Emerald's Richness and Sparkle Make It Perfect for Royalty To Decorate Themselves.

The richness and sparkle of emeralds make it suitable for royalty. Generally princess and queens used emeralds to decorate themselves. Thus, it is a gem of high esteem and value.

Historically, emeralds got its color after the Venus, goddess of love. This lush green color gem is also known as the favorite gem of Cleopatra of Egypt between 3,000-1,500 B.C. Indians believes that emerald ring brings good omen and enhances the well-being. That's why; man who constructed Taj Mahal inscribed some texts in emerald and wore them. It is also gained the preference of Indian Maharajahs and Maharanis and constituted a large share of their gem collection. This all says the value and real worth of the gem.

Emerald is a green member of beryl minerals, sapphire is known as its substitute. It is considered as one of the hardest gems after diamond. But, their rarity and appearance make them far costlier than diamonds. Mined mostly in South America and Africa, this gem is now found mainly in Columbia. The Columbian emerald is known for their sparkling green color and make them world famous.

Columbia tops the chart in producing this rare gem called emerald while, it is also mined in other African countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Madagascar. Fine emeralds are also found in the mines of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia. The quality of emerald ranges from country to country. Columbian emerald is the most precious emeralds with its unmatched light and color. They are the most sought emeralds in the international market. Emeralds mined in the parts of Africa are generally darker than Columbian emeralds and has a tint of bluish shade in it. Thus, the value of emerald lies in its color.

Emeralds are considered a sophisticated gem and protect itself from any kind of scratches and marks. Because of its hardness, it becomes really difficult for a gem cutter to give an emerald a shape. Therefore, a unique shape called emerald shape is derived that gives emerald rings a classic touch.

The lush green color of emerald in emerald engagement rings makes it really special and exotic. Emerald has a deep association with nature and springtime as they are also green in their color. The color of emerald also makes it favorable to many religions in the world. In Islam green is an auspicious color and highly esteemed. Green is also the color of out life. It is soothing and gives a sense of freshness to the eyes of beholder.