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The use of diamonds was in a new style very different from the regal-looking style of Louis XV, or any other previous style associations and assumed a new figuarative character.

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Lalique used diamonds for their aesthetic reasons rather than their intrinsic value, working at the highest level of manufacturing constituted a dramatic change. Diamonds in the hands of a jeweler like Lalique became artistic materials.

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the sculptors and painters were attracted who included jewelry to extend their range of creativity. Nature and religious themes were at the forefront, followed by revivalist classical, Gothic, and Islamic fine imagery.

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created a partnerships of master craftsman or artist and precious jeweler - purchased work from the pool of available talent or even hired in-house specialist - all this led to imaginative jewelry accessories that often was created in partnerships and often had two signatures.

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different techniques that artisans specialized were: fine enamelwork, skilled carving in hard stone, miniatures, and gold work.

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The less precious materials had most of the gems centered, with the discovery of South African mines, the flood of diamonds created plentyful supply and bijoux jewelers took advantage of available gems.

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Antique Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry

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Precious jewelers like Cartier, Spaulding purchased designs from Lalique. Lalique designed innovative jewels for reputed French jewelers Boucheron and Vever

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before he revealed original jewelry ideas under his own name in Paris at the exhibition "Les Arts de la Femme" which revolutionized French jewelry industry with his remarkable style as he was the first one to overcome regal-looking style of Louis XV and demonstrated the importance of working on the broadest possible lines.

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At the same winds of change were sweeping through design resulting in a disenchantment eith period styles- Lelique who was the source of inspiration was absorbed in the broader context of new designs that decorative artists pusued for silver, furniture, ceramics, and textiles.

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Jewelers were highly impressed with Japanese prints, and their work manifested a love of nature as well as sinuous lines with origins in landscape and a sweeping broken line called whiplash.

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Jewelers exhibited their new designs at the Paris gallery L'Art Nouveau, which gave the name Art Nouveau to this turn-of-the-century movement in decorative arts.

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Enamel, this painterly substance, capable of graduated hues, linked Lalique's work to famous paintings of the time as certain tints of enamel was able to catch the reflection of light similar to paintings.

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Lalique valued diamonds the way they reracted light and enjoyed creating a variety f visual effects by experimenting with diamonds placement in his jewels.

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Lalique designed umaginative gem-set jewelry like the singing birds - the gold of the wings and crustaceous tail are lightly colored with a thin layer of transparent green enamel.

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Far from a traditional feminine flower, its spiky stem inspired Lalique, who emphasized its prickles by delineating them in diamonds

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Diamonds in small clusters highlighted the wings of peacocks, wasps, and other soaring fantasy creatures.

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Diamond in flat expanses were set densely in landscapes themed scenes defing water, earth, and vegetation. The stigmas and buds of flowers were formed by single diamonds

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Natural world included no garden-variety flowers and included elements of wilderness and seenity: Japanese cherry leaves with clouds of blossoms, exotic orchids, sycamore seedpods, and thistles with bristling stingers populated jewels.

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Jewels depicting human figures, from classical nymphs, sylphs expressed joy to medieval saints, angels exuded purity. Lalique's designs emphasized drama contributing entirely different themes - the

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Official French jewelry association recognized Art Nouveau jewelry and won its approval as regal-looking Louis XVI sold at the auction of the Diamonds of the Crown Jewel recalled the all-too-recent fiasco and they wanted to encourage the trade
to create new jewelry for a new century artistic jewelry with enamel and diamonds competed well with all-diamond jewelry.

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Lalique won the praise in reviews and texts, trade publications and decorative art magazenes and his shapes, subjects, and materials were often stolen.

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butterflies make experiments of this in their descent, fall towards the centre by the shortest way

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The regal-looking diamond styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI purveyed by jewelers around the world changed as a result of it.

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Jeweler's Circular summed up as

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Unlike the Art Nouveau jewelers, bijoux jewelers they continued with the old techniques and brought old forms, like cameos and portrait medals, to jewelry and did not compete with the formal diamond styles.

