Ankle bracelets

Is there a better way to accent a well-turned ankle than with a slender, silver chain? Anklets and ankle bracelets are another popular style of foot jewelry that originated in the Middle East, though ankle jewelry has been worn throughout history in many societies. Dancers in the Pacific Rim islands often wore anklets of small shells and coins when they performed, for instance, to accentuate the rhythm of their dancing. In India, anklets were worn by unmarried women to call attention to their feet. Interestingly, in Islam a woman is forbidden from publicly wearing jewelry that is designed to attract male attention by making a sound, including anklets with charms and tiny bells on them.

Whether it's the delicate ringing sound they make, or the way that they call attention to lovely feet, anklets have long had a reputation as 'sexy' jewelry. While most anklets are made of precious metals, you can find beautiful and unique ankle jewelry in leather or rope. And while there's no established rhyme or reason to which ankle you adorn, a survey in the UK a few years ago found that nearly 90% of those that wear anklets wear them on the right side.

Slave anklets

One of the most unique and captivating foot jewelry styles is the slave anklet. Much like a slave bracelet designed for the hand and finger, a slave anklet is a toe ring and anklet connected by a fine chain that drapes over the top of the foot.

Toe rings

When you choose a toe ring to accent a delicious new pedicure or emphasize your dainty toes, you're joining a long line of beautiful women. Jewelry that adorns the feet has been worn since at least the time of the Egyptians. Toe rings have been popular in the western world since the mid-1960s, when travelers to India and the Middle East brought the fashion back to the United States with them. For some Hindu women, though, a toe ring is more than just an ornament. It is her wedding ring, and symbolizes the sacredness of the marital bond.

Toe rings come into their own in warm weather, when bare feet and sandals make their appearance. Most often seen in silver or gold in their native country, toe rings may be made of almost any material these days. Ornamented with diamonds and precious gems, a toe ring can be a unique statement of love, but some of the most fun and kicky pieces are created from snug, stretchy rubber/acrylic. Bright colors, quirky shapes and unusual materials can make a toe ring a slightly offbeat and fun accessory to wear with your bathing suit or for a dressy evening out with a pair of open toed shoes.

Toe rings are most often sized to fit one of the middle toes, but some manufacturers are creating jewelry especially for the big toe now. Flat bands of metal, plastic or other material will be perfectly at home no matter what footwear you sport, but if your toe ring has a stone or other ornament set in it, you'll want to only wear it with open toed shoes.

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