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So, you have just bought a new designer handbag. Maybe you have had your eye on a Christian Dior Saddle Handbag, or Gucci Jackie-O that you know your friends will drool over . You got a huge discount off of the hefty retail price and youíre feeling pretty good about yourself. But know you are wondering- is my designer handbag authentic. Check for a serial number. Not all manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. The serial number for Fendi purses can be found on the inside pocket. Simply turn the pocket inside out and there will be a printed number on the fabric or possibly on the leather tag. Gucci includes a small leather tag on the zipper seam of the handbag which includes a serial number. Read More

Designer clothes, footwear and accessories can make a person look extremely smart and no doubt that every person wants to look smart. Some people are really crazy about new clothes because it is their hobby to buy new clothes and dress up in a very ethnic way. For those who like collecting beautiful designer clothings must go for cheap designer women's clothes, as this will be really beneficial for them because they can buy good variety of designer clothes without spending big amounts. There are variety of designer clothes that a person can buy that too at reasonable rates. Any item that enhances beauty is precious for a person and this is a reason why cheap designer shirts, cheap designer jackets and cheap designer handbags are well accepted by people. Read More

Designer clothes fascinate everyone! But did you ever thought about the artistic talent that creates these awesome outfits? Designer wear are joint effort of several artistic skills that starts with a unique vision and selection of fibers and ends with the creation of a winning clothing line up that people enjoy wearing. From the beginning to the end, each and every detail is carefully considered by designers with artistic skills. And the final product is the outfit that you love to wear. Read More

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There is an accepted quotation which says Clothing is an art of expressing one's personality. This saying holds a great truth in itself. It might be one of the reasons why people pay so much of attention at what they wear. People who do proper planning and buy clothes, undoubtedly look different elegant among hundreds of people.

Turn a few pages of a clothing magazine and focus how male and female models look handsome and gorgeous. These models wearing attractive clothing belongs to various designers. Designers have always been known for what they bring to clothing aspects of people. Of course, they are costly in the high-street shops but this is completely reverse in online shopping.

Genuine Designer clothes never compromise on quality and comfortableness. Their clothing promises you the highest satisfaction that you cannot expect from any other local store. If you know how to search then you would definitely find the best at a much lower price. Hence, it is well said that clothing is incomplete without designer clothes and handbags. Read More

Handbags have become one of the most well-known women's accessories available on the market. These are not just considered as functional items that help them carry their necessary belongings but also one of their significant preferences in succeeding the best fashion style they most desire. Today, handbags come out with several varieties of styles and designs to choose from. These different types of handbags are intended for various functions and purposes which enable them to match and fit to their different daily lifestyle. For this reason, most of them own a minimum of three unique styles of handbags that are best appropriate for different occasions because they believe that each outfit requires for a distinct style of handbag.

Here is the list of the most common handbag styles helping women easily choose what handbag style that best match for a certain occasion:
1. Tote: Tote is often called a carry bag. It is used to hold their personal belongings that are too large for a purse.
2. Clutch: It is a handbag which is specifically designed to be carried in the hand because it has no handles. Read More

Donít you want to look the best? Compare prices online for women accessories and get dressed impeccably without much cost. Usually, women accessories are made with beautiful colors and tones which are embedded on high quality fabrics, the sizes and models vary as well; the truth is that the possibilities and options are virtually endless, which is why smart shoppers know that in order to get that million dollar look they should hunt for good deals.

Buy Women's Accessories such as Handbags, Watches, cosmetics, Adult Costumes, Sunglasses, Wallets, Scarves & Wraps, Hats, Belts, and Gloves. Your rightly chosen accessories can make even the simplest of the outfits look gorgeous. Find bags, footwear, handbags, jewellry and belts for all occasions, lustrous jewellery and useful, functional essentials like brollies and purses.

Leather Accessories Ė A nice leather neck rope or bracelet is very popular right now. Combining leather with stainless steel is also quite hot and presents a nicely polished finish. For necklaces, go with a thinner style to avoid having it look like a dog collar. Read More

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The truth about men's clothing is that most men care less about how they looks in some cases they care even more than, women do. Men want to look simple, good, and like women they want clothes that feel comfortable, look great, and perfect fit.

Men's designer clothing has several options, Sports - which sports? Which teams? Do they like tennis, golf, basketball? T-shirts and golf shirts can be purchased very cheaply at most online stores and shops across the country. Most discount stores have a collection of L, XL, and XXL Ts and polo's that even the most style sensitive male wouldn't mind wearing.

