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Although diamonds dominate the engagement ring market, many people, including celebrities, See Jewelry Shopping Guides


If they are celebrating their 50th or 50 plus then you can arrange a greeting from the President Official Greetings. Read all good aricles on Engagement rings. Read More.RSS Feed


Pearl Jewelry is timeless, delightful and elegant and it's every woman's desires..... Read More


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Welcome to, the online collection of jewelry classics. Since 1992, Sparkle N Dazzle has been matching clients with outstanding jewelry and luxury gifts. In this section, we will give you an opportunity to learn a little about us. Sparkle N Dazzle is affiliated with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations including Jewelers Board of Trade. Additionally, clients from all over the world, who may not have the opportunity to visit New York, can enjoy what hundreds of thousands of clients have done so in the past. We will not mislead customers into a false sense of value through "discounts" and false sales on over inflated prices.

Although diamonds dominate the engagement ring market, many people, including celebrities, are choosing colored gemstones when they get married. The most popular colored stones are sapphire, emerald and ruby. Some famous women with colored stones engagement rings-Princess Di, Sarah Ferguson, Ivana Trump, Kirstie Alley, Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon. John F. Kennedy gave Jacqueline Bouvier a 2.88 carat diamond emerald ring. Learn About Ruby Rings, Emerald Rings & Sapphire Rings.

Princess Mary may well be the youngest recipient of a diamond A tiny ring with a large diamond was placed on her finger when she was married (by proxy) to the Dauphin of France in 1518--at the tender age of two! An anniversary band is a ring set with a full or half circle of diamonds given by a husband to his wife on their anniversary. These rings were known as "eternity" rings until De Beers renamed them and launched a major program to market them specifically as anniversary gifts. Memories can invoke very strong emotions. Special occasions tend to hold the deepest memories, matrimony, first date, first born, graduation & ones' birthdays. View Diamond Wedding Anniversary Rings

Mary of Burgundy received the first documented diamond engagement ring from Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg in 1477. Queen Victoria wore an engagement ring in the shape of a serpent, a popular nineteenth century motif whose coils symbolized eternity. What setting style is best for your stone? To answer this question, you will need to know what styles there are to choose from and what advantage each has to offer. Here, the choices are as varied as ring designers. Once you recognize these differences, you'll be prepared to analyze each ring at a glance and make a choice based on those elements that best please your taste. How To Buy An Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Mary may well be the youngest recipient of a diamond A tiny ring with a large diamond was placed on her finger when she was married (by proxy) to the Dauphin of France in 1518--at the tender age of two! Wedding ring is a band, ring or rings with or without diamonds, given during the wedding ceremony. It can also be called a wedding band. The wedding rings are on a ten year steady rise. The most popular colored stones are sapphire, emerald, ruby and colored diamonds. Many people really do enjoy the look, feel and extra heft of the comfort-fit styles. Comfort fit ring is beveled inside and edges of the ring are not in direct contact. How To Pick His & Her  Wedding Bands





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ntroduction to Loose Diamonds

The king among gemstones, the word diamond comes from the Greek word "adamas" which means 'unconquerable' with it's brilliant sparkle and stunning beauty diamond is unconquerable ever. Some of the features of diamond include rareness, optical brilliance and hardness.

Most online stores sells certified loose diamonds that meet strict quality standards. Providing a quality gemstone with impeccable quality should be the policy of all online stores as diamond related rings are the most popular and most sold. Look for a online stores who ensure your total satisfaction and provide a 30 day exchange policy with all loose diamonds.

Most online stores will help you to find your perfect diamond that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and symbolism of your love and commitment. To appreciate a diamond you have to understand the 4 C's known as Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

Diamond's Cut

Of the 4 C's, diamond cut of the diamond is the most important factor determining its sparkle, brilliance and beauty of a diamond. The diamonds cut refers to how well proportioned the diamond has been transformed into its shape. The shape of a diamond can be round, oval, pear, heart, marquise, emerald or princess. A 'cut grade' of diamonds, refers to its proportions, symmetry and polish. Buy from online stores who will not sell diamonds with a cut grade considered less than very good.

The cut of the diamond is intended to best reflect the light that shines into it and the cut characterizes the sparkle and fire we see in a beautifully cut diamond. GIA grading reports show percentage depth and percentage table ratios as compared to the width of the diamond. For to be considered as a good table cut, it should be 53-64% and a good depth cut is 58-64%. If the cut of the diamond is outside of this range then the cut is considered to be too deep or too shallow. If the diamond is cut too shallow or too heavy, the light entering into the diamond's crown is released through the bottom pavilion resulting in a dull appearance. A perfectly cut diamond returns the light that enters through the crown giving it a brilliant stunning sparkle.

