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Sapphire History: Today corundums of gemstone quality of all colors except red are called sapphire. Red varieties are called rubies. The various colors of sapphires are qualified by description, green sapphire or yellow sapphire. The coloring agents in blue sapphire are iron and titanium. The color is very stable against light and heat. The most desired color is a cornflower-blue. There is no definite demarcation between ruby and sapphire.

Sapphire Physical Properties: Sapphire Color: Blue in various hues, colorless, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and black; Sapphire Moh's Hardness: 9.0; Sapphire Density: 3.95-4.03; Sapphire Chemical Composition: Aluminium Oxide; Sapphire Transparency: Transparent to Opaque; Sapphire Refractive Index: 1.762-1.788; Sapphire Dispersion: 0.018; Sapphire Pleochroism: Blue; Definite; dark blue, green blue.

Colored Sapphires: These different types of sapphires and their colors are because of traces of titanium, chromium, vanadium and iron found in these gemstones. Each sapphire uses the preface of its color for the name so you have the yellow sapphire, blue pink, purple, green, white and orange sapphire and the red sapphire is of course called as Ruby. One of the most exotic sapphires that come in orange-pink shade is called as Padparadscha sapphire. Learn More About Sapphire Colors.

Sapphire Jewelry | Rings: Sapphires are widely used in rings such as sapphire wedding rings, anniversary rings and wedding rings; also in sapphire earrings; sapphire pendants and sapphire bracelets along with diamonds. We have an inspirational collection of rings with sapphires in platinum and yellow gold. Look for a rich blue color sapphire with a light shade in rings with sapphire and sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire Buying Guide

Sapphire: The "celestial" sapphire, symbol of the heavens, bestower of innocence, truth, good health, and preserver of chastity, is reserved today as the birthstone of September.

Occurence: Other important sources of Sapphire now include Thailand, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and Kenya. The wonderful, rich color of Sapphire combined with its high brilliance and wearability make it an unusually fine choice for any piece of jewelry. This guide defines the five essential characteristics of sapphire quality. By understanding these characteristics, you'll be able to shop with confidence. Print this helpful list and take it with you when shopping so you can choose a beautiful piece of sapphire jewelry.
Sapphire Color: The finest sapphires are considered to be the blue variety-specially those from Burma and Kashmir, which are closest to the pure spectral blue. The Ceylon sapphires are a very pleasing shade of blue, often on the pastel side.

Sapphire Clarity: Clarity refers to the absence of internal flaws or inclusions. Type and placement of flaws are also very important. Sapphires also contain inclusions and even quality sapphires are lightly included. Dark sapphires show less inclusions and light sapphires show more. Jewelry industry prefers moderately included sapphires and that's what we offer.

Sapphire Saturation: Saturation (color purity) is the brightness or vividness (dullness or drabness) of the color. It refers to the degree to which the hue is hidden by brown or gray. Colors with minimum amount of brown or gray are described as vivid or strong. For color purity GIA uses saturation and AGL uses intensity. Saturation can be "highly pure" and "slightly brownish or grayish".

Sapphire Education

Sapphire Cut: Cut effect the depth of color seen in the stone and influence the liveliness projected by the stone. A good cut will enhance stones natural beauty to the fullest. A poor cutter make may make the same stone less desirable, beacause a poor cut will significantly reduce the vividness and alter the depth of the color (saturation), usually producing a stone that is too dark. We offer well cut sapphires in our rings, earrings and bracelets.

Sapphire Size: The common unit of measurement for stones is weight, expressed in carats and decimal parts thereof. Also, remember again not to confuse weight with size. Some stones weigh more than others because stones have different density. Size of stone which can be diameter, or length and width is expressed in millimeters. Our stones are not cut deep to gain weight but are well cut sapphires offering you maximum size.
Sapphire Enhancements: Heating sapphire is a practice that is accepted by the jewelry industry. Sapphires that are not heated are very rare and demand very high prices.
Sapphire's Value: Sapphires which are well cut, cornflower blue colored and have minimum inclusions are most valuable.
Judging Sapphire Color: Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gemological Institute (AGL) divides color into three components: hue, tone (lightness/darkness) and saturation (color purity). This provides a more precise and accurate description of gems. Evaluate gemstone color taking into consideration hue, tone and saturation. Pure, vivid colors are far more desirable than dull, muddy ones. Look for a rich blue color sapphire with a light shade in sapphire rings.

