label(except for Emporio Armani)

How Dressing Up in Designer Clothing Can Double the Attraction of Men

In good condition and not in the attraction of women. Today, people also want their appearance and expect opportunities to improve their appearance and beautiful. Here are some factors that are dressed like them in the clothes of the brand can double the attractiveness of men.

Get Smart & Recognise Easily Fake or Genuine Designer Bags

Designer handbags are a status symbol, designed, and manufactured by really big names in the fashion world. Women all over the world carry designer handbags. And some top fashion models and movie stars endorse various, famous designer handbags, increasing their status value. But, at the same time, you should be aware that genuine designer handbags also happen to be of extraordinarily high quality. You will find that they last a very long time and, if genuine, may bem for example, repaired free of charge by the manufacturer if and when the clasp or strap breaks.

Tips on Best Priced Wholesale Apparel: Where to Get Them

As Christmas season starts to roll, many retailers in the clothing industry are struggling with stocking inventory because of the credit crunch. Many of them cannot afford to stock existing and buy new inventories when sales are extremely slow. The tightening of the credit market makes a lot of small businesses, including those in the fashion accessories and apparel industry, struggle to survive. But Christmas is coming.

Designer Clothing Fabric Makes Elegant Garments

The great designers from around the world based on the study of the fashion capitals of the practice for many years to create clothes for those in the market for haut couture. These artists learn how to cut a garment so it fits perfectly to the demands of consumers. They learn to choose colors that look great when cut and sewn in its latest line of fashion. The designers know what it prints, stripes or tables to make a stunning gown that the top models in the world can parade through a gateway. Designer clothing fabric is a very important component in creating clothes that will make them proud of their work.

Counterfeit Designer Jackets - is it Fake or Authentic?

Since designer jackets, such as those used for hiking, have become more like fashion clothing, there have been growing numbers of fakes of the big names, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace & Armani. There's money to be made from counterfeits, and the fakes tend to be cheap compared to the very high price tag - often well over £400 - of authentic merchandise.

Designer Clothes Dictionary

Interlining - An insulation, padding, or stiffening fabric, either sewn to the wrong side of the lining or the inner side of the outer shell fabric. The interlining is used primarily to provide warmth in coats, jackets, and outerwear.

Tips on How to Buy Top Fashions Like Skirts and Shorts

Buying fashion items need not be long day at the shopping mall for you girls, as the world of fashion is at your fingertips on the internet.

Winter Designer Clothing Choices

Winter Clothing is quite important at its worst; winter can be deadly cold and very chilly. Hence to avoid that, most people tend to wear different layers of clothing to make one warm. New trends and fashion designs have emerged for the winter clothing segments, including materials like wool, Cashmere etc.

Women Designer Clothes

Beauty lies within skin deep, but fashion involves layer upon layer of meaning, history and beauty. Men and women designer clothes do not simply appear out of thin air but from the fertile minds of fashion designers.

Elegant Italian Business Suits for Women

A suit is professional. It's classy. It's elegant. A suit screams power, competence and ambition. In recent years, the corporate world has moved a bit away from the traditional business suit. Things have gotten a little bit more casual in many places. However, you still can't beat a suit for an interview or a major meeting with a client.

Women's Winter Coats

The most popular women's winter coats are,

In the fashion history, at the start of this decade neither the knee length winter coat, nor the full length winter coat was a force in fashion. But slowly but surely the woman's winter coat, like the dress, has returned as a stylish winter fashion option because of the amazing features it has.

Young Women's Designer Evening Fashion Buying Tips

The golden brocade dress is youthful especially, when teamed with the unusual, such as thick dark tights and gold platform shoes.

A Designer Dress to Impress

Oh my gosh-I have nothing to wear!! How many times have you said that famous line? We as women can have a closet full of clothes and still have "nothing to wear". The stress of that statement is magnified when there is a special occasion to attend.

 A Fashion Workshop On Women's Designer Clothes

Maximize your wardrobe staples and whip up different kinds of women's clothes suitable for each day of the week. Women just love fashion and accessorizing oneself. And so, shopping for clothes online has become one of their must-do in satisfying that craving shopper in them.

