Man Made Diamond: How Is A Diamond Made


'Man made diamond' is also cognized as synthetic diamond and this 'man made diamond' or the 'lab created diamond' undergoes a chemical substance and physical process in the diamond mines. The main difference between 'Man made diamond' and the natural diamond is the composition of three dimensional atomic number 6 crystals. The 'lab created diamond' or the 'man made diamond' are cognized by various names such as constructed diamond, artificial diamond, industrial diamond or the cultured diamond. 'Man made diamond' is constructed either from the si carbide or the cubic zirconium.

History of the Lab Created Diamond

The first 'man made diamond' was constructed in Kingdom of sweden in 1953 by Quintus and by an applied scientist Anders Kampe. This lab created the diamond manufacturing process, bulky and huge machines were utilized which were contrived by Baltzar Von Platen. But this feat was not cognized to many people. After one geezerhoods General Electric car took a giant step in manufacturing the 'man made diamond'. This step promoted the many young hopefuls and the 'man made diamond' industry come uped into being in the nineteenth century. The main industrialist in lab created diamond or the 'man made diamond' was the GE Superintendent abradants and the De Beers Industrial Diamonds.

In and around 1980 some additional 'man made diamond' industries were constituted in Korea. Later on the Chinese went the groundbreakers in the lab created diamond process. GE Superintendent abradants later on sold their 'lab created diamond' unit of measurement to Little Lav and this was named the Diamond Invention Company of 2003. During this same clip De Beers Industry was dissevered into two different 'man made diamond' industries and the second industry was cognized as Element Six.

At present, there are many 'man made diamond' industries available around the earth and some are well cognized diamond industries such as Sumitomo Electric car Hard Metallic element, Ian douglas smith Mega Diamonds and the United States Synthetic substance Diamond industry. Today the 'lab created diamond' has a marketplace of one billion dollars and bring forths around three billion carats of the Man made diamonds in a geezerhoods. Out of these three billion carats only 130 million carats are utilized in the manufacturing stones.

Manufacturing Process Of Lab created Diamonds

To create a diamond, there are basically two methods that are utilized now days. One of the methods is high a force per unit of measurement area, high temperature method and commonly cognized as HPHT method in the 'man made diamond' manufacturing domain. As the production cost is less in this process, making it a more popular method utilized being wide. The main accessory utilized is a heavy fourth estate that supplies a force per unit of measurement area of 5 GPA and the temperature that is constituted due to this force per unit of measurement area is around 1500 grade Celsius. The diamond better cognized as 'man made diamond' is created by all these processes inside the earth's earth's crust. In this process there are two types of fourth estates utilized and they are a belt fourth estate and a cubic fourth estate.

Another method utilized in 'Lab created diamond' is the Chemical substance Vapor Deposit which is also named the CVD method. In this method atomic number 6 plasma is constituted on the top where the tiny atomic number 6 atoms are made descriptor a 'Man Made Diamond'. In this CVD various gaseous states are utilized to energize the suitable statuses for diamond development on the top bed. This method of Chemical substance Vapor deposit was acquainted in 1980.

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