Diamond's Color

Diamond color will range in color from clear colorless to yellow. The most expensive diamonds will have very little color. The natural color in a diamond act as a filter for the light degrading the spectrum of light emitted, making it less sparkle and brilliant.

GIA's professional color scale is used for the grade of color and is a letter scale from D for colorless diamonds to Z for diamonds that display a yellowish or brownish color. Most online stores will sell diamonds with a color rating of J or better to maintain a high level of quality. It is recommended to buy a diamond engagement ring with a color rating of D, E or F which are expensive as well. Most Online customers purchase diamonds with a color grade of G, H or I because of the undetectable color seems like clear diamonds and the value with the grades.

Diamond's Clarity

Natural flaws or imperfections will be in diamonds as they are found in the earth and it varies with diamonds, there are flawless supreme brilliant diamonds, and they will be expensive. These flaws in a diamond are commonly called as inclusions and are mainly caused by carbon deposits or pressure related small feather cracks while the diamond is formed. Diamond clarity of a diamond is indicated by a grading system and it represents the number, type and size of flaws or inclusion which are present in the diamond.

Carat of a Diamond (Weight)

The most common criteria related with pricing of a diamond is its weight. By diamond carat weight represents the weight of the diamond. Carat is a unit of measurement and 1 carat= 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. A 1.25 carat diamond = 250 milligrams.Diamond's Fluorescence

Fluorescence is the natural feature of a diamond to give off light when exposed to ultraviolet light. Most diamonds give off light when exposed to ultraviolet light and some do not. In normal daytime lighting conditions, the effect is not discernable to the eye. Look for a GIA laboratory certificate if the diamond has fluorescence.

Understanding Diamond Color

What is diamond color? Does diamond have natural color? Most people think of the classic, clear, colorless, transparent diamond, actually is the most rarest and valuable of all the diamonds and they are expensive. The colors of naturally existing diamonds actually range from colorless to a brownish color. So, diamonds have color, it is their natural color and the valuation on the diamond depends on the color as well.

How Cost of Diamond is Determined

Before going for shopping for a diamond, educate yourself about the 4 C's of diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. For most consumers there is a fifth "C" that is as most important of all them: the diamond cost.

Guide to Synthetic and Imitation Diamonds

American and Swedish researchers produced successfully synthetic and imitation diamonds in the 1950's almost simultaneously. Synthetic and imitation diamonds have become an increasingly popular alternative to real diamonds. Even though they will not be as valuable, or even increase in value as real diamonds do, the production of synthetic and imitation diamonds has been increasing by a fast pace and current statistics shows around 80 tons of these gems are synthesized every year for industrial firms.

What are Treated Diamonds?

A treated diamond is a diamond that has been altered to make its appearance more appealing, alluring, and stunning. There are basically two types of treated diamonds, synthetic and natural.

With treated diamonds it has improved color, improved clarity, and in some cas4es even be completely coated to improve their overall appearance. Buying treated diamonds is an option that some couples consider because it may be more economical for them to afford a diamond engagement ring.

Color Treated Diamonds

Colored diamonds allows you to have a beautiful diamond engagement ring without sacrificing color. There are many gorgeous, colored diamonds to choose from, and if you do choose a colored stone, you don't have to give up quality and elegance to do so.

Diamonds are found in their natural colors when they are mined, others become colored by gemologists and jewelers. Companies have begun color-treating diamonds of lower grades like a less desirable yellow or brownish tinted diamond into a beautiful, brightly colored diamond and well affordable to the average consumer.

Introduction to Diamond Flaws and Inclusions

Diamonds that are perfect and ideal are rare and very expensive; diamond flaws and inclusions are present in virtually all of the diamonds that you will see in your local jewelry store. Diamond flaws and inclusions are often not noticeable to the average person and you need not worry about the small inclusions that occur in most diamonds.

Evaluating a Diamond for its Quality

Diamond is a stunningly beautiful precious stone and before evaluating diamond quality, you must educate yourself with the 4 C's, which are four important characteristics of diamonds, which defines the gem stone and its overall value and worth. The 4 C's for defining a diamond are cut, clarity, color, and carats.

Difference between Appraisals and Jewelry Lab Certificates

Jewelry lab certificates and appraisals for valuable jewelry are two documents and they are not one and the same, they serve different purposes and contain different sets of information that is helpful to customers and jewelry owners.