Know Everything About Cotton - The Most Preferred Fabric

Cotton makes about 50% of clothing fiber; emerging as the most important apparel material. Cotton is attractive, durable, comfortable, and proven fabrics that have unique properties and make it a great material for clothing (wholesale clothing).

A Look at the Diffrent Designer Leather Jackets That are in the Market Today

For many people designer leather jackets are items of clothing that can be worn for personal reasons or that of business reasons. When you look at the different designer jackets that are in the market you will see why people get drawn to these clothes. While the outward look of these jackets looks the same as many other jackets the smooth outer covering is one of the reasons why people look at these designer leather jackets

Premier Designer Armani Clothing

Giorgio Armani, the famous personality in the fashion industry, was born in the year 1934 in Piacenza, a small countryside in Milan. He studied in a public school where he got fascinated towards cinema and photography. After serving in Italian army for three years he finally began his profession in the fashion industry.

Classy Designer Dress Ranges From Simple to Sensational

Classy refers to something that is very fashionable and elegant. It can be classy restaurant, classy house, classy women or classy dress etc. Classy has something peculiar about them, which makes classy items favorite and must have for all.

Designer Clothing Terminology Simplified

Clothing terminology comprises the names of individual garments and classes of garments, as well as the specialized vocabularies of the trades that have designed, manufactured, marketed and sold clothing over hundreds of years.


Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two (twi- "double") or more warp fibers. This produces the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric, which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. Denim has been in American usage since the late eighteenth century.

D&G Designer Clothing

Domenico Dolce, born in the year 1958, Palermo, Sicily and Stefano Gabbana, born in the year 1962, Milan, Italy are the twosome fashion designers that run the D&G fashion house. The duo met in Italy while working as subordinates for an artist studio in Milan.

Different Types Of Modeling Within The Fashion Industry

There are many different forms of modeling out their, figuring out which modeling industry may be difficult if you don't know what your looking for, so here's a description on many of the forms of modeling.

Dolce Gabbana Designer Cloths & Handbags are About Luxury and Style

Dolce and Gabbana Fashion is a recognized entity in the fashion world and is famous for their creative and coy Italian aesthetics.

Do You Want to Become a Designer or a Fashion Designer?

Are you searching for an undergraduate professional design course?

For the Academic Year 2008/2009 NABA presents different design degree programs, and among them the Bachelor of Arts Degree Program.

Women's Designer Dress

A dress (also frock, gown) is a garment consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice or with a matching bodice giving the effect of a one-piece garment.

Eco Designer Clothing Alternatives

Eco Friendly clothing is sweeping the nation and I think it's a great thing for people to take notice of and embrace. The United States of America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth and have a conscious effort promoted by the people themselves the country will be better off. 

Evening Wear Designer Dresses and Accessories

Evening wear dresses are all about looking chic and elegant. You might want to impress a gathering or that special someone on your evening out. The first aspect of this type of dressing is that the whole process of selection must not intimidate you. Yes, there are a numerous mind-boggling options that you can select from, choose one wisely for your specific need.

Fabrics Used to Make Designer Clothes - Silk

Choosing the fabric your clothing is made with is important. This choice can make the difference in the look, comfort, durability, or practicality of the purpose of the particular article of clothing. The choice of fabrics is never more important that the clothes you wear every day at work. Your work uniform must be comfortable yet durable.

Fashion Designers

Each country has its own dedicated team of fashion designers that not only lead the way in that country's trends, but also influence the rest of the world in their style and way of wearing items.

Fashion Family: The Legend of Gucci

When you consider the magnitude of the esteemed Gucci brand today, it's hard to believe it started out as a small leather-making shop in Florence, Italy. The shop was opened by Guccio Gucci, son of a leather craftsman, in 1906. Guccio exhibited the same talents his father possessed, making functional pieces that reflected his exposure to European designs.

Helpful Tips When Buying A Women's Designer Dress

Women once in a while need to purchase designer dresses when attending special and formal occasions. It is important to bear in mind that there are several important considerations before buying any dress for that matter.

