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One of the most intriguing & unique design brings modern beauty to engagement rings made to fit perfectly the deep green emerald cut diamond featured in its setting. Ring hand-set use mixed-cut diamonds to create flower and petals reminiscent of Edwardian Era and Art Deco Style master handcraftsmanship.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

  • Sndgems is the premier original source for high engagement-quality sapphire rings, with more variety of beautiful styles and cuts than you'll see anywhere else. Our sapphires are most perfectly cut to maximize their colors such as deep gorgeous blue and not their size and carat weight.
  • A gift of sapphire is a symbol of faithfulness and the soul, sapphire is the perfect promise to be true, the ultimate "something blue" for you make the pledge of your love for her with an engagement ring.
  • From ancient times, they have long been a rich tradition among royals like Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, today sapphire is for couples who stand out from rest of the crowd.
  • Every one-of-a-kind design is fully customizable to suit your style and budget.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Amazing 2.35 Carat Royal Sapphire Rings with Diamond - 18k White Gold

Poland September Birthstones Fine Deep Blue Color Blazing Clarity Sapphire Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold

Great Deals - Low to High Price: $3650 - $9925 - Buy it Now

Diamond with Sapphire Engagement Ring

Magical Myth Gemstones: Fine Deep Blue Color Fine Blue 1.04 ct Sapphire Ring With Diamonds in 14k White Gold & Platinum

Great Deals - Low to High Price: $2625 - $23,750 - Buy it Now

10K Sapphire Diamond Ring

Special Stones: Discover Fine Deep Blue Sapphire & Brilliant Blazing Clarity Diamonds Ring in 18k White Gold & Platinum

Great Deals - Low to High Price: $3675 -$9975 - Buy it Now

Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring

Truly Charming & Enchanting: Sparkling 1.06 Carat Rare Fine Deep Royal Sapphire Ring With Brilliant Diamond-Accent Ring

Great Deals - Low to High Price: $2675 - $22,750 - Buy it Now

Ladies Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Brilliant & Beautiful: Popular Fine Ceylon 1.05 ct  Rare Deep Blue Sapphire Ring With 0.38 Carat Diamonds14k White Gold

Great Deals - Low to High Price: $2850 - $4650 - Buy it Now

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Precious Gemstones Wondrous Fancy Rare Pure Deep Blue 1.07 Carat Sapphire & .38ct Diamond Charming Ring 14k Gold

Great Deals - Low to High Price: $3975 - $6575 - Buy it Now

Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Zodiacal Signs: Wonderful Fine Blue Sapphire .38 Carat Diamond Rounds Engagement Ring Set in 14k White Gold 1.06 CT

Great Value - Low to High Price: $2675 - $4775 - Buy it Now

Three Stone Diamond Sapphire Ring

Love, Faith & Hope: Elegant Regal Gem Royal Deep Blue 3.07 ct Sapphire Engagement Ring Set in 14k White Gold

Great Value - Low to High Price: $4050 - $7250 - Buy it Now

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Gold Ring

Mystical & Spiritual: Sparkling Deep Blue Color Round Cut 4.30 Sapphire Ring With Diamonds 18 White With 2 Rings of Gold

Great Value - Low to High Price: $4250 - $5850 - Buy it Now

Sapphire Lapidary, George Kunz, Sapphire Cutting

Fashionable Gems: Size 7 1.06 Carat Blue Round Royal White Sapphire Gemstone Diamond Engagement Ring Gold

Great Value - Low to High Price: $3750 - $5950 - Buy it Now

Star Sapphires from the Best Mines, Ceylon Sapphire, Burma Sapphire, Thai Sapphire, Kashmir Sapphire

Blue of The Sky: Exquisite 3.07 Carat Very Rare Fine Deep Blue Color Round Sapphire Sz 8 With Diamond Gold Ring 14k

Great Value - Low to High Price: $4250 - $6550 - Buy it Now

Genuine Sapphire, Real Sapphire Jewelry

Celebrate Eternal Love: Classic Round Cut Rare Deep Blue Fine Sapphire & Diamond Fashion Ring in 14k White Size 5,6,7,8,9 5.4 CT

Great Value - Low to High Price: $3950 - $5950 - Buy it Now












Blue Sapphire Buyer's Guide

Sapphire: The "celestial" sapphire, symbol of the heavens, bestower of innocence, truth, good health, and preserver of chastity, is reserved today as the birthstone of September.

