Want To Everything About Emeralds Before Purchasing Emerald Rings?

Emeralds are among the oldest gemstones in the world. Orignially from Zimbabwe they began to grow 2600 million years ago, whilst some specimens were found in Pakistan that were 9 million years in age.

The gems rich colour does not usually develop until traces of another element are added and in the case of the emerald it is mainly traces of chromium and vanadium that are responsible for that stunning tone of green. Its spiritual meaning of good luck and well being was made sacred by old scriptures of the Indians many centuries ago and they used these precious green stones for these healing properties. 

Gorgeous jewelry can be produced from these beautiful stones and also come in many different forms to suit everyone. In comparison to other stones, the emerald is one of the rarest, although stones such as diamond jewelry will generally be more expensive due to higher demand e.g. diamonds in emerald diamond engagement rings are the no1 advertised gemstone. These beautiful stones represent the traditional birthstone for May and the gemstone regarded as Taurus, Cancer and sometimes Gemini from the zodiac sign chart also.

Emeralds are extremely difficult to cut and set into jewelry, due to their brittleness and crevices which riddle the stone. A skilled gem cutter would most probably find it one of the most difficult to work but also the most rewarding. The rectangular shape that it results in with slanted edges therefore enhances the emerald rings beauty. If the raw material seems to be too difficult for such a shape then it may also be cut into a rounded design such as emerald beads that are most popular in India.

The stones in which are difficult to spot  any surface breaking fissures are extremely rare and therefore a majority of the gems are treated or oiled in order to enhance its apparent clarity. Cedar oil is the most common used in this process and is a generally accepted and traditional routine within the gem trade. Ones which are not acceptable in this trade are processes such as the use of green-tinted oil.

But if you are deciding to buy something containing this beautiful gemstone, be sure to first make sure of its quality. Synthetic emeralds are often referred to as "created", as their gemological and chemical composition is the same as their natural counterparts. There are also very strict regulations as to what can and what cannot be called "synthetic" stone.