How to Care for Designer Clothing Fabric

Generally, the best rule is to follow the care instructions on the manufacturer's label. If there is no label and/or you wish to wash a garment or fabric at home instead of dry clean, the properties of each fabric will help you determine the care of the fabric or garment.

How to Care your Cotton Designer Clothes?

Markets are stocked with the latest cotton clothes. Cupboards are filled with different shades of cotton suits. And summer is when people flaunt their cotton clothes.

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Designer Clothes

Choosing a design and style for a tailored piece of clothing is usually the easy part. The harder part comes when matching the right fabric with a design. Fashionable clothing does not only rely on the style and cut. Fabrics are important to ensure comfort, fit, flexibility and match.

Italian Fashion Industry: An Introduction

The fashion industry in Italy has been known to produce designs that can reflect pop culture trends among the population. In a way, it can be used as a good gauge of ideologies and lifestyles present in a specific era.

Leather Jackets | Coats | Blazers | Bombers | Skirt | Motorcyles | Fur Coats

Well the leather fashion creed can never go low but this tide is meant to be always high and intense day by day. The hot fads in leather include leather bombers and biker jackets. Essentially a craze and a style icon among youth and a symbol of male machismo, these jackets drive men and women go crazy.

Designer Men's Dress Shirt Components

A tailored dress shirt is an important feature of formal wear. But what are the features of a man's dress shirt? What differentiates a dress shirt from any other shirt? A men's dress shirt has 6 basic features, each of which will be discussed individually in this article.

Milan - The Fashion Capital of Italy!

Milan is the business, fashion and design capital of Italy, with numerous fashion and trade fairs in the Rho` district of the city (previously held in the Fiera district). It is also Italy's second largest and richest city.

Natural Textiles And Their Use For Different Clotheing Categories

Inside every piece of clothing you'll find a label. Study it well before buying the item. It is very important to get quality stuff. The quality of the piece of clothing lies not in its style, colour or design, but in the material.

Designer Prom Dresses for 2009

When it comes to prom night, the preparations get started quiet earlier especially among girls. Prom night is a special occasion held in schools and high schools usually at the end of year.

The Different Types of Leather and How to Care for Them

The most common leather is cowhide. A variety of animal skins are used to produce different looks in leather. Once leather is tanned and processed, certain sections are selected for use on a particular application.

Tips on How to Dress Perfectly for Your Body Type

Movie stars and celebrities look gorgeous in almost anything they wear because they have stylists that help them dress according to their body shapes.

Types of Leather

Buckskin or brained leather is a tanning process that uses animal brains or other fatty materials to alter the leather. The resulting supple, suede-like hide is usually smoked heavily to prevent it from rotting.

Versace Fashion a Fashion Legacy

Born in 1946 at Reggio, Calabria in Southern Italy, Gianni Versace got his love for fashion from his mother. Initially a trained architect, he followed his mother's footsteps towards the fashion industry and worked for several of Italy's fashion houses. In 1978, Versace launched his own label with the support of his brother, Santo.

Why Wool - Designer Clothes?

Woollen clothing is renowned for its comfort, resilience, versatility and durability but it is the health benefits of pure wool that make it standout from other natural and man-made fibres.

Want To Know About Choosing The Right Dress For Your Body Type

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a dress; but not every woman looks like a runway model. Whether you have short legs, curvy hips, a straight waist, a flat chest or whatever your body type may be, the guidelines below can help you determine what your body type is and how to find the most flattering, stylish clothing for your body.

Want To Know Everything About 2009 Fashion Trends

Fashion is an incredibly fickle, but fashionistas of all ages still love it! However, this can be a quite confusing topic, as the must haves of last season should never see the light of day for this season. If you find yourself wondering what’s in and what’s out, you should be properly schooled in the latest trends in fashion.

Want To Know Everything About Being Fashionista And Buying Discount Designer Items

Fashionably thrifty, is there such a thing? Everyone loves looking good and following the latest fashion trends. But with the economic slump and our dwindling cash; how can we afford to be fashionable?

Want To Know Everything About Famous Fashion Icons

Some of the most renowned fashion icons never really knew or expected they would be considered icons at some point in history. It is impossible to imagine fashion without its Hollywood influence; and vice versa. There are some mystic characters whose style went a little further away then the big screen, straight to the sales rack in every kind of store.