Appraisals and Jewelry lab certificates go hand in hand in the sense, a Jewelry lab certificate is a document that describes information about a diamond that has not been part of any jewelry and the appraisal provides information on the market value of a piece of jewelry, based on international trends and prices and whether it is already set in a ring, earrings, or necklace. Once a stone is mounted on jewelry it has a different value when compared to its loose form.

Introduction to Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are a stunning piece of brilliance and it looks fabulous with jewelry and if you have thought that diamond shapes were all the same, you will be surprised at the different shapes in which diamonds is available. Most online stores and jewelers offers most common gemstone shapes, including:

Diamond Facts

Recorded in the history, first diamonds were mined in India, more than 2800 years ago. All the diamonds that are existing today are all extremely old to be precise most are 900 million years old or more, with the oldest known being 3.2 billion years old. No two diamonds are exactly the same, like every individual that buys them.

Advantages of Diamond Certificates

Independent organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides a diamond grading report based on their grading scales, and this report part of the diamond certificates gives valuable information about the 4 C's of diamonds that were taken into consideration when the diamond was priced. We recommend that it's best that you use an outside agency for diamond certificates, instead of the jeweler who is selling the diamond. As there are chances that the certificates may be slightly biased and you could be paying more than the actual value of the diamond.

Guide to Diamond History

History of diamond with the source of information, as diamond history is mixed in rich myths and folklore as it is in physical facts and records. While looking through the history of many cultures around the world, one stone that has fascinated people with the romance and beauty is the diamonds.

Guide to Famous Diamonds

There are many diamonds around the world that have been written about or talked about in various stories and official and historical documents. Famous diamonds have always been part of the world or our history and have been found in various parts of the world. Famous diamonds are often are well known as the people who owned them, because all unique and beautiful diamonds have a history that made them famous.

Introduction to the Diamond Industry

Diamonds are plain carbon crystals, cousin to graphite and soot, diamonds are the hardest known substance. This property makes diamonds invaluable for a variety of applications, from drilling rock to being a part of jewelry. Diamonds possess an extraordinary optical property that it has a brilliant sparkle.

Guide to Colored Diamonds

Most people looks for clear colorless diamonds, but colored diamonds allow you to have a beautiful diamond engagement ring without sacrificing color. There are many gorgeous, colors to choose from, and if you do choose a colored stone, you don't have to give up quality and elegance to do so. Sure, clarity, cut, and carat are important but the right color can add value to a diamond, in the sense of intrigue and allure.

Wedding Rings Resources

Find the Perfect Wedding Engagement Rings.

Wedding and engagement rings add special meaning and emotion to the couple as a symbol of commitment, love and warmth of the relationship and have become a tradition for marrying couples all over the world. Diamond, Gold and Platinum rings all bear their own meanings. Find your own meaning of love and acquaint your partner with the ring of their dreams.

Dream Wedding Rings

The old song went, 'Love and marriage go together like horse and carriage'

Let's put it this way - hope always springs eternal in the human heart. For so many millions all over the world, the day the wedding ring is slipped onto the ring finger is a day that has been dreamed about and waited for them and for their families.

Wedding Rings: How Important are they?

Jewelry progressed down the ages beyond mere adornment and became the repository of arcane symbols, none quite as precious and iconic as the wedding ring - the most potent symbol of love and commitment between a man and a woman. While the wedding ring epitomizes marital oneness, the engagement ring usually is the initial bond of commitment. Today the wedding ring or band conceptualizes the wedding vows, which read "With this ring, I thee wed." This exchange of rings between the bride and groom is legal affirmation that just as the ring is an eternal circle, so too will the relationship endure. It is a marital pledge by the spouses toward fidelity and togetherness

Platinum wedding engagement rings are perfect

Platinum rings is fast becoming the fashionable choice for many couples today. Why are more and more going down that platinum path when they say, 'I will?'

There will always be those who lead and those who follow blindly. However in the case of platinum wedding rings, it could be a lot more than that. Platinum is a rare white metal and people who love to wear a lot of white find this a great match as far as their clothes go. Platinum somehow tends to go with so many more colours.

Platinum Diamond Wedding Rings-"Perfect way to propose"

It's a big investment buying platinum wedding rings - not just a financial one but an emotional one too. So you need to be prepared when you decide to start looking to buy your platinum diamond wedding rings.

Fabulous Diamond Wedding Rings as Perfect gifts of Love

Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend but whoever coined the expression forgot to add the word quality to it. Diamonds are among the worlds most precious of gems and considered practically indestructible. When buying a diamond, a grading certificate is issued and this is for a particular reason. It protects the diamond as well as the buyer. Diamonds are quite versatile and many men find them to be quite appealing. Diamonds are a colorless stone that look great on almost anyone. A popular choice among couples is to get matching diamond wedding rings.

