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When purchasing a designer clthing or a designer handbag, look carefully at the construction and quality of workmanship. The way the piece is designed, constructed and finished will have a major impact on how well the piece wears and holds up over time. We partner with premium clothing manufacturers worldwide to get the finest quality 100% authentic designer clothing at the most outstanding prices. To be certain that your designer clothes & handbags are authentic, get it appraised by a local clothing store or personally check the designer tag you'll find that our designer clothes & designer handbags are 100% authentic and will be appraised 40 to 60% lower than retailers price. You can avoid being taken by these unscrupulous merchants if you follow a few simple rules. Rule number one is that if the deal seems too good to be true then it almost always is.


Sparkle N Dazzle guarantees that the designer item you purchased will be 100% authentic. One trend that has sprung from the marketing of designer clothing and fashion accessories is the marketing of fake or knock off products. While at first glance these less expensive alternatives may seem like a bargain, for the most part they are not. For one thing, they are without exception, made from inferior materials and constructed to lower standards. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, it will be when buttons start falling off and stitching comes undone. While you will get the label of the designer on your product that is usually where the similarity stops to the trained observer. High end designer clothing and fashion accessories are built to high standards and pass more then one inspection before they are packed up for shipping.

Sndgems wants to provide the most enjoyable and risk-free shopping experience possible, so we have implemented several programs to ensure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your involvement with us. Assurance of value, a quality jewelry owner wants. Sparkle N Dazzle has a team. Qualified, certified professionals provide that assurance. We provide complimentary third party appraisals on our designer jewelry worth $2500.00 or more, so you can be certain that your diamond jewelry has been evaluated by a trusted third party. Our designer clothes & designer handbags are genuine and come with a designer authencity tag. If a product is selling for less then its wholesale cost then it has to be a fake. Beware of obscure overseas sources of designer clothing and fashion accessories. View Details.

Product Guarantees

Our products are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, you can return for a no-hassle refund or exchange 30 days from the date of purchase.

Our Confidence

We're confident you won't find a better quality diamond or piece of jewelry, genuine designer clothes and discount designer handbags for the price.


All fine jewelry, 100% authentic designer clothes & designer handbags are genuine, authentic and of consistent high quality and value.




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