Want To Know Everthing About Spotting Fake Designer Clothes?

1. All designer clothing fakes have low prices in comparison to genuine designer clothing. Before purchasing browse around and see the normal prices for designer clothing. For example, fake Prada Jackets are selling on Ebay for less than £60! These are fake as Prada jackets can’t be bought (even direct from Prada) for anywhere near this amount. Outrageously low prices should make you cautious. Neat Designer Clothing have some of the lowest prices on mens designer clothing, a good idea is to check their site before purchasing as a good guide for base prices. For example, the site show the base price of Lacoste Polos, Armani Jeans, Stone Island Jackets and many other products.

2. When buying designer clothing from a website, check the contact details and the terms & conditions. It is now a legal requirement for all websites to have full contact details (Address, Telephone, Email etc&ldots;). If there are no contact details just a form to fill in be cautious as they may be hard to trace if you are unsatisfied with your goods. I would also suggest avoiding Ebay as this has a lot of fake designer clothing listed on the site from foreign sellers.

3. Once of the biggest giveaways of fake designer clothing is the material of the product. Nearly all fake designer clothing is cheaply made using low cost and inferior materials in comparison to genuine designer clothing. If possible examine the garment and if buying on line look in detail at large photographs of the product. Fake designer clothing the stitching is normally of poor quality and details such as the brand name on labels will be missing. Look closely at the fine details.

4. The majority of fake designer clothing is imported from cheap mass production countries such as China, Thailand, Japan (mostly Asia). Try and buy directly from the UK. Even though there are fake designer clothing sellers in the UK you are less likely to become a victim of illegal fake designer clothing by buying from the UK

5. Know your rights. In the UK if you unknowingly purchase fake designer clothing, through the ‘Distance Sellers Act’ you have 7 days to return the goods without penalty (full refund). Also if you use your credit card you can request your card issuer to do a cash back as the products was not accurately described.

If you follow the above five tips you should be able to avoid fake designer clothing such as the common fake designer clothes. The easiest way is to purchase genuine designer clothes where the prices are the one of the lowest and all products are 100% authentic.