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Buying Diamond Jewelry- Shopping at Physical Store vs. Shopping Online

Online Stores vs. Traditional Stores

With the rise of online commerce (eCommerce) and reliable online jewelry stores, the competition has gone from a couple of stores on the main street in your town to the flashy and expensive mall jewelry stores to - now convenient, competitive online jewelry stores where you can find real values. Many people have concerns about buying something as important as a diamond engagement ring (or any other diamond or expensive jewelry) online. However, more stringent security requirements, privacy policies and competition along with the consumer demand eCommerce is becoming more popular, convenient and reliable. Let face it.. eCommerce is here to stay and will grow to be an integral part of our lifestyle just as online banking did since it was introduced 20 years ago. We all have concerns about new things until everyone else has tried it and found it to be reliable. The wisdom is finding out timely enough to get the best values by being a savvy and educated shopper.

At Sndgems, you will only find great jewelry at great prices. No pressure to buy, no e-mail spam and no trading of your personal information. We believed in these policies when we started and we believe in them now. That 's why our loyal customers continue to believe in us with a high loyalty rate.

 Same Product, Better Value

You will benefit from exploring how you can find great products at low prices with a reliable customer service online just as many others like you have begun doing. The days of the monopoly of the expensive mall and main street jewelry stores are over. You do not need cover their high overheads of flashy lighting, glitter, expensive advertising in the high prices you pay.

Low Overheads of Online Stores

Online stores work with large warehouses and concentrate of offering the best value with lowest prices. They do not need to spend on flashy storefronts with expensive leases, impressive decor, store fixtures, lightings, sales staff and expensive advertising to drive buyers to their physical locations. Times have changed. The technology has offered buyers an opportunity to do comparisons of products, prices and overall values in the comfort of their home or with the convenience of their handheld devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. You do not need to blindly trust your family jeweler any longer. Compare his quoted price on the internet with prices being offered by many other reputed stores and decide if he is offering the best value. Reputed jewelry stores and other stores now offer certified products such as certified diamonds. and Don;t forget the headaches of finding a parking spot and struggling with the maddening and time consuming road traffic in most cities.

 Searching on the Search Engines

You should search major online jewelry sites to get a consensus of diamond prices right from your PC. Be sure to use search terms that are very closed to what you are looking for instead of using broad terms. For example using "Certified Diamond Rings" will yield more precise results that searching by just "Jewelry" or "Diamond Jewelry" Buying certified diamond rings is important since widely accepted grading standards are accepted and it pays to stick to the standards.

Buying Certified Diamond Jewelry

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gemological Society) are the most respected institutions that issue reliable diamond grading and appraisal certificates. With online diamond jewelry stores to get your free price quotes, which usually beat mall diamond stores. Some sites even let you save your diamond ring comparison list and come back days later to compare more diamond ring prices and quotes, may be add a platinum wedding ring set, or abandon your cart if you find a better ring on another site.


 Traditional Retail Jewelry Store Advantages:

In retail stores, the biggest advantage is that the jewelry displayed is in front of you to inspect and you can always see the quality and finish of the piece of jewelry, whereas in online stores sometimes the image shown does not represent the exact appearance of the piece of jewelry.

Secondly, if you are an old customer of a retail store, the jeweler will always give you a preference and ensure that you get the best.

Your Advantage with an Online Jewelry Store

Internet has made the world a small place. Beautiful jewelry from many countries and much more variety and beauty ever imagined is available on online stores. If you can get very good quality jewelry at lower prices with more variety in designs, then online jewelry stores are always a better choice. And this is true with many renowned online jewelry websites! Online jewelry buying is becoming more popular as best quality jewelry is just a click away!

You can always browse through different categories and get an idea of jewelry pricing by the details provided alongside the images. This helps in preparing an optimum budget for buying your jewelry and at the right time and at the right price. The jewelry is shipped and brought to your doorstep. Therefore, online shopping for jewelry demonstrates a lot of convenience and a good bargain for time and money. You can view details of jewelry exhibited on an online store at your own pace and comfort.

You can also browse through different categories of jewelry and view details and spend more time in searching through the designs to find what you need. Or you may even find better designs than you ever imagined. It means you can spend as much time at your own convenience in case you don’t get time from your busy schedule to visit a jewelry store. You can even get the required jewelry education online and get to know many facts about jewelry which many jewelers won’t tell you.

You can get much more variety in designs by visiting different online stores and choose the one you like, unlike going to the same retail store again and again to find new designs that have come up.

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