Men’s fashion magazines, such as Details and GQ, have always placed an emphasis on looking good. However now more than ever, part of that look involves jewelry. From the traditional watch to the versatile pendant, men’s jewelry has begun to move beyond the expected and more towards the unique, the classic, tough, and stylish, with cues being taken from athletes, celebrities, and bikers alike.

In response to this recent boom, the door has been opened to new styles, designs and opportunities for a niche that’s been waiting to turn the corner for some time now. Thanks to a number of factors, jewelry sales for men have increased over the past few years, with signs pointing to a continuing trend. So much so that designers are now creating lines specifically "for" men, with the confidence that there is a buying audience out there – a consumer base that is widening and getting stronger. Factors that could explain this shift include:

Media influence

Men becoming more style-conscious

A greater variety to choose from

An overall younger market

Women continuing to buy for their significant others

Gone are the days when cuff links and watches were all that was available for men as far as fashion. While these stylish standards remain a big part of the selection that’s out there, there are also now earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants to choose from. Indeed, men’s fashion is becoming more varied, with men themselves making purchases and becoming more conscious of their style and the image they project. Bracelets for instance, have become almost as common as watches, thanks to new, masculine designs made of wood, shell and alternative metals, ranging from gold and platinum to anodized aluminum. Designers are mixing and matching materials into fashionable takes that work with corporate looks as well as more casual ensembles. The versatility of designs has emerged as a selling point.

Mens stainless steel jewelry remains popular, even with the rise of the alternative metals. Again, it provides a look a strength that is always attractive for men. From cuff links to dog tags, stainless steel is often used in combination with complementary metals, such as white gold and sterling silver. Muted gemstones are also an element of design that’s being employed with more regularity. In addition, new designs have been inspired by the past, as the time-tested has suddenly become hip and modern. Some designer trends you might be seeing:


Biker and/or motorcycle jewelry

Skull and crossbones jewelry

Bracelets as fashion-musts

Pendants, such as dog tags, growing in popularity

Earrings an accessory for men as much as women

Quite recently, skull and crossbones motifs have entered the fashion realm for both men and women, emerging in the forms of scarves, jackets, ties, shirts, and of course, jewelry. However, a bit of research reveals that motorcycle jewelry has featured skulls, crossbones, serpents, and iron crosses for years. The biker niche has always been one to embrace men’s jewelry, with the aforementioned symbols of power, rebellion and strength being key to their appeal. Only now the motifs have entered into pop culture, making them more readily available and in styles and designs that are perhaps less harsh and thus, wearable anytime.

What made the recent "skull" craze so widespread was the fact that designs were being incorporated in ways that were almost "cute," such as a crossbones scarf or a skull charm. While this trend overall is likely to transform into a fading fad, the presence of skull jewelry for men should remain a factor in fashionable selection for years to come. Now that it has been introduced into designer lines, the look should continue to flourish. This being said, bikers, goths, and punk rockers should certainly be credited as being the originators of the symbolic design, with skull, crossbones, and knives being linked to outlaw personas. Today, standards in skull jewelry, such as skull rings, pendants, and buckles, are complemented by wrist links, chunky chains, and even earrings.

Speaking of biker jewelry, this category continues to expand, with necklace chains, pendants, bracelets, and earrings being just the tip. Traditionally made of sterling silver, gold and stainless steel, modern biker jewelry also makes use of titanium, aluminum, and other solid materials. Turquoise, onyx, and amber are often crafted into designs as well. Today, fashion designers have picked up on the masculine designs of biker and motorcycle jewelry, creating lines of their own that would appeal to both the hard-core biker and Casual Friday worker.

Indeed, the range of men’s jewelry has exploded to be versatile and inclusive. Media has play2ed a role in the boom, as outlets such as YouTube and of course cable, have made our culture as a whole more conscious of what we wear and what we look like. What image do we project? Men, as much as women, have begun to emulate their idols. From athletes to entertainers, Joe Public is taken his cue from the celebrity.

Take a look at a sports star’s press conference and chances are you’ll see him decked out in his best threads, with the finishing touch being a rope chain, a stainless-steel dog tag, titanium bangle, or pair of earrings. Diamond studs are no longer exclusive to women. No, men’s diamond earrings can be purchased from any jeweler, as can gold hoop earrings for men. These styles have become unisex with men styling their own "bling" for all to see. The more nazzy the outfit, the more accessorized the man.

In the past, women were the primary buyers of men’s jewelry, as they attempted to add a bit of style to their significant other’s wardrobe. Today however, men are looking for such additions themselves, thanks to the influence of television, marketing, and magazines.

In summary, while trendy fads come and go, the boom in men’s jewelry appears to be one with staying power, which is welcomed news for retailers. The decision by designers to create lines specific for men is one sign of the positive shift. Another is the fact that the market is being impacted by younger buyers, who might be more willing to take on fashion "risks" and in the end, set the new standards for style.

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