Tips for Buying Wedding Ring

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things to occur in an individual's life. It means the start of a commitment designed to last a lifetime... the beginning of a family... a symbol of enduring love. While some bridegrooms prefer to surprise their brides-to-be with a spectacular diamond, others prefer shopping for engagement rings with their betrothed in tow.

In an effort to help smooth the process, making it easier and less stressful, we'll provide you with 7 quick tips for buying the perfect wedding ring.

Famous and Celebrity Wedding Rings

The wedding ring had great meaning for the Egyptians, other than merely being a ring worn on the finger. Just as it is today, the circle that seemed to return to itself by having no beginning and no end, symbolized eternity. The center of the ring had a meaning that goes way beyond just an empty center. For the Egyptians, it symbolized both the known and the unknown special events and things that were yet to come through the door, or the gateway, which was the center of the ring.

Wedding Ring Engraving

Engraving your wedding ring is one way of making your rings unique - you personalize them and the messages in them to be like no other - just a special something between the two of you. The thing is that the engraving is done on the inside of the wedding rings. So it's something that is close to you and no one else. This is not for the world to see - this is for just the two of you and maybe that's what makes engraving so special. So let's look at a few tips on what you can engrave inside your wedding rings.

The Advantages of 18 KT Gold Wedding Rings

Without a doubt, Gold is one of the world's most precious metals. It is also a certainty that gold wedding rings enjoy an unsurpassed popularity as a medium for jewelry expression. Both jewelry artisans and consumers alike are "in love" with gold. There seems to be no end to the range of colors, finishes and styles available and gold remains a perennial favorite setting for gemstones.

Gold Wedding Rings

The world has ceremonies for various events of Life. Every country and culture has its own set of unique rituals, customs and ceremonies. The symbols used to mark each occasion vary by culture and country. But one common tradition that takes place all over the world is the wedding ceremony. Wherever the ceremony takes place, traditional gold wedding rings are usually exchanged from time immemorial.

Wedding Rings for Men

Exchanging wedding bands when a couple marries has long been a world wide tradition. When couples exchanged rings it represents never-ending love for all eternity. Today, some couples want to exchange wedding bands along with the traditional wedding rings. Both men and women can wear the band ring and they are being made in many traditional and unique styles - mens wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Sets for Marriage

Choosing an engagement ring

may be one of the most important purchases a man makes for his beloved, but the wedding ring sets the couple purchases together are significant for both the bride- and groom-to-be. Many couples choose sets that symbolize the closeness of their relationship with matching designs and similar settings, though the choice should still reflect each person's individuality. With many ring sets to choose from, however, it is easy to find beautiful rings that fit the couple's taste and budget.

Cheap Wedding Rings

A ring to mark your marriage needn't be expensive and with a bit of thought and a lot of love even cheap wedding rings can be the most special item of jewelry and one that will be forever close to your heart.

Wedding rings often command a premium for no other reason than they are being targeted at the wedding market. Very similar style rings can be found alongside dress or fashion rings at lower prices. When looking at different styles of rings, there are a few key things that will help you make a perfect choice by getting cheap wedding rings.

Diamond Jewelry Resources

Introduction to Diamond Pendants

When gifting a diamond ring it may seem inappropriate at times. A diamond pendant can be a perfect alternative to occurred moments with rings. Diamond rings has different meanings attached to it and the recipient can get mislead by its implications. Diamond pendants are just as beautiful and are perfect gift for all occasions as diamond is a symbol of love and affection..

Introduction to taking care of your Certified Diamond Stud Earrings

Extra special care has to be taken of your certified diamond stud earring. To maintain a new look you cannot afford to take it easily as just as any other ring. Certified diamond stud earring is valuable as any other expensive piece of jewelry and if you want it to shine and retain its luster - for future years and even passing it down to your children, then it is important to care for your earring and follow some simple yet effective steps to look after it.

A Diamond Necklace is a Perfect Gift

A diamond necklace is the perfect gift whatever the age is, a Diamond Necklace is a stunning piece of Jewelry. Most people used to giving diamond necklaces to those close to them. Diamond necklaces are available in many different shapes and styles. If you are looking for a perfect gift, the most popular choice you will find is the diamond necklace.

Diamond Earrings for All

It is said that gifting a diamond earrings is one that will never go out of style. A magnificent pair of diamond earrings as gifts is a perfect thoughtful gift. Most diamond earrings compliment the dress and they are stunning and fabulous to look at. The reason that diamond earrings have become such a popular gift choice is that they can be given to women and girls alike of all ages. Diamond ear rings can emphasize the features of the lovely face of your loved one.