Want To Know Everything About Fashionista & Latest Trends

Be the girl with the perfect bag for every season with our great guide. Here are some tips for choosing a great handbag for you!

Want To Know Everything About Finding If You're A Fashionista

Women love designer clothes, designer shoes and accessories. But despite this love for fashion, some are reluctant to express their own styles. A number of women are happy ogling at others who can strut their stylishness in the subway, in the mall and on the streets.

Want To Know Everything About Paris Hilton - A Famous Fashion Icon

Bags- There's no more need to ask really what names are printed on her bags. But to give you details, the ones that are often seen handled by Paris Hilton are Samantha Thavasa by Nikki Hilton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Melie Bianco, Chloe, Fendi, Heather Hawkins, and Isabella Fiore.

Want To Know Everything About Princess Diana - A Fashion Icon

Princess Diana did not become a glamorous princess overnight. The first public photos of her in the newspapers showed a pretty, shy girl with a sweet smile. Making public appearances and public speaking was not always easy for Diana. And she was too shy to speak in public.

Gradually she would become one of the most photographed women in the world. For many people who remember her, she remains the Queen of Style. Everything she wore, from her handbags and shoes, hats and jewelry and even jeans, was scrutinized and commented on.

Know Everything About 7 Designer Must Haves For A Gorgeous Look All Year Around

"What does a diva need to look fabulous all year round. These timeless essential are worthwhile investments. Regardless the season, these wardrobe essentials let you look chic, in the snow or the sweltering heat.

Know Everything About Armani Linen and Summer Suits

Linen suits are a comfortable and fashionable alternative to wool suits, which are too hot in the summer months. In general, armani linen suits are appropriate for a broad range of occasions and events in the warmer months. This style has a long history of being associated with vacations and other leisure activities.

Know Everything About Being Well Suited

With changing seasons, its time to look in your wardrobe and see whether its time to upgrade your suit. Ask any female Babes, and they and they will let you know, that guys look "hot" in armani, versace and d&g designer suits.

Know Everything About Fendi Designer Scarves, Big Sunglasses & A Head Wrap

Beautiful designer scarves are the must have accessory for this winter season. Imagine a soft, silky scarf in a vivid yellow paired against a coarse fur coat or a beautifully soft mink against a cream colored coat. Gorgeous colors and rich textures create a powerful image of beauty and power on a woman.

Know Everything About Job Interview Mens Suit Tips

Dressing for a job interview is one of the most important things you can do to jump start your career, after all first impressions really do count. So what should you wear to an interview?

Know Everything About Hollywood Loving Dolce and Gabbana

Since 1982 when the two young men of fashion launched a fashion campaign together, their fresh, modern and sexy look was the garment to wear. Madonna had two world tours designed by the Italian duo. One of world tours had Dolce and Gabbana create 1500 different costumes for her and her crew.

Know Everything About Milan Fashion Week

Milan is not famous for an irreverent, abstract approach to fashion. The average outfit here has more sparkle than Donatella Versace's jewellery box.

Know Everything About Versace Clothes - Versace Suits

Gianni Versace, the founder of world famous Versace Brand, is from Italy and he started with Versace in 1978, when the first Versace boutique was inaugurated in Milan, Via dellea Spiga. Presently, is one of the most well known brand in the world among other famous brands. It has a huge collection of fashion clothing, perfumes, beauty products, home décor and accessories under the Versace Brand.

Know Everything About Where to Buy Wholesale Top Brand Names Fashion

In order to secure profitable and consistent sources of quality discounted goods, it is important that one has a good grasp of how the industry works. Is is also recommended to have a local fashion broker to handle suppliers and all sourcing issues.

Know Everything About A Designer Suit For Every Body

Suits are no longer only for men. Of course, this has been the case for quite some time now, but it only becomes more and more evident that the fashion of women wearing versace suits was not a passing trend or merely a rebellion to prove that women could wear suits too. The fact is that there are suit styles that are perfect for women, more perfect than they've ever been for men, and women know this well.

