Satin Finish has a soft brushed, lustrous appearance. It is like a brushed finish, but finer grain than matte. The ultra-fine brush lines hide minor scratches better than the other finishes.

Matte Finish: Wire brush polishing, yields a smooth, but less shiny finish. Matte Finish has a soft, semi-reflective appearance. A frosted, non-shiny surface effect.

Brush Finish: This is a texturing technique used on jewelry metals where a series of tiny parallel lines are scratched on the surface with a wire brush to give a brush finish.

Important Queries

High polish finish is the brightest, most reflective finish available. We polish in five progressive stages to reach a high luster similar in appearance to platinum. A traditional shiny finish. This is our standard finish that comes on all bands unless otherwise noted in the specific ring description. We charge $25 for special finishes.


Hammer Finish

A hand-wrought look which uses the round end of a ball peen hammer to texture the band surface.


Florentine Finish

A hammered finish where texture lines flow around, across or diagonally.