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OUR PHILOSOPHY: From the moment it opened its stores in 1994, Sparkle N Dazzle Jewelers embarked on a never ending quest to fuse the essential timelessness of the diamond with contemporary design movement, flavoring it with iconoclastic verve and a dash of scintillating and sumptuous modern romance. Pushing talisman boundaries of artistry, design and craftsmanship, to honor the rich illustrious heritage of the gemstone and diamond and to celebrate its true natural beauty for the whole world to admire and adore loud, unqualified and long.

The Making of Talisman Miracle: Start out simple! Amulets and talismans are a fast and easy way to focus your magical intentions when worn or carried.  An amulet or talisman is a form of symbolic magic meant to attract influences to (or repel them from) the carrier. Amulets can be man-made, as in the case of a pendant, or natural, such as a rabbit foot or four leaf clover. We carry over 100 amulet pendants & talismans for a wide variety of magical intentions including love, luck, prosperity, fertility, protection and more.

Craftsmanship Philosophy: “In bringing a design concept drawing to fruition as a finished product, the technicians have to pay close attention to a very wide range of issues.”  Behind every such item is a history of technique preserved over time, in addition to the life experiences of the artisans who made it. It exists as a result of a long progression through many pairs of hands. The rock upon which Sparkle N Dazzle Jewelers ability to work through this concept-to-commercialization process stands is – as it has been since the company’s foundation – its solid core of superior technical staff. They are the ones who wrestle with the many problems and challenges that arise along the way to transforming the line drawings and concept images of the designers into the final, finished shape of the product. Tirelessly, often through repeated trial and error, they overcome the hurdles – no matter how high they are – and make the end result their own. It is their spirit of challenge and breakthrough that defines the success of Sparkle N Dazzle Jewelers craftsmanship.

The path that leads to a customer taking delivery of a superior product is a long one, that involves a large number of important steps – from meticulous planning, through rigorous verification and testing, and endless trial and error experimentation by absolute professionals. But the efforts of all of these craftsmen are supported and appreciated by athletes and all who truly love art. In all of this, the true spirit of Sparkle N Dazzle Jewelers can be found.

The Imaginary Nature Collection

explores a mythical world

heightened imagination meets natural beauty

Embarking on a flight of fancy,

traditional style of timeless grace spreads its wings on a journey of exploration.

As the boundless creativity of dreams takes hold,

lines of reality are blurred and a magnificent moment of transformation is conjured.

The exuberant energy of the natural world is harnessed,

allowing remarkable moments of metamorphosis to be observed;

petals disperse and feathers unfold.

Instinctive movement and natural rhythm

release soaring beauty which twists and turns around an admirer, wrapping them in wonder.