Know Everything About 5 Necessary Steps You Should Take When Choosing Your Cosmetics And Personal Care Products

What you put on your skin is as important as the food you eat. Chemicals that come in contact with your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Many of the ingredients used in designer cosmetics and personal care products are toxic, even though they may not cause any reaction on the skin.

Know Everything About Diamond Illustrated Jewelry

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. The Chinese philosopher, Confucius explains an explicit expression of a diamond. Beauty, purity, durability and undying value, all elucidate the magnificent. Diamond studded jewelry express sentiments. Thus, diamond ornaments are considered hearty presents for special occasions.

Know Everything About Diference Between Men & Women Suits

It is true that Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus but equally true is the fact that in this competitive age both are fighting aggressively to leave their mark on the world. A well tailored, crisp business suit is able to send a signal of their professionalism and also competence among the audiences. Here are few important points for men and women suits.

Know Everything About Donating Designer Clothes

Most of us are guilty of over-consumerism today. One of the things that most of us have is having more clothes than we actually needed.

Know Everything About Fashion Sense - Think Before You Shop

Genuine inner strength neither competes, nor compares itself to others. Guy Finley

Know Everything About How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Heels

What a prospect! You want to wear the designer heels because they make you look taller, more slender, look nice with your designer clothes but, then there is actually wearing them!

Know Everything About How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Sandals

The perfect pair of dress sandals can further increase your designer dress’s style and flair making you stand out in a crowd, while a wrong choice of sandals will totally spoil and ruin your outfit. So, how do you make sure that you find the perfect fit of dress sandals for you?

Know Everything About Vintage Designer Clothes

Garments made between 1920 and 1980 are considered to be vintage clothing. Clothes were generally made with a lot more care, durability and individuality, and garment collectors value their vintage clothing items as prized possessions.

Know Everything About Ways to Mark Fake Designer Clothes

1. All designer clothing fakes have low prices in comparison to genuine mens designer clothing. Before purchasing browse around and see the normal prices for designer clothing. For example, fake Prada Jackets are selling on EBay for less than £60!

Know Everything About Where to Find Hot Fashion Trends

The fashion world is highly fickle. There is an extremely fine line between wearing clothing that is so trendy that it will be out of style in a week and finding a nice, modern look that will be around for at least a few years or so.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Capris

There are two women who stood tall behind the rise and re-rise of capri pants. Mary Moore is the first one who introduced these mid-calf length pants to the world in 60s in a popular TV program, much before these pants went into their first sabbatical.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Dresses

If you're not dressing to match your body style, then it doesn't matter what you choose to wear since you're only going to be wasting your time. No matter how you see yourself, be it either trendy, corporate or casual, your overall goal is to look complete.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Pants - How to Find Pants That Fit and Flatter

Finding that perfect pair of pants that not only fits well, but also flatters your body, can be fashion’s equivalent of the Holy Grail.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Pants - Women Trousers Fashion Trends 2009

Like any other season, winter too has its trademark style and fashion quotient. There is something very strange about winter. As all the women need to cover themselves from top to toes, thus there is no skin show.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Pants - Women wearing pants

In the Western world, Historically, in that part of the world, women have worn dresses and skirt-like garments while men have worn pants (trousers). During the late 1800s, women started to wear pants for industrial work.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Suits

Suits are no longer only for men. Of course, this has been the case for quite some time now, but it only becomes more and more evident that the fashion of women wearing suits was not a passing trend or merely a rebellion to prove that women could wear suits too. The fact is that there are suit styles that are perfect for women, more perfect than they've ever been for men, and women know this well.

Know Everything About Women's Vintage Designer Dresses

A vintage dress is one that dates back to an earlier decade or even century. It not only represents the popular style of that era but is a reflection on the culture of the time as well. Generally, it refers to dresses from the Victorian period to the 1960.

Know Everything About Women's Designer Wedding Dresses

We all know that the wedding dress is of prime importance for a bride. First you decide upon the wedding dress and then decide other accessories like veil, shoes, hairstyle, headpiece, bouquet etc accordingly.

Know Everything About Women's Leather Jackets: So Many Choices!

In the world of women's leather jackets, there are many decisions to make. Just as there are women of every size and shape, there are just as many women's leather jackets to pick and choose between!

