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What Are Diamond Eternity Bands Used For: Wedding Rings, Right Hand Rings And More

Eternity Bands: A Guide to Ring Styles and Costs - Full, Half, Resizing, Ethical Gold

by Maria Gates, Dec 18, 2020

The first usage of wedding bands dates back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt — the ring, a continuous circle, represents everlasting love and a promise that can’t be broken. Ancient Egypt was the first known culture where people would exchange "rings of love" often made of woven reeds or wood. It is said that the Egyptians believed that the ring, a circle, as a powerful symbol. The band with no end representing eternal life and love, and its opening representing a gateway to the unknown worlds. Eternity bands are a relatively new form of the wedding band, encircling the finger with an endless row of diamonds or other precious stones, which also have their own meaning associated with romance and enduring commitment.

Today as we all know De Beers’ to be behind the diamond ring, while it is true that they popularized it as an engagement ring, diamonds had indeed already been used in love rings for several centuries. The first known diamond ring was actually from the late 100sAD found in Rome, an uncut diamond ring belonging to a young girl. However there is no way to know it if was a gift of love, a symbol of status or any other type of ring. Early on it was known that diamonds were strong and considered valuable, but it wasn't until many centuries later that they had the tools to cut them and reveal their sparkle. The first styles with diamonds began showing up in the 1700s when it became the fashion for women to wear ‘guard’ rings on either side of her wedding band to accent and protect it. These were often created with continuously set rose or old mine cut diamonds in silver-topped gold. 

Here are some questions everyone seems to ask about eternity bands and how they relate to wedding rings.

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What's The Difference Between Full and Half Eternity Rings?

Full vs. Half Eternity Ring – Cost?

Which Colored Gemstone Are Suitable For Eternity Rings?

Are Fancy Cut Diamond Eternity Rings Popular?

5 Reasons Not to Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Should You Buy Ethical Eternity Rings?

Should You Consider Recycled Eternity Rings?

What's The Difference Between Eternity Bands And Engagement Ring?

Should The Eternity Band Be Same Style As The Engagement Ring?

Do You Wear Eternity Bands as Wedding Bands on The Left Hand Ring Finger?

What Are Right Hand Rings?

Are There Other Special Occasions When You Are Supposed to Purchase Eternity Band?

What Are Push Presents?

How Do Women Wear Multiple Eternity Bands?

Different Setting Types for Eternity Bands?

Different Types of Diamond and Gemstone Cuts For Eternity Bands?

Different Types of Precious Metals For Eternity Bands?

Should You Buy The Eternity Ring with a GIA or Other Certificate?

How Much Do Eternity Rings Really Cost?

What's The Difference Between Full and Half Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings are the most popular ring style of wedding bands and are highly sought. They comprise of a precious metal band that is encircled by diamonds or other gemstones.  As the name suggests, a full eternity ring is one in which the diamonds encircle the entire band, of the ring. While, a half eternity ring, only has diamonds or gemstones that are placed just on the top half of the ring. There will be a metal section of the ring that doesn’t contain any stones.

Both these eternity ring styles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Full vs. Half Eternity Ring - Cost

A full eternity ring tend to cost more than a half eternity ring. A full eternity ring due to the additional diamonds needs more work and is therefore considerably more labor intensive than a half eternity ring. In addition, because a full circle of diamonds is difficult to resize, many jewelers often make it to order.

Half eternity rings, on the other hand, give the illusion of being fully encircled by diamonds without that extra cost.

Which Colored Gemstone Are Suitable For Eternity Rings?

While diamonds are traditional, forever, a girl's best friend etc. With a name derived from the Greek word adamas, which means undestructable, diamonds symbolise strength, eternity and ever-lasting love. It is the most popular gem for an eternity ring, and a gift that will be treasured forever.

But colorful gemstones such as rubies or sapphires are making a comeback. The ruby is the birthstone for July so it's the perfect engagement ring, or eternity ring, for those born in that month. Ruby has long been associated with love and passion, and sapphires symbolize truth and fidelity.

In ancient times, sapphire was a typical gemstone for royalty given its royal blue color and its lucky powers. Today, however, a sapphire and diamond eternity ring is both symbolic and represents a unique personal style. Perfect worn alone or stacked with your other favorite rings from the collection. 