Stunning Diamond Bracelets

Classic and elegant, diamonds bracelets are the jewelry equivalent of create a lasting impression. Suitable for a range of wardrobes and special occasions, their versatility makes them an excellent addition to any woman's jewelry box. They can be used as a gift for anniversaries to momentous occasion and they are the perfect way to express one's love to another. No matter what your taste in jewelry, we bet you will be able to find a fabulous diamond bracelet.

Introduction to the Diamond Heart Necklace, the Perfect I Love You

Giving your loved one a diamond heart necklace as a gift is like giving her your own heart and life. Diamond heart necklace as a gift have been given there for many years among the rich and the powerful with great success. Like these diamond pendants are absolutely beautiful, this will make the owner special like she deserves. While wearing this to a party or a function, she will stand out in a world of her own.

Engagement Rings Resources

Guide to Engagement Ring

You've given her your heart, now it's time to give her THE ring. We're here to help you select the engagement ring she wants and make the entire process pain-free (and panic-free). The ring, and the promise you're about to make to her, will be one of the most important events in both your lives. Here are some few tips that we have put together that you may find helpful.

Guide to Building an Engagement Ring

While there is a large variety of a both contemporary and traditional engagement ring design available, many couples choose to build an engagement ring that specifically matches their tastes and budget. Before building your own engagement ring, however, you must carefully consider each step of the process to be sure you create a stunning ring that will symbolize your relationship for many years.

Guide to Budgeting for an Engagement Ring

Although it may not sound romantic, budgeting for an engagement ring is an important part of wedding planning. Budgeting for an engagement ring will allow you to carefully consider how your money is spent. Buying your engagement ring online is one of the best ways to stretch your ring budget. How do you budget for an engagement ring, and how can you get the most for your money? Buying an engagement ring will be one of the major purchases you make in your lifetime. You don't want to make a mistake, and you want to spend your money wisely. At the same time, you definitely want a beautiful, quality engagement ring that shows how true your love really is.

Guide to Finding her style and get an engagement ring she'll love

It is said that a woman's engagement ring should reflect her features and style. If you have the time and patience to find her style, picking an engagement ring will be much easier. Again, the point to emphasize is to find out what she wants and hopes to find in her engagement ring. It would do little good to buy a yellow gold engagement ring for a woman who dislikes yellow gold or a large sized diamond for a woman who likes simple elegant diamonds.

Guide to Engagement Ring Costs

One of the most confusing aspects of how to buy an engagement ring is the engagement ring cost. There are many factors that go into the ultimate cost of a ring, and knowing how each one affects the final price can help couples determine which cost fits within their budget.

Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Hearty Congratulations on your decision to get married. It's the perfect time to choose an engagement ring and choosing an engagement ring is a big decision deserving careful consideration. After all, it's a huge financial and emotional investment. The choices are endless, and the availability of numerous engagement ring settings can be overwhelming.

The Beautiful White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is gaining popularity over yellow gold, particularly for wedding and engagement rings. Women, value the beauty of white gold and its tendency to emphasize a diamond's brilliance. White gold engagement rings are as beautiful and timeless as those made of yellow gold. This article will give you an idea about white gold engagement rings before you make your decision.

Guide to the Vintage Engagement Ring

A vintage engagement ring is one that appears to be traditional, antique or historical, though the term "vintage" does not require that the piece be genuinely old. Vintage looking engagement rings are not only unique in appearance, but they are rare options for couples interested in a distinctive engagement ring. For many people, vintage rings are timeless, unique pieces with far more character than modern rings, and vintage pieces often become heirlooms passed down for generations.

Guide to Tension Set Rings

Tension settings are the ultimate in contemporary engagement ring design: they are also known as 'floating diamonds', or 'suspended diamonds', appear magically suspended in their settings. Tension set diamond rings are known for their stunning beauty and these rings have been a favorite among online customers.

Buying the perfect engagement ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to a lifelong relationship. So it should be perfect. It's not just the bling-factor or the price tag that makes an engagement ring perfect.

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a stress-filled experience. You can avoid a lot of this hassle by buying an engagement ring online. Choosing the right engagement ring is a matter of knowing your fiancée and finding what she likes. Here are some tips on how to buy an engagement ring.

The Beautiful White Gold Engagement Rings

A popular ring style is the princess cut diamond engagement ring. After all, symmetry is beautiful, and this is one of the most symmetrical styles out there. This style is well suited for a diamond solitaire engagement ring. A princess cut is a rectangular shaped diamond that looks very attractive because it often has the same brilliance as a round shaped diamond. The clean edges add to the brilliance and wonderful aura of the stone.