Know Everything About Women's Lingerie

For lingerie, and gets the right size and style that ODATERU body in many ways. Everyone feels comfortable with it all adhere to expose a great pair of lingerie to put the mood should be changed immediately. Everybody felt comfortable with it all adhere to expose a great pair of lingerie to put the mood should be changed immediately.

Know Everything About Women's Wardrobe Essentials: What every woman should have

Let’s start from the bottom up, shall we?

1. A correctly fitted bra and matching briefs set You will look better, slimmer and feel nicer with the right underwear next to your skin. Remember to buy at least two or three pairs of matching briefs because you will wash them more frequently than you will the bra. Even better, at sndgems when you buy five pairs of designer briefs you get a generous discount.

Know Everything About Your Jewelry Care Guide

Clean jewelry looks better and keeps its finish better than dirty jewelry. Cleaners and cleaning methods can damage your jewelry. Ask your jeweler, when you buy a new piece what is the best way to clean the jewelry. Here are a few do’s and don’ts and some tips to help you keep your jewelry looking its best.

Know Everything About Designer Scarves...A Surefire...Can't Miss Gift

This holiday, when you are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect woman in your life, you will want to consider beautiful designer scarves look-a-likes that she will love and find highly practical. Scarfs garments are old, but no you're not buying her used clothing.

Know Everything About Fashion Fusion From East To West

Just like a painting, or a song, fashion also plays a main role in the fusion of different cultures and influences. Eastern and Western cultures engage in an important part in the Fashion trends of today.

Know Everything About Gucci Clothes

A most prominent brand Gucci, formally known as The House of Gucci, is an Italian fashion brand, manufacturing fashionable clothes and leather products label. It has gained a prestigious place in the fashion world.

Know Everything About Gucci Scarves

Scraves are the suparlative “transitional wardrobe” item. It is said that a wardrobe is not a wardrobe without a complete range of scraves.

Know Everything About Gucci Shoes and Gucci Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, you can’t help but want to own branded ones. Branded shoes are known for their quality and value. When you own branded shoes, you elevate your social status. This is because shoes that are branded cost considerably. So in branded shoes, it is not only the quality that matters.

Know Everything About Leather Apparel, Fashion And Practicality

Leather apparel has become very popular over the past several years. While it is often more expensive than other types of clothing, it is still quite attractive and practical in many situations.

Know Everything About Mens Suit Colors For Different Occasion

Mens Suit Colors For Different Occasion

Know Everything About Suits Care

Suits are one of the most expensive clothing purchases people make. With all the money you invest in a good suit, it is important to be sure that you care for it properly. However, exactly what is involved in caring for your suit?

Know Everything About Prada Clothes

Now-a-days people have rather become more conscious when it comes to clothing and everybody would want to have the trendiest and latest fashionable clothes for themselves. Most of the brands like Prada, Armani, Versace, Valentino, D&G, Gucci, Diesel, Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint-Laurent etc.. offer you the latest fashionable clothes which are loved by everybody in the world.

Know Everything About Shopping Centres in London

London being a tourist as well as a financial hub always sees lots of people coming here. Whether you are a business traveler or leisure traveler, shopping is always on the cards. You can opt for the world famous Harrods and can also go for the local shopping as the options are wide open.

Know Everything About Stylish Designer Suits

Some people call it style, others call it taste, or " the eye" which some men just seem to have that helps them select the right business suit or dinner suit, shirts, ties and shoes every time.

Know Everything About Swimsuits

Regardless of a women’s physical appearance, in more than 30 years in the swimsuit industry, I have never met a woman who enjoys shopping for a swimsuit. Two things that are consistent is that women hate shopping for swimsuits and women always scrutinize their own bodies, whether they are a size two or a size 16.

Know Everything About The History of the T-Shirt

The history of the T-shirt is replete with origin myths. In one sense, T-shirts -- lightweight undergarments designed to be worn in hot or extremely temperate conditions -- have been around for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that laborers in ancient Egypt wore a kind of “T-shirt,” and anthropologists and clothing historians can point to many similar garments throughout history.