World's Most Beautiful

Stroke of a Genius

Stands As A Monument

Timeless and Modern

Vision of the Future

Worldwide Best-Seller

An Overnight Sensation

Synonymous With The Best

Extraordinary Inventions

Inspiration From Paintings

A Delightful Experience

Monument to Elegance

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Most Notable Inventions

A Glittering Display

Sizzling & Glittering

Succulent Expression

Spans Everything

A Source of Inspiration

Famous For Its Heritage

Meetings of Minds

Wonderful Proportions

Duchess of Windsor Castle

A Thread of Intelligence

Instantly Recognizable

Existentialist Looks

Caught In A Flash

World's Most Famous

Romantic & Beautiful

Foremost Monument To Elegance

The Total look

Truism For All Eternity

The Revolutionary

The Legendary

A Brilliant One-Off

An Original

A Whirlwind

Air of Fluidity

Caught In A Breeze

For Maximum Flare Effect

Dreams of Beauty

Fashion Statements

Flowing Light

Ethereal Silhouettes

Swept Of Its Feet

Must-Have Icons

The Midas Touch

Everyone Dreams About

World's At Its Feet

Sizzling Colors


Exclusive & Covetable

Pure & Simple

Sophisticated & Timeless Quality

An Original Idea

An Original Concept

An Original Creation

An Original Approach

An Original Invention

The Atelier

Pieces of Fine Art

Provoked Nature

Wonderful Flair

Mesmerising & Stunning

Collected & Coveted

Glittering Sumptuous Succulent

Extraordinary Skills

Expression of Modern Thinking

The Most Sought After

A Sure-Fire Catcher

A Resolute Favorite

A Phenomenon

Widespread Appeal

Epitomized Simplicity

Epitomized Elegance

Fashion Eternals

The Zeitgeist

A Single Entity

A Perfect Classic

Spread Like Wildfire

Rave Reviews

Simplicity & Modernity

Worn Endlessly

The Design Spectrum

Easily Understood

Sculptural & Memorable

Splendour & Mystery

Avid Admirers

Caught The Imagination

Eponymous Label

Wings of Gucci

Instinctive Label

Sensual Perfection

Collection of Fantasy

A Heartfelt Sentiment

Embodying Gracious Elegance

Like a Talisman

Beauty of Design

Beauty of Craftsmanship

Beauty of Design

Imaginary Nature

Explores A Mythical World Where Heightened Imagination Meets Natural Beauty

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High Jewellery

The Art of Diamond Jewellery

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Make An Appointment

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My Selections

Most Brilliantly Talented

Newsworthy Happenings

Innovative & Predict

Clear-Sighted Boldness

No Excessive Extravagance

Applause/Acclaim Loud, Unqualified, Long

Oasis/Ocean/Mountains of Gorgeousness

Incredible Details

Eternally Wearable

Still Astounds Us

Emblazoned With



Eye View of Proportions

Modern Legends

Says It All

Real, But Discreet

Outspoken Opinions

Synonymous with Exclusivity/Simplicity

Sense of Propriety

Written Best-Sellers

Impeccable Taste

Outlandish Vision

Noted For Its Simplicity

Admirers Everywhere

Echoing Sentiments

Perfect Expressionist

Caught In A Breeze

Blends Into Landscape

Fantastical Creations

Heralded By

Maximum Flare/Glare/Stare Effect

A Natural Beauty

Celebration of Geometry/Shapes/Color/Beauty

Sheer Intoxication of Elegance

Talent of Beauty


En Route To The Moon

Landed On The Moon

In Company of Stars

Stunned The World

Charmed The World

Portrait of Elegance

Elusive Beauty

Breath of Fresh Air

All The glamour

Coveted By Models

The Greatest Work

Speak of Nature/Beauty/Atmosphere/Design/Style/Maestro's Work

The Rareified: Sun-Tossed, and Moon-Lit

A Cataclysmic Effect

Grandly Clashing Colors

Filled With Celestial Musings On All Matters Mystical

Eternally Grateful/Engaging


Thrust Into Limelight

The Verdict Was Unanimous

Inspiration On Display

Artistic Masterpiece

Superluxe, Extravagance

A Miracle of Creation/Inspiration/Transformation

Rupturously Received











Hundreds of Years









Eternal Legends

Modern Legends

Symbols of Eternity

Radiate with Everlasting Diamond Light

vitreous humour

aqueous humour

crystalline humour

albugineous humour


rims of the eyelids

pupil of the eye

visual faculty

fiery beam

image of the sun

power of vision

preamble to perspective

incorporeal power

magnet the images


luminous body


bell clapper sound

snake called lamia seen daily by the rustics attracting itself with fixed gaze

as the magnet attracts iron

the nightingale which with mournful song hastens to her death

basilik power by its glance to deprive of the every living thing

wolf has power by its look to cause men to have hoarse voices

the ostrich and the spider are said to hatch their eggs by looking at them

maidens are said to have power in their eyes to attract to themselves the love of men

the fish called linno, which some name after St. Elmo, which is found off the coast of Sardinia, is not seen at the night by fishermen, shedding light with its eyes over a great quantity ofwater, as though they were two candles

compass of this radiance

lantern tinted green

black centre of the eye

prison of the memory

circle of the light

image of the moon in the east

image of the sun in the west

at this natural point become united and blended together with our hemisphere

unfold so great a wonder

guides the human discourse to the considering of divine things

concourse of its rays

phenomenon may be seen in the concave mirror

pyramidal lines

distance mountain to seem blue



seems to colour its path with the impression of its hue

lighting that moves among dark clouds the speed of its sinous flight make its whole course will seem a ring of flame

organ of perception acts more rapidly than the judgement

movement of water although slow than that of man always seems swifter

the wisps of straw

leaves its image imprinted

eye will retain and preserve better within itself the images of luminous things than of shaded of things

A rod or cord in rapid oscillation appears to be double

eyeball = luce

when a knife is fastened, quivers many times

lord of a lute

the radiance which bursts

object imprinted on the rim of the eye


convex mirrors

the luminous body sends the images of itself to the eye, one goes straight to the pupil, the other two strike upon the convexity of the eyelids and from there leap back

the brilliance that it has imprinted on the eyelid in the form of ray leaps back into the eyeball