Men's clothing also depends on the season, and their taste and profession. Sndgems are another good gift idea when it comes to men's clothing. It is commented that for the outdoor man, Sndgems is the place for men's clothing you could possibly buy. Men can check out for the classic designer shirts, pants, coats, T-shirts etc. which are commendable in their look. Read More

Beauty lies within skin deep, but fashion involves layer upon layer of meaning, history and beauty. Men and women designer clothes do not simply appear out of thin air but from the fertile minds of fashion designers.

People who are passionate about women's fashion look at fashion design as an art. Fashion designers work with cut cloth and the human form to provide a look that works well on you. Nowadays women designer clothes seem to be waking from the elegant, modest languor they have been in and bold designs are once again flavor of the season. The greatest desire of every woman is to be adored within their friends and colleagues. Designer clothes help you to stand out from the crowd. Wearing designer clothes is not only about making fashion statement but also to improve your standing socially and boldly express in-front of others that you can dress well and over and above afford to do so. Similarly, women can choose clothing like designer tops, designer dresses, designer skirts, Dolce & Gabbana designer handbags trousers etc. Read More

Children's costumes have evolved to the variety of needs and themes. Kids clothing lines is following trends from popular children's movie's and books. Kids clothing have also become expensive, stylish and comfortable. The durability of kids clothing has also improved much.

Character and theme based clothing has grown popular. Seasonal themes like Halloween and the holiday seasons have its own clothing styles. During the Christmas season the most popular are elves for the boys and Angels for the girls. Angel costumes are the most popular around the world like the prince and princess collections.

Kids clothing includes shirts, T-Shirts, jeans and pants. Fabric used varies from nylon to cotton and styles vary from branded to utilitarian. Sporting clubs like Baseball and soccer has their own costumes available for kids, so that the kids can wear them to a baseball game or during playing a baseball game. Read More

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dress shirt? What differentiates a dress shirt from any other shirt? A men's dress shirt has 6 basic features, each of which will be discussed individually in this article.

Buttons: Buttons are perhaps the most distinctive feature which makes a dress shirt a dress shirt. In order to be a dress shirt, it must open in the middle and have buttons running from the collar down to the waist. Every tailored dress shirt has at least seven buttons on the front, regardless of size. Some high end shirts will have eight buttons, but seven is the norm. Oftentimes shirts will also have buttons on the collar and cuffs, although this is not a requirement.

Collars: Another key feature of the men's dress shirt is the collar. Having a collar is a must, however collar styles do vary. Some examples of collar types are: the Windsor, which has a wide spread at the edges and is named after the Duke of Windsor, a Straight Collar which has a very narrow spread between the edges of the collar, or the Tony, a highly formal collar which covers the entire neck as well as the knot of the tie. Some collars are also buttoned to the shirt; these are called "Button-down" collars.
Read More

In the Western world, Historically, in that part of the world, women have worn dresses and skirt-like garments while men have worn pants (trousers). During the late 1800s, women started to wear pant for industrial work. During World War II, women wore their husband's pants while they took on jobs, and in the 1970s, pants became especially fashionable for women. Today, pants are worn far more often than skirts by women, and many women wear pants almost all the time.

Although trousers for women in western countries did not become fashion items until the later 20th century, women began wearing men's trousers (suitably altered) for outdoor work a hundred years earlier.

Casual pants should be made of a good quality cotton twill, chino or poplin. Many pants today have 3% Lycra for added comfort and stretch. For dress slacks, choose high-quality wool fabrics such as gabardines or sturdy file weaves. Look for a high yarn count such as Super 100's to Super 130's so that they hold their crease, shape and wrinkle less. Wool blends are okay if they are made of quality yarns. Read More

While the suit jacket is governed by the conservative specifications of suit, the sports jacket knows no such bounds. Its similar cut still flatters the body and frames the face, but its independence invites a broad range of outfits for myriad situations. The odd jacket--a term for any jacket that's not part of a suit, generally a blazer or sport coat--originated as leisure wear and remains as such, while today's loosened standards of professional attire now make it also the garment of choice for many who would have worn suits twenty years ago.

