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Sndgems knows the importance of giving a great
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present has never been easier.
Based in Bangkok (Thailand), Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Sndgems  is a leading manufacturer of gem quality Burmese rubies, Ceylon sapphires both in heated and un-heated stones. In addition to our extensive collection of Burmese rubies & Ceylon sapphires, we also carry magnificent period antique estate jewelry . Most of our stock in gemstones and fine jewelry comes in sets and pairs. Our vision in the jewelry business is to concentrate on highest quality of calibrated and single stones pair set in finely crafted settings. Sndgems have managed to earn the trust & reputation of being excellent gem cutters & manufacturers of top quality Bumese rubies & Ceylon sapphires. We have achieved this by using only the highest standards of workmanship. At Sndgems, customer satisfaction is our goal & highest satisfaction.

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Sapphire Ring Sizing Q's


Can these rings be done in quarter ring size increments? We can do quarter ring size increment. You can e-mail or call us to get a free ring sizer which we can ship it quickly for free or download our free ring sizer. View Details.

Sapphire Matching Bands

Do you have matching sapphire bands? Yes. We can make them upon request. We can also custom design and manufacture all the jewelry displayed on our online jewelry store as per your specifications in your choice of metal. All the rings can be upgraded in terms of color and clarity. Please e-mail us at for questions & prices.

Free Gemologists Appraisal

Do these rings come with an independent third party appraisal? To ensure the quality of your selections, sndgems includes an jewelry insurance valuation document with every purchase worth $2500.00 with details of sapphire color and clarity, diamond color and clarity and metal details in the jewelry. View Details. All our jewelry is 100% Certified and Authentic and comes with an independent third party appraisal.

Shipping Questions

Can these rings be shipped for next day? No. Normally jewelry is made to order and takes around a week to manufacture. We are one the largest manufacturer of gemstone rings with a wide selection of 200 plus rings in many styles. In special cases we can ship sapphire jewelry it in a day or so for you with a complementary Gemologists Appraisal. View Details.

Sapphire Quality Q's

The 100% natural gemstone sapphires used in sapphire diamond rings are hand picked and will be rich blue color, very translucent, consistent in quality, vibrant, rare & with minimal flaws. With sapphire solitaire, three stone and eternity rings to choose from, our sapphire ring displays high quality & refined craftsmanship, exquisite sapphire stones and diamonds creating jewelry that will be instantly recognized by others with both envy and admiration. View Article Details. Treatment code N. See Gemstone Treatments for further information.

Sapphire Star | Sapphire Gold | Sapphire Gems

30-Day No Hassle Returns

If you decide for any reason that it is not right for you, you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund or replacement and no restocking fees. View Details.

How Can I Get My Refund?

If you decide for any reason that it is not right for you, you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund or replacement. View Details.

White Gold Ring Q's

Can all these rings be made in 14K White or Yellow Gold? Yes. Normally for around $300 less. If you have any other requests please call us or e-mail our gemologists or craftsman and they will be more than happy to create, craft, build and manufacture your special ring. How do we order? Call 1-800-871-1066. View Details.



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