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Sapphire Engagement Ring Guide: Something Blue

Maria Bernard, December 27, 2020

Fancy Colored Sapphire Engagement Rings That Aren't Just Blue

Diamonds, the hardest stone in the world, traditional, forever, a girl's best friend, etc - which is why they are so popular for engagement rings. But what if you are looking beyond a diamond for a gemstone that will last a lifetime? Our experts are here to help you find the gem that is both beautiful and durable enough for daily wear.

Ranking 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, sapphires are one of the hardest stone just behind diamonds, making them amongst the most durable of all the colored gemstones. Less harder stones may look beautiful, but they may not last as long as your love. Which explains why we see so many sapphire engagement rings on the market.

Many couples tend to think of sapphires as the color blue, and the most popular blue sapphire engagement ring in the world has to be Princess Diana�s, now worn by Kate Middleton, with its vibrant deep-blue velvety tone. But did you know that sapphires come in almost every color? With a rainbow of colors and every hue in between; pink, yellow, green and purple sapphire engagement rings are also becoming very popular.

Symbolising faith, purity and blessings, sapphires are believed to offer the wearer protection from envy and harm. While blue is the most popular colour, it comes in a range of hues from white, yellow and green, to peach pink, purple lavender and orange.

Every bride-to-be knows about the old tradition �Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue�.

While diamonds are traditional, forever, a girl's best friend etc. Some women want anything but traditional when it comes to their engagement rings. Sapphires are making a comeback.

If you're the type of bride looking to break tradition with your engagement ring, a sapphire engagement ring is a stunning way to do so. Gemstones have been a major trend in terms of unique engagement rings, largely thanks to Kate Middleton who was given Princess Diana�s 12-carat oval blue sapphire engagement ring with 14 solitaire diamonds in white gold from Prince William in 2010. Such a majestic choice!

Most famously associated with September birthdays, sapphires are special stones that signify truth and loyalty and range in color from royal blue (the most famous of the spectrum) to purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, and even white. Many of the lesser-known sapphire colors are also rare and often designed with various sapphire shades in combination to create an truly distinctive piece of jewelry - perfect for women looking to defy tradition with their engagement ring.

Blue sapphire is by far the most popular. Diamond and blue sapphire rings are among the most safe to wear as an engagement ring.

Rightfully so, as sapphires can add that 'something blue' to any wedding. Additionally, the legends of sapphires make them increasingly more desirable. In ancient times

If you definitely want a traditional diamond engagement ring but like the idea of incorporating sapphires into the design, look for a ring that's just touched with sapphires whether as side stones, a halo, or a single accent stone.

This Victorian-inspired sapphire and diamond engagement ring is guaranteed to make any bride gasp. The midnight blue sapphire is surrounded by round brilliant-cut diamonds that dazzle upon inspection. As part of our vintage-inspired line, each ring is one-of-a-kind and made to order.

In modern day, sapphire engagement rings are associated with wisdom and fidelity, as well as old-world romance. They're the traditional gift for a 45th wedding anniversary.

A sapphire engagement ring can symbolize faithfulness and sincerity. Sapphire rings also tend to be more affordable than diamonds. On average, a one-carat ...

A blue sapphire engagement ring represents a unique personal style, with a vivid colored gemstone instead of a white diamond. Sapphire also symbolizes truth, sincerity and fidelity.

Sapphires that aren't blue (think: pink sapphires and yellow sapphires) are a great option if you want the look of a pink or yellow diamond engagement ring but on a budget.

Our sapphire engagement ring collection includes solitaire, three-stone and multi-stone designs. Choose from attractive blue, pink and yellow sapphire ...

Each alternative & non-traditional engagement ring is custom made in NYC using responsibly sourced gems, conflict free diamonds, and recycled metals.

From deep blue to pretty-in-pink, Sapphire engagement rings are vibrant diamond alternatives that make a distinctive statement.

Make a statement with our sparkling collection of sapphire engagement rings. Browse this stunning alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring in 360� HD views!

Our sapphire engagement rings and bridal sets can be made with peach, green, blue sapphire and more! Tiara Halo Diamond Lavender Pear Shape Sapphire Engagement Ring. Budget. All.

For beautiful sapphire engagement rings click here or images below.


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