An opulent sapphire and eternity band evokes a sense of privilege and symbolism often associated with royal engagement rings.

The eye-catching blues of this fancy baguette-cut sapphire and diamond alternated eternity ring are perfect to pair with your other favorite rings. This ring can also be made with range of colors from bolder pink and orange to classic purple and blue for those modern brides who want anything but traditional.

De Beers created the concept of an eternity ring. Diamonds, therefore are commonly used in a channel or pav� setting but other precious gemstones, such as round rubies, emeralds or sapphires are also alternated with baguette-cut diamonds in eye-catching full and half eternity rings.

Sapphires that aren't blue (think: pink sapphires and yellow sapphires) are a great option if you want the look of a pink or yellow diamond eternity ring but on a budget.

Are Fancy Cut Diamond Eternity Rings Popular?

Elongating effect centre stones such as oval, pear, emerald or marquise-shaped gems are traditionally set vertically. Also known as an East-West setting, it creates a new look, distinctive yet elegant, that has been favorite of celebrities.

Eye-catching fancy cut diamonds like emerald cut, baguette cut, marquise, pear shaped and oval cut diamonds are the emerging trends for 2020.

Also known as a step cut due to the parallel facets, the emerald cut diamonds in an east-west setting eternity ring as a wedding band will truly make you stand out. Available in gold or platinum.

5 Reasons Not to Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond?

When it comes to emerald cut diamond eternity rings, most pictures look alike, so these questions need to be asked.

Have your heart set on an emerald cut diamond eternity ring? Bear ... it requires a certain confidence of the wearer, stone quality and style of setting for them to look their best.

Should You Buy Ethical Eternity Rings?

Small-mine artisanal high quality Ethical eternity rings or stylish wedding bands crafted in Fair Trade certified white, yellow, rose gold or recycled are also popular with modern brides who care about the environment. Available in many different styles at guaranteed lowest prices.

Should You Consider Recycled Eternity Rings?

Bespoke eternity rings made from recycled gold and old-cut diamonds are also popular as wedding bands because of the sentiment.

What's The Difference Between Eternity Bands And Engagement Ring?

There are no hard and fast rules in today’s age of individuality and personal preferences. Eternity bands can be worn as engagement rings or right hand rings. However, what has traditionally been known as an engagement ring has a larger center solitaire stone and, usually, small diamonds on the band of the ring to accent the main stone.

Should The Eternity Band Be Same Style As The Engagement Ring?

When you are buying it as a wedding band, eternity bands traditionally should match the engagement ring in metal, stones and style. Often, if the woman is in on choosing her rings, she will look for a matching bridal set so they fit together properly and complement each another.

Do You Wear Eternity Bands as Wedding Bands on The Left Hand Ring Finger?

The simple answer is  yes, traditionally eternity rings are worn on the left hand ring finger below the engagement ring but you can also keep them on the left hand and move the engagement ring to the right finger. Usually, women wear their wedding bands on the left hand. This started because the Romans believed in vena amoris, that the vein from the ring finger on the left hand runs straight to the heart.

What Are Right Hand Rings?

It may sound simple, but right-hand rings are any rings that are worn on the right hand. You can make a real statement by wearing a significant right-hand ring. In American culture, the right-hand ring tradition has become more popular for women over the years. The tradition often represents a personal victory for women or to celebrate her independence.

But there are certain types of rings that might work best on the right hand. Some cultures do have traditions about the type of ring, too. 

Are There Other Special Occasions When You Are Supposed to Purchase Eternity Band?

Most commonly, eternity bands are presented as gifts for wedding anniversaries and the birth of a child (push presents), but they may also be presented at birthdays and holidays for those who are married.

What Are Push Presents?

Jewelry is one of the most popular push presents for new mothers. The right gift of jewelry serves as a symbol of love and appreciation that new mothers can appreciate forever. Choose from more classic to elaborate presents, like a pair of diamond earrings or a rolling diamond pendant necklace, to popular gifts like diamond, ruby and sapphire eternity rings, like a small charm or locket. Keep reading to discover ten push present jewelry ideas that will remain treasured keepsakes for years to come. 

Why Do So Many Women Prefer Multiple Eternity Bands?