Besides the traditional suit-and-tie regiment, a suit of solid color has   other possibilities. Worn without a tie it makes a great outfit for New Years Eve, but looks awkward at the office. Designer coat can be worn with dress slacks of a different color, with or without a tie, but this requires some care. If executed poorly--and this is purely aesthetic--a suit jacket without its matching pants looks incongruous and sloppy. Additionally, when you dry clean a suit jacket or wear it in the sun while its matching pants hang in your closet, you run the risk that the fabrics will fade differently and the suit will cease to match. Read More

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Women once in a while need to purchase designer dresses when attending special and formal occasions. It is important to bear in mind that there are several important considerations before buying any dress for that matter.

It is important to note the occasion that you will be attending to know on what style you will need to look for. Try to ask on whether the affair will be casual or formal. The event would usually call for a much dressier look as the occasion happens later in the evening after 6 pm. Long dresses are usually worn for those black tie or formal parties.

Not all dress types work for most body types. Be aware of the type of figure you have and what styles and designs would work best for your body type. Do some research on - what would suit you best and those that'll flatter you in the right curves and help hide your imperfections. I would strongly suggest going for those designs with simple cuts and in dark colors for a more formal effect. Try to display your best asset or body feature. If you are endowed with great looking slender legs, emphasize it with a short dress and stiletto shoes. Read More

A suit is said to be a jacket and trousers having similar cut. They are from the same material and fashioned, designed to be worn together. This definition, limits the personality of the suit. In addition, the suit creates a personality that has a long lasting effect and makes the valuable factor for men.

The most common type of material used for making suit is the wool with a wide range selection of colors and styles to choose from. Suits that are for summer seasons are fashioned from cotton, silk, gabardine, and linen. The tweed suit is best to wear during weekend in the country side, as it is flexible and comfortable. They are created to deflect the water and wind in the often quite chilly English countryside.

The tweed suit of course will never be outdated at social function in the city. The selection of the colors of the suit is an essential decision most especially if you are seeking for business or professional suit. Read More

Skirts can be sassy, flirty, businesslike, severe, fun or elegant, but all of them definitely emphasize one quality; and that is femininity. There was a time when the European women wore nothing but dresses and skirts, even to the point that the word "skirt" became slang for "woman" in the English language. But skirts were not always as feminine as they are today.

Skirts are one of the oldest styles of garment known to mankind: after the loincloth, it was the skirt that graced the human form. Once a rectangular piece of material, be it animal skin or leaves woven together, was wrapped around the waist, the essential skirt was created.

Importantly, men as well as women wore skirts, and ancient art shows remarkably "manly" men in skirts. But as time passed, it was women who became known for wearing skirts with few exceptions like Scotsmen, who still wear their kilts on traditional occasions. Read More

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Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two (twi- "double") or more warp fibers. This produces the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric, which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. Denim has been in American usage since the late eighteenth century.[1] The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nmes, France, by the Andre family. Originally called serge de N?mes, the name was soon shortened to denim.[2] Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue "jeans," though "jean" then denoted a different, lighter cotton textile; the contemporary use of jean comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy (Gnes), where the first denim trousers were made.

A similarly woven traditional American cotton textile is the diagonal warp-striped hickory cloth that was once associated with railroadmen's overalls, in which blue or black contrasting with undyed white threads form the woven pattern. Hickory cloth was characterized as being as rugged as hickory woodot to mention the fact that it was deemed to be worn mainly by "hicks"lthough neither may be the origin of that term [from a nickname for "Richard"]. Records of a group of New Yorkers headed for the California gold fields in 1849 show that they took along four "hickory shirts" apiece. Hickory cloth would later furnish the material for some "fatigue" pantaloons and shirts in the American Civil War. Read More

We have to admit that majority of the men worldwide hate to shop for clothes and shoes in particular. Unlike women, they don't find enjoyment in hopping from store to store doing some window shopping and trying out different styles and designs. Worse, they hate trying on several items and enduring long lines. Most men would prefer to purchase right then and there if it is the right fit without even trying to canvass at other shops. Though there are a few of them whom fashion magazines refer to as metrosexuals, who like women give particular concern to how they look, what to wear and what to shop for.

Have you ever gone into a shoe store, fell in love with a pair of shoes but found they never had the correct size or width for your feet? With limited storage space available, it can be hard for retailer to satisfy every customer especially when you think of the great range and brands that are involved with womens shoes. No matter the outfit a woman has, there are always a number of shoes that would go perfect with it. Sometimes the hardest part about buying this type of footwear product is to choose which one to go with. Read More

Choosing a design and style for a tailored piece of clothing is usually the easy part. The harder part comes when matching the right fabric with a design. Fashionable clothing does not only rely on the style and cut. Fabrics are important to ensure comfort, fit, flexibility and match.

