Corals: The Lapis lazuli is mixture of different minerals. Most of it is a sodium aluminium silicate. Lapis lazuli light blue and dark-blue. Because of this color it is so famous. Parts of this mineral are always white and gold. The gold parts are Pyrite and the white parts are Calcite. Since Antiquity the lapis lazuli was often used in Anterior Asia. Vases and many other things were made of lapis lazuli. In The Middle Ages it was a coloring material, because it can be grind. In the Renaissance parts of furniture were made of lapis lazuli. Until today it is a liked precious stone, but it is not cheap. The best Lapis lazuli can be found in Afghanistan. Other areas with Lapis lazuli are in Russia and in Chile.

Data about the Lapis lazuli

Chemical formula Na8[SO4|(AlSiO4)6]

Mineral class silicates

Crystal system cubical

Hardness 5.5

Density 2.5 g/cm3

Color blue, light blue

Line color light blue

Gloss fat gloss

Break shell

Fissileness none

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