Occurence: Other important sources of Sapphire now include Thailand, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and Kenya. The wonderful, rich color of Sapphire combined with its high brilliance and wearability make it an unusually fine choice for any piece of jewelry. This guide defines the five essential characteristics of sapphire quality. By understanding these characteristics, you'll be able to shop with confidence. Print helpful list and take it with you when shopping so you can choose a beautiful piece of sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire Color: The finest sapphires are considered to be the blue variety-specially those from Burma and Kashmir, which are closest to the pure spectral blue. The Ceylon sapphires are a very pleasing shade of blue, often on the pastel side.

Sapphire Clarity: Clarity refers to the absence of internal flaws or inclusions. Type and placement of flaws are also very important. Sapphires also contain inclusions and even quality sapphires are lightly included. Dark sapphires show less inclusions and light sapphires show more. Jewelry industry prefers moderately included sapphires and that's what we offer.

Sapphire Clarity: Clarity refers to the absence of internal flaws or inclusions. Type and placement of flaws are also very important. Sapphires also contain inclusions and even quality sapphires are lightly included. Dark sapphires show less inclusions and light sapphires show more. Jewelry industry prefers moderately included sapphires and that's what we offer.

Sapphire Saturation: Saturation (color purity) is the brightness or vividness (dullness or drabness) of the color. It refers to the degree to which the hue is hidden by brown or gray. Colors with minimum amount of brown or gray are described as vivid or strong. For color purity GIA uses saturation and AGL uses intensity. Saturation can be "highly pure" and "slightly brownish or grayish".

Sapphire Cut: Cut effect the depth of color seen in the stone and influence the liveliness projected by the stone. A good cut will enhance stones natural beauty to the fullest. A poor cutter make may make the same stone less desirable, beacause a poor cut will significantly reduce the vividness and alter the depth of the color (saturation), usually producing a stone that is too dark. We offer well cut sapphires in our rings, earrings and bracelets.

Sapphire Size: The common unit of measurement for stones is weight, expressed in carats and decimal parts thereof. Also, remember again not to confuse weight with size. Some stones weigh more than others because stones have different density. Size of stone which can be diameter, or length and width is expressed in millimeters. Our stones are not cut deep to gain weight but are well cut sapphires offering you maximum size.

Sapphire Enhancements: Heating sapphire is a practice that is accepted by the jewelry industry. Sapphires that are not heated are very rare and demand very high prices.

Sapphire's Value: Sapphires which are well cut, cornflower blue colored and have minimum inclusions are most valuable.

Judging Sapphire Color: Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gemological Institute (AGL) divides color into three components: hue, tone (lightness/darkness) and saturation (color purity). This provides a more precise and accurate description of gems. Evaluate gemstone color taking into consideration hue, tone and saturation. Pure, vivid colors are far more desirable than dull, muddy ones. Look for a rich blue color sapphire with a light shade in sapphire rings.

Sapphire Tone: Refers to the depth of color (light or dark). The lighest possible tone is colorless. The darkest is black. Tone is another word for the degree of lightness or darkness. Judging the tone of a stone is difficult because it doesnot display a single, uniform tone. To judge the tone of a stone, examine it face-up and look for areas of light and dark. Sapphiires can have tones: "light-medium," "medium," "medium-dark," and "dark". We prefer sapphires with medium tones and thats what we offer in our rings, bracelets and earrings.

Sapphire Hue: Refers to the basic colors of blue, gren, yellow, orange, red, purple and violet. All sapphires exhibit some other colors (hues) in addition to their basic blue color. To determine the hue, look for the dominant color in the face-up view. When you move the stone in different directions you see the different colors. Australian sapphires have a tint (hue) of green.