The Beauty of Unusual Engagement Rings

"Wow that is a really beautiful but unusual engagement ring!" Maybe it was the setting, or the stone or the design of the band made the ring stand out. What makes unusual engagement rings unusual? it depends on the viewer. For many a people, unusual engagement rings symbolize not only their relationship, but their personality-unconventional, as well. A unique ring can capture the personality of the bride-to-be as well as the couple, and is all the more significant because of its charm.

Guide to Men's Engagement Rings

Today, a revolution is taking place with engagement rings, and men's engagement rings are increasingly popular. Men's engagement rings are just as important as women's. While most women may go for flashier rings with jewels and precious metals, most men will prefer something much more simple and sober. If you take the time and have the patience to think out what kind of ring will suit your fiancé best, you should have no trouble picking out the perfect engagement ring for him.

Finding Gorgeous Inexpensive Engagement Rings:

Guide to Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond engagement ring is part of a much larger decision that goes far beyond jewelry, tradition, or money. The round solitaire diamond is a beautiful classic engagement ring style and chosen by many people. All diamonds have facets, which allow the light to enter it and refract a rainbow of colors, making it brilliant. A better cut will have a great effect on the beauty of the diamond. The princess cut is one of the most recent innovations in diamond jewelry, particularly diamond engagement rings. Princess cut engagement rings are non-traditional but are also classy and stylish.

Guide to Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

With online stores it has never been easier to design your own dream engagement ring. You can browse through thousands of ring selections; dramatically cutting down the amount of time spent shopping. Online shopping will help you to design your own diamond ring as easy and fun and you will find the perfect diamond that symbolize the love you have for each other.

Guide to Modern Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is a beautiful, naturally white metal that is between 90 - 95% pure. This purity makes it completely hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Gold and platinum are the most popular choices when it comes to wedding engagement rings. In recent years, platinum has been making a comeback largely due to its natural beauty and star appeal. Celebrity stars have been seen sporting platinum engagement rings and have remembered the superior quality and beauty of platinum. Platinum is harder than gold and it is sure to last a lifetime. Therefore for lifelong decisions such as engagement and marriage the longevity of platinum makes it an excellent symbol of lifelong commitment.

Have Fun and Build the Perfect Engagement Ring of your Dream

While there are a large variety of both contemporary and traditional engagement ring designs available, many couples choose to build an engagement ring that specifically matches their tastes and budget. Before building your own engagement ring, however, you must carefully consider each step of the process to be sure you create a stunning ring that will symbolize your relationship for many years.

What Should I know when buying an Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring is an important and emotional event for the bride to be. At the same time it should also remain enjoyable and memorable. While the time is "magic," buying an engagement ring requires thought. Should you surprise your intended fiancée or should she help you shop? How much can you really afford, will you know how to judge if the ring is good quality, and will it last through a lifetime of marriage, also one needs to consider types of metal when buying an engagement ring. Generally engagement rings are either gold or platinum. Gold rings are available in white, pink or yellow. Platinum is white, with a somewhat silvery sheen. Platinum is more durable, and often preferred, but is undoubtedly more expensive. White gold can achieve a similar look, at a cheaper price than platinum.

Engagement Rings are the Symbols of Love and Devotion

Engagement rings are symbols of the love, devotion, and commitment a couple shares. The very shape and design of the ring, can bring out additional symbolism that many couples incorporate when they design a ring or select the perfect ring to represent their relationship.

Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings are stunningly beautiful

Rings made of platinum represent the ultimate in luxury and durability and will dazzle her today and survive to shine on your 50th wedding anniversary. Combining platinum with a diamond will create a ring that can last a lifetime, and with care, even become a family heirloom. There are hundreds of styles to choose from for truly distinctive rings, as platinum is growing in popularity.

Elegant Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are considered by some to be the Vein of Love and for couples to physically show their love and devotion to the world. Platinum engagement rings are gorgeous and nothing more is pristine and pure than an engagement ring made of platinum, that's why it works as an engagement symbol.

What Should I know when buying an Engagement Ring?

For couples looking for something a little special, white gold promise rings can be the ideal way to demonstrate their commitment and love. Engagement rings are virtually synonymous with diamond engagement rings, but diamonds are a new addition in the engagement ring tradition. The first engagement rings were primarily used as symbols of eternal love because a ring has no beginning and no end, the wholeness of life.