image of sun imprinted


spaces interposed between the stars of the heaven

was a real light

a brand of fire

brand of fire in a circle

line of fire

eye preserves shining image

because radiance of star is most enduring

the star moves by the line of the eye

wisp of draw

concourse of the lines


kindle a fire with greater



phenomenon of sun shining on the rain-drops

Brand moved in a circle seems an unbroken circle

have the capacity of diminishing to infinity

the whole circle made in the air

sounds of a voice carries with it all the words spoken

Pictagoras made use in his music

fire assails it

circle to circle just as circles of water

strikes the circumscribibg air

bird beats the air

note of the echo

echo of the sound


Think, then consider

characterstics of light

shape of crescent



eyes of cat

ears of porcupine

nose of greyhound

eyebrows of lion

temples of an old cock

neck of turtle

body of serpent

heads of a mastiff


hedge hogs


birds out of their cages

breast to show it filled with lillies

the horse


flight of birds

movement of the fishtail

butterflies make experiments of this in their descent

fall towards the centre by the shortest way

A flight hover in the wind


tantalizing beauty

lucid expression

votaries of classicm

freedom of expression

represent everything according to nature

Rock of Achievement

ethereal simplicity

shield cut

octagon cut

kite cut

right angled triangle

French King

Spectacle of the blend

not married


left handed writing

Cardinal of Aragon

Origin for Etna's Fire

Metrical Licence

Water winding in wonder-working coil

fables of vulcan's forge

Capricious of Volatile Pridigy

Treasury of Nature

Landscape Backgrounds

Structure of the Human Frame

Inexhaustable Energy

Reveal the ordered continuity

Element Forces

Light of Modern Reasearch

No sinew or leaf would be conventional but taken directly from

The son, not grandson of Nature

Curious Appositeness

The Fruits of his studies

Versatility in Arts

This habit of scientific investigation in inception subsidiary to the practice to the practice of his art

aroused the wonder and admiration of his contemporaries

The sun doesn't move

Rich Harvest


Traversed the whole domain of nature

Discoveries and Observations

Archaic Smile

Conjecture and Prefigurement

Harvest of a Lifetime

Natural Phenomena and close analysis of their laws

Methods of Investigation

Undefined, Ungarnered Knowledge

Outspans the confines of his age

Purely artistic and creativefaculities

Human Spirit

The Outlook, Never theless

Theory of Practice

Artistic Expression

Fused Molten in the flame-heat of Genius


Helen's Love


Sum Up

Ordered Effort

Titanic Energy

I Wish

In Company of

This is arranged

To Work Miracles

Most Beautiful Passages

Flight of Time


Subtlely Divine


Labours dost look

magnetic eye

eye beholds

is both rudder & bridle to the senses

Terrestial Nature



not a step-mother but a compassionate nature

the idea or faculty of the imagination

Truth alone was the daughter of the time

Science is the captain & practice the soldiers

wisdom is the daughter of experience

budding branches

waving corn

ravening lions and wolves

fertile fruitful earth

each new summer

each new spring

new months and new years


Ensign, playing banner blown by the wind

Enhancements and spirits can work and speak without tongues

guide of the foolish multitude

tranquil clearness of the air and transform it into the hue of the night

thunder-claps and lightning-flashes rushing through the darkness

impetus storm to overthrough

Such an art it had the power to enhance the tranquil beauty of gemstone and transform it into pieces of ultimate beauty, to create coruscations and tempests with thunderbolt & lightning flashes rushing

work miracles

lord over all nations

Art has the power to illuminate the tranquil beauty of gemstones and transform it into pieces of ultimate beauty


Sophistical Sciences

Supreme Certainity

Supreme Fools

The Necromancer & Enchanter

Propel Itself Into Life

The buried treasures, the jewels that lie in the body of the earth will also become manifest to him; no lock, no fortess, however impregnable will avail to save

All eternity happen to alchemists, the would-be creators of gold and silver, and to Engineers who think to meak dead water stir itself into life

Span of Life

Design comphrehend the mind of God which embraces the whole universe

Those parts united compose the whole of that thing which ought to be loved

Fragrant fruits or flowers

Works of Nature

Demonstrated by natural instance

Beauty is offpring of love; in order to abridge tranquil beauty of gemstones and radiant diamonds - embrace nature's treasures and jewels and transform a flight of life.

Nature has power to work miracles on the subliminal tranquil beauty of gemstones and rarefied radiant diamonds - manifest, embrace and transform them into ultimate & coveted in beauty world has wintnessed in hundreds of years.

Tendon Binds The Joint of Muscle and Bone

Wings spring from the breast

muscles are fastened upon the bones



movement of fingers

horse has big muscles

horse nostrils

shoulder lower muscles are attached to the bones and are called humerus, and which are attached above other muscles

vessels and nerves of finger

nerves, arteries and veins are not in the centre but on sides of the fingers

muscles are embraced by these veins and nerves

muscles are of two types shorter are called muscle and longer are called lacert

all muscles serve to raise the ribs

convergence of the muscles in the sphine keeps its upright, just as ropes of the ship support its mast; and the same ropes bound to the mast also support in part the edges of ships to which they are joined

Motor muscles called humerus make in the humerus the motor muscles of the arm which cause it to straighten or bend

muscles which merely moves the finger cosmograph


spinal column

head and shoulders

membranes of the joints of the bones start from the muscle of the thigh and of the leg

membranes interposed between tendons and bones


Nature Collections:

Sunset Sun-Tossed Collection

Moon-Lit Collection

Waterfall Collection

Starlight Collection

Landscape Collection

Great Lakes Collection

Amazing Birds Colors & Flight Collection

Nature Nurturing Blooming Flower Collection

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