Amber: Amber is not a mineral, but a fossil resin. We can see it because of the chemical formula C12H20O. The three elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen belong to the most important elements for life. The hardness is about 1.5 to 3. This resin which we call Amber was emitted by a pine species which does not exist today. Normally Amber is yellow-brown, but there also exist yellow and red stones. In antiquity Amber was used to make jewels. We can find Amber at the Baltic Sea and in East Europe. Throught trade Amber comes also to South Europe and to other parts of the world. Stones with insects are very interesting. It is because prehistoric insects went to this resin and they could not go away because it was glutinous. It is also interesting, because we can see insects which do not exist today. Until today we make jewels of Amber.

Data about the Amber

Chemical formula C12H20O

Mineral class organic connections

Crystal system amorph

Hardness 1.5 to 3

Density 1 g/cm3 to 1.1 g/cm3

Color yellow, red, brown

Line color white

Gloss resin gloss

Break shell

Fissileness none

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