Buying an Engagement Ring made in Dreams

Engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment to a lifelong relationship. So it should be perfect, it's not just the bling-factor or the price tag that makes an engagement ring perfect. Choosing the right engagement ring is a matter of knowing your fiancée and finding what she likes and say "yes" to your proposal. For that try to find the engagement ring that suits her personality the best.

Tips to Build an Engagement Ring

Building an engagement ring from scratch is a task, which is sure to bear fruits if you have the time and patience for it. Before building your own engagement ring, however, you must carefully consider each step of the process to be sure you create a stunning ring that will symbolize your relationship for many years.

Elegant Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Despite the many designs, settings, and styles available, diamond solitaire engagement rings remains bride-to-be's most popular choice. While it seems simple, a diamond solitaire can still be a unique ring designed to suite any tastes. The statement "less is more" is true with diamond solitaire engagement rings. If you're seeking an engagement ring, plenty of selections are available in online stores

The Beautiful Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum rings are quickly catching up as the popular choice than the traditional gold bands for many reasons. Platinum is brilliant, distinctive, durable, stylish and sophisticated, and a wide range of different wedding ring styles are available for both men and women. Platinum is a rare metal and it's rarity and beauty has made it a status symbol.

The Classic Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings are one of the most popular choices and classic choices around the world in various cultures and religions. While white gold is growing in popularity, yellow gold continues to be the leader when it comes to gold engagement rings. Most online stores will have large selections of Gold engagement rings, and in various price ranges and styles.

Guide to Unique Engagement Rings

Everyone loves to celebrate their one-of-a-kind relationship; unique engagement rings may be just what you are looking for. From gold metals to rings that you design yourself, unique engagement rings are as individual as your relationship. Engagements are full of the promise of a new life together, and many couples want a ring as unique as their love.

Tips for Cheap Engagement Rings

Many men cringe at the thought of a diamond engagement ring because they automatically associate it with a high price tag, but it is possible to purchase a cheap engagement ring without sacrificing quality or beauty. Couples can choose inexpensive engagement rings for a variety of reason, but just because they pay less does not mean they have less beautiful or lower quality rings to symbolize their relationship.

Guide to Engagement Ring Designs

When you begin shopping for a ring, you will realize that there are hundreds of options to consider when selecting the perfect engagement ring design. With so many styles to choose from, how do you know which engagement ring is best? Full of sparkle, glitter, and shine, there are many different diamond ring designs to choose from when selecting the perfect engagement ring. From classic designs to contemporary creations, there are perfect designs to accent any wardrobe or occasion.

Tips for Finding Her Ring Size

You have decided you love your girlfriend and to propose to her, but don't know her ring size. It's not a problem there are several ways to find out her ring size without spoiling the surprise. These tips will help you find her ring size, without her even knowing.

Celebrities and Their Engagement Rings

Society is fascinated with celebrity jewelries from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and tiaras and no pieces are more enticing than the celebrity engagement rings. A celebrity engagement ring not only symbolizes a loving commitment, but also offers the fans an intimate detail about their favorite stars. An engagement ring, after all, is not a Hollywood show up, but mostly an intimate emotional expression of one.

Engagement Ring Shopping

Proposal, Engagement and Marriage are an embarkment upon a lifetime commitment. Commitment demands a sign of your devotion, which is why the circle shaped ring symbolizes eternal love and commitment.

In order to find the perfect piece of engagement ring, many couples turn to online shopping, as retail jewelry stores only offer a limited selection of predictable engagement ring styles. While it may be easy to find a traditional or classic ring, Unusual Engagement Rings or rings with unique settings or uncommon Diamond Shapes are more difficult to locate.

Guide to Engagement Ring Trends

Many women want modern styled engagement rings that are fashionable and timeless. Diamonds are very traditional for engagement rings of course, but more stones are being incorporated to update the look of the most popular precious stone used in rings- diamond. Today's engagement rings have evolved from simple designs to rings with stylish designs and settings to give the ring a stunning look and feel.

Brief History of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have been used for centuries to symbolize love and commitment. Ancient Egyptians, who believed that the ring finger on the left hand contained a vein that went directly to the heart so it's also called as the ' Vein of love'. Today, an engagement ring given by a man to a woman is a sign of their individuality and wholeness in love. Exchanging rings have been practiced in almost all cultures around the world from time immemorial and the shape of the ring-circle symbolizes eternal love and the wholeness of life.