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colection of orchids - the spread petal orchid brooch - boasts the brilliant colors and shape of the flamboyant flower - only exception to nature's design, diamonds were added to increase the jewel's light and sparkle it beats everything...surpasses
in value except the Crown Jewels of  France.

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The versatility of the diamond was demonstrated by Bijoux as well as Art Nouveau jewelers - they proved it could be matched with almost any substance  the gem bathed the artisans' handiwork with light and brought out the color and texture.

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This is why we often see enameled flowers with diamond stamina acoompanied with well-drawn leaves made of gatherings of brilliants; the stalk itself glitters.

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Flowers were generally composed of articulated gold petals colored by enamels with diamonds accenting the pistils and outling the leaves - American First Lady Frances Cleveland impressive all-diamond daisy pin with white diamond petals and yellow diamond center - the diamonds were the true colors of the daisy.

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Christian symbols invariably accompanied by Madonna Jewels - the halo and veil, signifying dignity, sanctity, and worldly renuciation.

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Bijoux jewelers revived classical and medieval imagery on ivory, and hard stone cameos with the same originality they applied to religious themes

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each resource had the potential of storytelling; each surface had specific properties that added beauty of narrative.

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A jewel containing an ivory plaque of a Greek dancer used diamonds mounted on the sides like a curtain on a stage. Symmetrical lotus flowers and ivy curled around the border.

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The frame of the ivory plaque and the threads forming the necklace introduced color - green and blue enamels made a scaffolding offest by two bails - woven blue, green, and white delicate threads formed the delicate tassel.

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For a further narrative in color, jewekers turned to miniatures - the small watercolors allowed for background and atmospheric effects in scenes - diamonds rimmed the edges of brightened the corners of the mounts.

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Diamonds played a part in the different presentation of engraved gems. The engraved gems were valued as jewelry instead of collectibles - their mounts were studded with diamonds that were readily available from South Africa.

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They blended the strata of agates to achieve soft gradations of color, insinuating depth and sometimes even perspective.

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At the Paris Exposition, at the turn of the century Art Nouveau did not bring about the transformation in jewelry - stylized enamel jewelry with sprinkled diamonds did not compete with all-diamond style formal diamond jewelry created in Louis XV and Louis XVI diamond styles and Versailles code of motifs

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which had dominated diamond designs from its inception and throughout the Art Nouveau period. After the sale of the Crown Jewels of France these styles were so entrenched in the public that they could not taken out from the jeweler's repertoire.

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The ideas of Art Nouveau did impress at the 1900 Paris exposition and left a mark because of its remarkable style and "new art" that it presented.

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The Jewelers' Circular reported that Paris Exposition was of great benefit to jewelers as it taught them to get away from old conventional styles and to reach out not only for originality in design but also for artistic qualities in design.

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The key was that designs required study and achieve artistic results as the money-value represented by a stone is not only important thing.

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For the most part, different sizes of circular-cut diamonds set in  platinum create the curvilinear pattern. Large marquise and pear-shaped diamonds formed central and drop elements.

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Silver was regarded as the appropriate metal for formal diamond jewelry made in Luois VX and Louis XVI diamond style because of its long tradition as a favorite of kings and queens.

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It is a superb example of the regal treatment applied to formal jewelry at the time: the diamond-studded grillwork and fringe drape majestically across the decolletage.

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In 1906 a diamond and platinum dog collar by a Philadelphia small jeweler, a meticulously crafted as Queen Victoria's collarate, appeared on the cover of Jewelers' Circular.

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Equipped with new tools and technology, jewelers experimented with platinum producing endless variations on bows, ribbons, and swags, motifs into curls and swirls.

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Knife-edge platinum spokes spread their sharp edges, grillwork created webs of platinum threads, crocheted platinum radiated out in curvilinear patterns, and millegrain, small beads, covered the surface of the jewels. Almost all platinum jewels of the era used millegrain.

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Special Jewelry Designs - Diamond Halo Rings & Antique, Vintage Fine Jewelry

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