Know Everything About Valentino Clothes

Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani popularly known as Valentino, born on 11th may 1932 in Italy, is a quite well known fashion designer. He initially started with Valentino SpA brand and company. His designing has a unique style to create an exclusive range of custom-fitted clothes {famously known as Haute Couture) and ready-to-wear fashion series.

Why Buy Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Clothes?

Cotton is a globally important fibre, providing returns to many small farmers in developing countries. Fairtrade cotton has just been released in the UK providing job security and greater incomes to farmers.

Know Everything About Yves Saint Laurent Clothes & Handbags

Yves Saint Laurent, YSL a popular fashion house of luxury clothing was started by Yves Saint Laurent and his co-worker Pierre Berge. After the death of Yves Saint Laurent in 2008, Stefano Pilati joined in as a chief designer.


Fabrics and materials.

It is very important, what fabrics and materials are used for kids clothes. Especially, it is true for summer clothing. In summer all kids are more active: they run a lot, creep and play outdoor games. The qualitative clothes are made of natural materials, such as cotton, denim, corduroy using safety dyes. Such clothes should be made from soft fabrics friendly to kids gentle skin.

Know Everything About Essential Bra and Panty Check List—Top Ten Must Haves

The majority of women forget to stock your lingerie drawer regularly with the bare essentials. Just because lingerie isn’t the first thing others see doesn’t mean it doesn’t play invaluable in your wardrobe and your self-esteem.

Know Everything About Fashion in Leather Jackets for Men and Women

The bestsellers in leather jackets have come out with some rejuvenated robust styles with no gender bias as such.

Know Everything About Mens Suits and Modern Formal Ware History

“A man’s suit is the visiting card of his personality and should therefore be chosen to match it.”

Know Everything About Dinner Jackets

The term tuxedo is itself variously used in different parts of the world. It always refers to some form of dinner jacket, and sees most use in North America, where the term originated. There, it is commonly taken to mean a modern variation on the traditional black tie, while in Britain, it is sometimes used to refer to the white jacket alternative.

Know Everything About Mens Suit - Italian Suits, Tuxedos, Men Suits Italian, Business, Wedding Suits Online

Mens wardrobe is just not collection of shirts and pants, but it is more than that. Besides shirts and pants, a mens wardrobe also includes accessories like belts, shoes, socks, jewelry, jackets etc. A perfect wardrobe is a man’s asset which enhances his personality.

Know Everything About Mens Sport Coats

A sportcoat (sports coat, sports jacket), also mistakenly called a blazer, is a tailored coat for men. It is of a similar cut to a suit coat, but is designed to be worn on its own and not as part of a suit. Styles therefore may be less restrictive.

Know Everything About Selecting Mens Blazers

This year there are many new trends to look forward to, and we can all look forward to some shopping (wait, who are you kidding with?) Either way, men this time of the year can be expected to look sharp and sophisticated, even in their pajamas.

Know Everything About Selecting Mens Double Breasted Suits

Men’s Double breasted suits are back from classic black color suits to various shades and styles. Popularity of mens Double Breasted Suits always goes up and down with changing Time.

Know Everything About Selecting Mens Italian Suits Jackets Pants

Men’s suits are today’s fashion statement worn for different occasions like weddings, parties and official meetings.

Know Everything About Selecting Mens Spring Suits

Spring is the season of wearing colorful and stylish dressing; a season of fashion designers. The time to show designer’s ability by presenting classic collection of Mens wear, woman and children wear.

Know Everything About Selecting Mens Tuxedos

When going to select a tuxedo suit for your man, you must bear in mind that suit style keeps on changing according to popular trends. Tuxedo suit for man should be selected according to his physical appearance as nothing can be more terrifying than an ill-fitting suit.

Know Everything About Sweaters

A sweater, pullover, jumper, or jersey is a relatively heavy garment intended to cover the torso and arms of the human body (though, in some cases, sweaters are made for dogs and occasionally other animals) and usually worn over a shirt, blouse, T-shirt or other top. Sweaters tend to be, and in earlier times always were, made from wool (typically of sheep, though possibly of alpaca or other type); however, they can be made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or some combination thereof. Sweaters are maintained by washing, and the use of a lint roller.