Guide to Engagement Ring Insurance

For most people, an engagement ring is the largest investment they have made thus far in their life. Aside from it's symbolic and emotional value, it also can be expensive just like we insure every other expensive things like cars, home etc. you should insure your engagement ring to cover in case of damage, loss, or theft. Insurance policies can cover damage to your expensive engagement ring such as a warped band, twisted setting, or missing stone. In the case of theft, loss or damage to the ring, the policy holder will make a claim. As with other insurance claims for cars or houses, a report is made to the insurance company. The report and incident is investigated and the claim is paid directly to the policyholder.

Guide to Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

For couples interested in a fabulous and stunning diamond with a traditional look, emerald cut engagement rings are a beautiful and surprisingly affordable option.

Guide to Antique Engagement Rings

Couples now days choose Antique engagement rings for their engagements as engagement rings are a symbol of timeless love and the antique rings are a perfect choice for symbolizing traditional and timeless love for eternity.

Celebrity Engagement Ring Designers

When most people think of designer jewelry, they think of impossibly expensive pieces and out-of-reach standards. Designer wedding bands and engagement rings, however, can be surprisingly easy to find and afford, depending on the designer and the type of ring.

CZ Engagement Rings: Beautiful and Affordable

Most couples looking for a traditionally beautiful ring, but cannot afford a diamond, consider a CZ cubic zirconia engagement ring. CZ rings are clear, sparkling, and less expensive than diamond rings.

Facts about Invisible Set Engagement Rings

Invisible set engagement rings are less-popular but have emerged as the ultimate luxurious engagement ring design that maximizes the brilliance of its diamonds. An invisible set engagement ring gives the illusion of one large gemstone and is done by using numerous smaller gemstones clustered together with no spaces or metals separating the gemstones. When one sees them, the closely set gemstones appear as one big, beautiful stunning gemstone.

Guide to Marquise Engagement Rings and Alternative Gemstones

Marquise engagement rings are a new set of rings which is rapidly growing popular with brie's and diamonds is the choice for most marquise rings. There are others gemstones that are just as stunning, or even more brilliant, than a traditional diamond. Marquise engagement rings are out of the ordinary in as its unique cut and brilliant sparkle isn't something seen on a regular basis. Marquise rings bring in a different look to the ring, so you could try other gemstones as well without bothering about diamond. Birthstones with Marquise Engagement Rings

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings Introduced

The stylish and simple yet sophisticated lines of marquise diamond engagement rings makes them the most popular choices for bridal sets as well as other accented rings and solitaires. Marquis rings are actually named after French nobility. Marquise ring like the French taste are made for a style statement and for it's exquisite looks. Marquis ring designs are based for giving importance to gemstones.

An Introduction to Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings are a perfect and beautiful choice for couples interested in a classic engagement ring design with both vintage and modern appeal. While choosing an engagement ring, the shape of the gemstone is important thing as the shape you choose should compliment your fingers, and not be just a beautiful ring. Gemstone shapes can cause different effects like the oval rings are said to produce a slimming effect.

Guide to Traditional Solitaire Engagement Rings

With the many designs, styles and settings available, diamond solitaire engagement rings remain bride-to-be's most timeless and popular choice. While the diamond solitaire engagement rings may seem traditional and simple, a diamond solitaire can still be a unique ring designed to suite any tastes. Solitaire means "alone" or "single" it shouldn't be a surprise that solitaire engagement rings contain only one gemstone

Introduction to Choosing Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are the best and most popular cut to show off a diamond's best features. Emerald cut is oblong or square with diagonally cut corners, stacked in a terrace formation. The effect is a long sight line that takes advantage of clarity and color. Even though emerald cuts are not as popular as princess radiant cuts or traditional round, you'll enjoy a nice price savings and you can use the extra money to purchase a high quality or larger diamond.

Designer Engagement Rings

Most people love to have that special design that has been created to their very own specifications, makes a special ring even more unique and special. Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful moments in life and you want a perfect ring to capture that moment. Designer engagement rings are expensive starting from thousands to millions of dollars. If you're not financially wealthy? even then there is a designer engagement ring is waiting for you.

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Impress your special person in your life with diamond engagement ring: It is very important that you choose a ring that would express your love best. Nothing can match the beauty of diamond rings. For the special moments, give your love a precious diamond engagement ring that will impress not only her but also her friends & family. Nowadays, it's so easy to shop for your engagement rings online. You can spend as much time as you like browsing online jewelry stores, without having to go from jewelry store to store . At, we have the largest collection of diamond jewelry featuring diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and diamond anniversary ringsdiamond eternity rings, ruby ringsemerald rings and sapphire rings to help you find the one that will make an incredible statement. These rings usually come with many different diamond choices, and each one is stunning and unique in their own way. Find and purchase a glittering diamond engagement ring and make her the center of attention wherever she goes. Always choose the one that she loves the best!

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