Important Factors: Both intensity and tone of color can be significantly affected by the proportioning of the cut. In other words, a good gem cutter working with a fine stone will be able to bring out its inherent beauty to the fullest. A poor cut will significantly reduce the vividness and alter the depth of the color (saturation), usually producing a stone that is too dark. In sapphires a shallow cut might bring more color saturation than a deeper cut. Some stones are cut deep for additional weight and tend to be dark in color. Inclusions are generally more apparent in light- to medium-color sapphires. Since sapphires generally embody some inclusions, look for a sapphire with a darker tone, as the inclusions will be effectively hidden in these darker gems.

Sndgems jewelry is designed to be made your own. Choose any piece and customize the gems and metals to suit your style. When you have it just the way you want it, we'll make the piece to order just for you. Make It A Personal Statement�


About Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

People have long recognized the magic and curious lore of precious gemstones. Current interests in alternative sources have produced many specialized pieces and few comprehensive works in jewelry have been like the one on display here today - an invaluable source on the history and power of gemstones. A sapphire ring can have the deep blue color & blazing clarity of a fine sapphire ring, or the mystic light of a star sapphire ring. There are other rare sapphires variety that are to be found in polished, domed oval cut & rounded. In every source of light, sapphires tend to be rich in color & stylish-looking by virtue of their sparkle & clarity. Some legends tend to attribute that sapphires enhances expression in creation, while others have believed that these brilliant gemstones stand for their lore & power. There is also a tradional belief that sapphires signify power, which makes a diamond & sapphire engagement ring a most appropriate choice for the adornment of divine rings. From their origins, original uses, history, or even the customs they can be found set in yellow gold, white gold, & silver jewelry. The deep blue & pure white colors of the gemstones work very well with all of these metals. Sapphire & diamond ring styles are popular to-day as were opals thousands of years ago. The brilliant blue of a fine sapphire really enhances the sparkling fire of a diamond, making any diamond ring that much more dazzling & enchanting. Modern interests of people in seeking other alternatives to the tradional diamond solitaire, sapphire & diamond rings sparkle in all the brilliant colors. The mystic pink sapphires come from such great distant places as Burma, India, and Sri Lanka by great Oriental travellers. Modern interests of people in seeking other alternatives to tradional diamond solitaire, sapphire & diamond rings sparkle in all the brilliant colors. The mystic yellow sapphires come from such great distant places as Cingalese, Ceylon. Modern interests of people in seeking other alternatives to traditional diamond solitaire, sapphire & diamond rings sparkle in all the brilliant colors. The mystic purple sapphires come from such great distant places as Burma & Ceylon by great Oriental travellers. Our products are manufactured in the United States of America. It is an elegant sapphire look book filled with curious and remarkable things, and it is guaranteed to fascinate and inform us all. Open the covers, turn the pages, and watch the radiant lights of our fabulous product selection from within swirl and create a visionary experience for you all to really enjoy for hundreds of years to come.

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Shop With Full Confidence

Betrothal (Engagement) rings have been the ultimate pledge of love for  thousands of years and for thousands of years to come. The ring as a pledge of love and honor is said to be first mentioned in Roman literature by Plautus. Of such a ring the Roman poet Ovid writes "a ring soon destined to encircle the finger of a beautiful girl, a ring having no worth except the love of the giver." In ancient Egypt, they wore rings on the third finger of the left hand as a mark where the "vein of love" went directly to the heart, starting a tradition that continues even today in our era. When you pledge your love for her with a truly unique engagement ring, you are starting your own family heirloom tradition. The most important value factor to consider when shopping for blue sapphire engagement rings is the superaltive color quality of the center stone such as blue sapphire. Sndgems rare gorgeous deep blue sapphires are hand-selected for top quality conflict-free gems that are expertly cut by artisan slowly with patience for their maximum beauty. Sapphire captures the beauty of the sky. Our unparallel selection of engagement rings by Gelin Abaci, and other expert jewelry designers means you can find an engagement ring that perfectly symbolizes your important relationship. Proper attention needs to be given when cleaning blue sapphire engagement rings with mild soap: always use a extra soft brush where dust can be carefully gathered . When taking off your engagement ring, don't try to pull on the gemstone: this will not damage the gem but it can, over a period of time, stretch the precious metal that holds it in place, making the setting less secure. Be extra careful when removing your ring to wash your hands. Don't leave it on the edge of a wash basin where it can slip down the drain. Sndgems's fine quality blue sapphire engagement rings are designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand and not machine-made as are made by other jewelers of today in the United States of America.

