The appeal of gemstones is that they make the women wearing them feel as beautiful as they are!

Gemstone jewelry has always been a favorite accessory of women. Diamonds have always been women's best friend, but gemstones are becoming popular because of their radiance, which radiates to the women wearing them. The appeal of gemstones is that they make the women wearing them feel as beautiful as they are.

Gemstone jewelry come in so many variety that sometimes the task of choosing the gemstone is more daunting than the actual task of buying the jewelry. Whether you would be buying gemstone jewelry for yourself or for somebody else, you have to take the time to have a basic knowledge of gemstones and be able to evaluate gems and metals to be able to make a wise purchase or wise investment. You also have to learn to recognize a real gemstone from a synthetic or an imitation. There are gemstones that are very rare, and these rare gemstones are more valuable and an asset than other stones. The appearance of a gemstone is its primary attribute, which determines the price it would sell in the market.

Kinds of Gemstones

There are many kinds of gemstones, the five most popular are the diamonds, pearls, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Before going out and purchasing gemstone jewelry, you must be able to determine if one is fake or real. Know the difference between a glass or a diamond, and faux pearls from real ones. Know what color is a ruby, an emerald or a sapphire.

Diamonds are valued according to their color, clarity, cutting, and carat. If a diamond is more colorless, with lesser or no marks, is beautifully cut, and is larger in size, chances are, it is of best quality and probably would be very expensive.

Pearls, on the other hand, are so varied that seemingly no two are ever the same. Pearls could either be natural or cultured but always be alert that you do not purchase an imitation pearl.

You would always know an emerald from a ruby as an emerald has a green velvety glassy color and texture while a ruby has always been famous as the red gemstone.
Emeralds are fragile as they can break easily and is in need of most care than other gemstones.

Sapphires vary in color to yellow,
blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.

Choosing Your Gemstone

There are still a lot of other kinds of gemstones. Prices could range from very expensive ones to prices which you can generally afford without putting too much dent on your wallet or your credit card. Choose, therefore, gemstone rings according to the size of your wallet or your bank account. Whatever you intend to choose and purchase, the important thing to remember is that the gemstone must be lasting and enduring.

Caring for the Gemstone of Your Choice

If the gemstone needs special care, accordingly, the same care should be given. Exposure to chemicals or sunlight could harm these stones and reduce the value which you highly paid for. Gemstones would always make you feel as beautiful as they are like sapphires in beautiful sapphire rings, vibrant rubies in ruby rings, genuine emeralds in fine emerald rings and that is what you would be paying for.