Sapphire Factors

Sapphire Tone: Refers to the depth of color (light or dark). The lighest possible tone is colorless. The darkest is black. Tone is another word for the degree of lightness or darkness. Judging the tone of a stone is difficult because it doesnot display a single, uniform tone. To judge the tone of a stone, examine it face-up and look for areas of light and dark. Sapphiires can have tones: "light-medium," "medium," "medium-dark," and "dark". We prefer sapphires with medium tones and thats what we offer in our rings, bracelets and earrings.
Sapphire Hue: Refers to the basic colors of blue, gren, yellow, orange, red, purple and violet. All sapphires exhibit some other colors (hues) in addition to their basic blue color. To determine the hue, look for the dominant color in the face-up view. When you move the stone in different directions you see the different colors. Australian sapphires have a tint (hue) of green.

Important Factors: Both intensity and tone of color can be significantly affected by the proportioning of the cut. In other words, a good gem cutter working with a fine stone will be able to bring out its inherent beauty to the fullest. A poor cut will significantly reduce the vividness and alter the depth of the color (saturation), usually producing a stone that is too dark. In sapphires a shallow cut might bring more color saturation than a deeper cut. Some stones are cut deep for additional weight and tend to be dark in color. Inclusions are generally more apparent in light- to medium-color sapphires. Since sapphires generally embody some inclusions, look for a sapphire with a darker tone, as the inclusions will be effectively hidden in these darker gems.

Sapphire Rings

Looking for Sapphire in Rings? Sapphire ring has been popular since the Middle Ages. Sapphires are the jewels of royalty - Diana Spencer wore a sapphire engagement ring. The beautiful Gene Tierney wore her elegant sapphire and diamond ring in the classic movie, The Razor's Edge (1946). Sapphire is one of the most durable stones available and comes in an array of colors from yellow and pink to blue. We have a large collection of sapphire engagement rings, sapphire wedding rings, sapphire eternity rings & anniversary rings. We prefer a rich blue color sapphire with a lighter shade in rings with sapphire. View Sapphire and Diamond Rings.  Read our guide to Sapphire Engagement Rings: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

Sapphire Bracelets

A sapphire diamond bracelet is a piece of jewelry that drapes softly around the wrist. Diamond gemstone bracelets are an elegant piece of jewelry that provides a shimmering circle of diamonds and gemstones around the wrist. The proper length of a bracelet will vary with the size of the wrist it is to be worn on. With the bracelet on the wrist, the space between the bracelet and the wrist should be one finger width. If the bracelet is too long it will catch on clothing and can put stress on the hinge joints. If the bracelet is too short, it will not only be uncomfortable and cause damage to the links and joints. View Sapphire Bracelets.

Sapphire Jewelry

Earrings originated in the Middle East in about 2500 BC. Today, earrings are considered part of everyday life that can be worn day or night for every occasion. Earrings can be fun and flirty or sophisticated and stylish. Wives, mothers, daughters, friends. The special woman deserves a special piece of sapphire jewelry, to show your love choose from sapphire earrings and sapphire pendants. Choose from sapphire stud earrings, hoop earrings, drop earrings to mark the most special occasions in life including engagement, wedding and graduations. Today, sapphire has become a symbol of love. View Sapphire Earrings.

Sapphire Care

When you store sapphire jewelry like rings, protection from theft and damage should be a prime consideration. Sapphire can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner or with a soft cloth. Sapphires should be wrapped separately in soft material or placed individually in pouches. Wear jewelry after you are dressed up. Have a professional check your ring every couple of years to check the setting as well as the stones. Everything You Need to Know About Sapphire Eternity Rings. Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Read our guide to Sapphire Engagement Rings: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.


Buying Tips

American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is one of the most recognized authorities on gemstone grading. Enhancements that are not permanent are considered to deceive the customer. Gemstone enhancements considered acceptable should be permanent; not immitated (substitutes); and color altered.


Ruby Education

Ruby is one of the most expensive gem, large rubies being rarer than comparable diamonds. The largest cuttable ruby weighed 400 carat and was found in Burma. Modern brides are embracing rings that highlight richly hued rubies with diamonds. Rings with rubies and diamonds in platinum expresses a woman's unique personality. We have an inspirational collection of ruby rings such as ruby engagement rings, ruby wedding rings and anniversary rings. Add more sparkle with our accompanying ruby earrings, ruby bracelets and pendants. Look for a rich red color ruby with a medium shade rings with ruby. View Ruby Rings | Learn About Rubies.


Emerald Education

Emerald in Rings: Looking for emerald in rings ? John F. Kennedy gave his future bride Jacqueline Bouvier a 2.88 carat diamond and emerald engagement ring from Van Cleef & Arpels. The name emerald derives from Greek smaragdos and means green stone. Emeralds are formed by rising magma & metamorphism. Our emerald jewelry collection includes rings like emerald diamond rings, emerald engagement rings, emerald anniversary rings, emerald wedding bands & three stone rings. View Emerald Rings | Learn About Emeralds.



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