This is where your wife and jeweler will love you and you certainly need to watch your budget. And this is when you begin to question if your “lifelong love and commitment” is to just keep buying rings. In reality women love rings to have on multiple digits. It’s the one piece of jewelry they can admire on themselves besides bracelets, earrings.

Today’s women have personal preferences. Here is where your loved one can get creative to stand out from the crowd. She can wear her engagement ring on her right hand and add other eternity bands in different widths, metal colors, cuts of stones, sizes and settings to create a look that represents her unique personal style. If she loves colored gemstones like rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, this is your chance to give her what she really desires. They are available alternated with diamonds or set just on their own. For example, you can have the diamond wedding band between two pink sapphire bands or between two emerald cut diamond bands for contrast. The possibilities are vast —  just watch your budget, at least they are less expensive than fancy colored diamonds.

So, what are setting options when it comes to Eternity Bands? 

Different Setting Types for Eternity Bands

There are variety of settings for eternity bands and it all depends on the look you’re going for. The first case is to try and match the setting to the engagement ring. If your loved one doesn’t require a perfect match or wants to try out different styles, here’s a useful guide.

Channel Set

It means what its name suggests; the diamonds and/or gemstones are set between two strips of metal that form a channel. Grooves on each wall of the strip of metal hold the stones securely in place. It’s a popular style for a wedding band and is equally suitable for smaller and larger diamonds, as well as the style in which the combination of round diamonds and square or baguette cut gemstones are set.

Prong Set

This type of setting allows the most light to radiate through, resulting in more brilliance as the only metal used in the setting is that which holds the stone. Prongs for eternity bands are generally rounded, although they could be v-shaped depending on the cut of the diamond. Often jewelers will use four or shared prongs to hold the diamonds/gemstones securely in place.

Pavé Set

When you look at this setting, it appears that there is no metal between the diamonds — at least when you inspect it with the naked eye — however, there are very tiny beads holding the diamonds in place. The French word pavé comes from the fact that this type of ring looks like it is ‘paved’ with diamonds. This setting is best for smaller diamonds or gemstone eternity bands.

 Bezel Set

This setting encases the diamond or gemstone by surrounding it with metal, making it the safest type of setting. This generally looks best with larger stones or those with millegrain (tiny cuts that look like beads) on the bezel. It’s also a good choice for eternity bands that have a pattern of different diamonds or gemstones — for example, baguette-round-baguette all the way around or marquise-princess-marquise all the way around. 

Different Types of Diamond and Gemstone Cuts For Eternity Bands

The most popular cut for an eternity band is the round brilliant cut, but any fancy cut is suitable; some offer more individuality depending on the engagement ring. There are emerald, princess, marquise, radiant and baguette-cut eternity bands, and a mix of two or more cuts.

Different Types of Precious Metals For Eternity Bands

It all depends on if you’re matching the band to your engagement ring. If so, choose the metal that your engagement ring is set in. But today anything goes as long as the metal is durable and she is comfortable. Platinum is the most durable metal; you can also go with 18K or 14K yellow, rose, or white gold for your eternity band.

Should You Buy The Eternity Ring with a GIA or Other Certificate?

If you choose a band with really large diamonds, let’s say a 1/2 carat diamond for each of the diamonds in the ring, you might be able to get a GIA certification on them. But for many eternity bands, it’s  expensive to try and get the certificate. They are too small to certify every diamond and it will add an additional cost to the ring.

You should also look at the ring and see if it sparkles and if the diamonds look white and have no blemishes with the naked eye. Diamonds will look less white color when set into yellow or rose gold because they are picking up the reflection of the setting.

How Much Do Eternity Rings Cost?

As with all diamonds and precious gemstones, price ranges vary based on the total carat weight (individual stone sizes), the type of metal the ring is used (for example 18K gold is more expensive than 14K gold), and the clarity and cut of the stones. The workmanship will affect the price as well; for instance, a prong-set ring will take less work than one that is all channel or pavé set. An eternity band in which all the stones match up in color, cut and size as perfectly as possible will also change the price. However, there are eternity bands for every price range, therefore you should be able to find one that best suits your budget and style that your loved one desires.

View our beautiful colored gemstone and diamond eternity rings by clicking here or on any of the images above.


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