Wedding Dresses: Bridal wear is generally made from silk satin, dupion, voiles, georgettes and chiffons. The season that the wedding is held in can make a difference to the best type of material to choose when tailoring a dress. Silk satins tend to be looser and airier, thus allowing ease of movement and temperature comfort. Plain and embroidered fabric is usually available, and a combination of both can result in a very unique dress.

Evening Gowns: The occasion defines the type of dress made and fabric chosen. Dresses and gowns for formals and proms are usually made to allow ease of movement for the dances and after-parties. Gowns made for formal dinner parties can be more detailed in design. Colours also play a critical role in fabric and occasion. Brighter colours on silk satins, voiles or chiffons can be used for formals and proms. A heavier silk velvet is usually very lovely on a formal dinner gown for the more mature woman. Accessories like embroidered French lace and beadings can also create a very unique look. Read More

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Fabric softeners, both liquid and dryer sheets, add products to your fabrics. Some of the softeners are wax based which leaves a coating on the fibers creating a feel of softer but reducing the absorbency of the fiber. Some softeners have a perfume that is allergy related for many people. If you have ever used a fabric softener dryer sheet with your polyester garments, you may have seen "grease" spots appear on your garment. This is actually a wax and can be removed by re-washing. Read More

Faded and worn- can still happen even if you take real good care of it. Surface must be cleaned of any accumulated dirt and you may use a recoloring kit to restore. It is very simple to use.
Stains- pet stains, spills, ink stains, and others can be removed if done immediately. Use a stain remover and replace the finish over stained area using a recoloring kit.
Cleaning, Conditioning and protecting your leather- before buying maintenance products, fist know the type of leather. Using any product not meant for your leather can cause staining and further damage. All leather should be cleaned regularly, conditioned and protected about every 3mos.
Read More

The most common leather is cowhide. A variety of animal skins are used to produce different looks in leather. Once leather is tanned and processed, certain sections are selected for use on a particular application. It will then go through another series of processing and splitting for each application. Leather quality is determined by the actual processes and chemicals used in its production. Respectable manufacturers use high quality in the production of furniture, car upholstery, as well as jackets and clothing. Lower priced leather on the other hand, means lower quality and is less durable in the long run. Read More

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At Sparkle N Dazzle Co. it's our goal to help you recognize quality in diamonds and jewelry, designer clothing & handbags so you make the right choice. Read More

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Do you consider yourself to be fashion conscious? Do you have an eye for color and a feel for fabric? Were you the kind of kid who asked Santa Claus for a sewing machine? Do you jot down notes and pictures in your note pad about people's clothes and how they could look better? Then you might just have a future as a fashion designer.

Fashion designers need to be artistic and creative, while working with fabric. You should be able to express your ideas in sketches. You don't have to be a great artist, but you should be able to combine color, shade and tone in an original and practical fashion. Having a few marketing and business classes doesn't hurt either -- while creativity is your bread and butter, you shouldn't be ignorant about the business side of the fashion world.  Read More

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So, you have just bought a new designer handbag. Maybe you have had your eye on a Christian Dior Saddle Handbag, or Gucci Jackie-O that you know your friends will drool over . You got a huge discount off of the hefty retail price and youíre feeling pretty good about yourself. But know you are wondering- is my designer handbag authentic. Check for a serial number. Not all manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. The serial number for Fendi purses can be found on the inside pocket. Simply turn the pocket inside out and there will be a printed number on the fabric or possibly on the leather tag. Gucci includes a small leather tag on the zipper seam of the handbag which includes a serial number. Read More

Educated Clothing & Handbags Buyer

A prior knowledge of designer clothes & handbags will help you understand and retain what a fashiob expert tells you.  Read More

Clothing & Handbags Caring Guide

Check for a serial number. Not all manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. The serial number for Fendi purses can be found on the inside pocket. Simply turn the pocket inside out and there will be a printed number on the fabric or possibly on the leather tag. Gucci includes a small leather tag on the zipper seam of the handbag which includes a serial number.  Read More

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This is the perfect place to start shopping, if you are looking for a shirt, a pair of pants, or any other item. Our site is divided into 7 departments; women, men, kids, jewelry, house, handbags, and gifts ideas. Look closely at the hardware of the handbag. View Details. Designer handbag - the metal should be a good quality metal, and should somewhat match the color of the purse. Look closely at the handbag zipper. The zipper pull usually has the logo on it.  View Details.

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