Know Everything About Trench Coats

A trench coat or trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin, wool gabardine, or in some cases leather it generally has a removable insulated lining; and it is usually knee-length or longer.

Know Everything About US Europe Clothing Sizing

If you have ever despaired at finding the perfect fit – help is at hand.

Know Everything About 2009 Giorgio Armani Watch Collection

2009 has been a year so far where money has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the constant bombardment of the television and radio telling us how bad things are, you would be forgiven to think that the fashion designers would forget about creating new products this year.

Know Everything About A Comparison of the Leading Designer Socks Brands For Men

Socks do not always receive the attention they deserve when putting together an outfit. For most men, socks are considered unimportant as they are less visible than other garments. Whilst this is true, an ill conceived pair of socks can ruin an otherwise well thought out outfit.

Know Everything About Burberry Fashion Handbags

The Burberry handbag has been around for more than 150 years and began its evolution in a small village in England.

Know Everything About Burberry Fashion Handbags Come in a Variety of Styles

Burberry fashion handbags collection can be one of your most valuable possessions. From the world recognized maker of designer bags, you can choose from different designs that are truly worth keeping.

Know Everything About Burberry Handbags - 150 Years Old And Still Going Strong

For some reason, no one talks much about clothes inventions. Inventors do not just create gadgets, but are clothes innovators as well.

Know Everything About Burberry History - From the Backyard to the Runway

Burberry is a famous luxury British fashion brand that is famous for its trademarked nova-check pattern, a plaid pattern that features black, white and red stripes overlaid upon a khaki background.

Know Everything About Contemporary Furniture Trends

Fashion trends no longer dictate the way we dress or decorate our homes. Eclecticism and contrasting style directions reign in home design. More and more people develop a taste of mixing contradictory furniture trends in their home decor, combining contemporary furniture with vintage finds and exotic art pieces.

Know Everything About Dressing Up Kids for Special Occasions in the Trendiest Clothes

Having a named brand product or good has become very important consumers. This is evident in the clothes market, where people tend to go for brand name jeans, shirts, shoes and trainers.

Know Everything About European Casual Armani Clothes Still Popular This Autumn 2008

Armani is well known for their jeans, both comfortable and incredibly stylish. The dark wash remains "in" this Autumn 2008.

Know Everything About Giorgio Armani 2009 Spring and Summer Collection

Giorgio Armani 2009 Spring& Summer collection plays the magic of fashion. The whole collection features exquisite materials,brand-new printed leather, elaborate details, elegant sootiness colors and precious accessories which include bead braid, embroider and crystals. Giorgio Arman is going to mesmerize all this season.

Know Everything About Giorgio Armani Watches

There are many great things about Emporio Armani watches. This is because of many reasons but the main reason is simply because Armani is such a great brand.

Know Everything About How To Tell If You Have An Authentic Burberry Scarf

When you decide to spend your hard earned money to get what you want, getting exactly what you pay for should go without saying. Unfortunately, learning how to tell if you have an authentic Burberry scarf (if you decide that you want to purchase one) is a must and the price alone is enough reason to educate yourself about the authenticity of scarves made by Burberry.

Know Everything About Shopping in Italy is a Wonderful Adventure

Shopping In Italy

Italy's hottest shopping draw is of course fashion. Milan is home of the country's fashion industry, but Rome is the main Italian bazaar where the threads are put on the market.

Know Everything About Online Auction Sites -- The Best Place to Buy Clothes

Many online auction sites offers designer clothes with exclusive styles and patterns and are made with high quality materials and master craftsmanship which gives them an increased longevity and makes them better value for money.

Know Everything About Top Nine Luxury Brands List 2008

First, please allow me to ask a question: what is luxury? An art, a kind of sensory pleasure or personal favor? In fact, no matter what the answer is, we have to admit that luxury industry is just like a great magnetic field, which is filled with strong allure and attracts most people.

Know Everything About Wearing Stylish Looking Designer Clothes

Fashion is an inherent part of our culture and thought processes today. Fashion is everchanging, but style is exclusive to one's personality. With regards to this style quotient, designers' clothes are made and sold at often steep prices by the major fashion houses of the world.


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