Blue sapphire is noted as a regal gem, considered the gemstone of truth, the original "natural blue." In ancient times, a gift of a sapphire was a pledge of honesty and devotion. Princess Diana's blue sapphire engagement ring passed on to Kate Middleton is the latest in a long tradition of royal sapphires. A hand made ring given from the birth of a child to announcement of an engagement is a appropriate gift which will recall the memory of it for years to come.

Sapphire comes from the Greek word "sappheiros," meaning blue, so it's no surprise that beautiful rich blue is the most popular color for a sapphire. When shopping for magnificent blue sapphire jewelry of natural beauty, the most important factors usually to consider are the grade of any given quality, superlative color or shade, perfectly cut and not large size of the sapphire. Sapphires very rarely possess the deep blue color of the fine blue sapphire; generally the color is somewhat impure, possibly from the fact that their are more inclusions. The more vibrant and deeper the hue, the more valuable the blue sapphire will be. Also, note that the larger the size higher the carat weight, the more the blue sapphire will cost per carat weight. Just before their final finish, most blue sapphires are heat-enhanced to almost 2,000 degrees in order to improve their color and internal clarity. This jewelry industry standard treatment process does not require special care and does not decrease the gem's value. Sapphire is the September birthstone, the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary gem, and the zodiac gem sign for Virgo. All Sndgems jewelry is made to order, which ensures that a superlative-quality blue sapphire perfectly cut will be only hand-selected to most perfectly fit your design. Hand Crafted by skilled artisans in the United States, Sndgems fine blue sapphire jewelry is precious and is personal statement of the wearer, confidently to be passed down as heirlooms into other hands for generations to come.

We want you to absolutely love your Sndgems jewelry, so we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked guaranteed easy return policy. If you aren't satisfied for any reason with your one-of-a-kind unique Sndgems jewelry creation, you can freely ship it back in its original unworn condition for a full refund. Each returned piece must have its original tag attached, so leave the tag on until you are sure you love it. If you really love it but it just doesn't fit on the finger properly now or later, we have the perfect solution: we offer forever free resizing as well. Many couples choose to engrave inside the rings which runs as: "Faithfull ever, deceitfull never" - "A loving wife prolonged life" - "True love is bond of the peace". We will hand engrave your rings for $25.00

We have always stood behind our exceptional proudly American-made quality since 1994 with a extented two-year parts warranty on the fine craftsmanship of our unique jewelry for peace of your mind. Because our earth is precious too, we make our jewelry from conflict-free gems and recycled precious metals. Also included are hundreds of ohotos of rings of all sorts and varities. Please our factory in New York to see yourself all the links involved in our craftsmanship in person, the materials and gems used in our rings.

We're so sure that you will love the Sndgems experience, we make it even easier by offering free shipping too. We're all here about making more happy customers every day. If you have any questions at all about our fine jewelry craftsmanship involved in making jewelry, our products, or an order that you've placed, you're welcome to give us a call at 1-800-871-1066, click to chat, or email us at customer-care@sndgems.com. You'll see for yourself why our customers crave about our personal service and it is certain to expand and enhance your appreciation of them.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Diamond Quality Q's: These sapphire & diamond rings are offered in two different diamond grades: GH Color/VS Clarity and H Color/SI1 Clarity unless otherwise specified. Learn about the differences between diamond colors and clarities. Can we order these diamond rings in weights different than displayed on the website? Yes. Please e-mail us at support@sndgems.com for questions & prices.

Appraisal Questions: Do five stone diamond rings come with an independent third party appraisal? To ensure the quality of your selections, sndgems.com includes an insurance valuation document with every purchase worth $2500.00. View Details

Shipping Questions: Can these rings be shipped for next day? No. Normally diamond rings are made to order and takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days. In special cases we can ship it it in a day or so. View Details.

Return Policy Questions: If you decide for any reason that it is not right for you, you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund or replacement. View Details.

White Gold Questions: Can all these rings be made in 14K White or Yellow Gold? Yes. Normally for around $300 less. How do we order? Call 1-800-871-1066 to order. View Details.

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