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A platinum chain or bracelet adds style to anything she wears. Chains and bracelets go with everything. A fine platinum chain will add just a touch of shine. Consider giving her a 18-inch, platinum chain to add an element of visual interest to her wardrobe. When selecting a chain or pendant, consider that the length will determine where it will lie on her chest. Remember that longer lengths accentuate the bust while shorter lengths feature the beautiful lines of her neck. Bracelets are usually worn on occasions when she isn't working with her hands. Even when not working, a bracelet's proximity to the hands causes it to get bumped and banged, so it must be very durable. Jewelry designers take this into account, so you can be sure the bracelet you choose will last. Bracelets are available in different lengths. So before you purchase, be sure to measure one of her other bracelets to be sure she doesn't need a special length. You'll find a variety of chain designs, like the traditional snake or wheat chain, in a variety of metals like platinum and platinum & 18k gold.

Platinum Chains Bracelets: Platinum 950 (95% Platinum 5% Iridium) | Made in Italy

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PTITALY30-8.0: Platinum Bracelet imported from Italy 13 mm Wide and 8.0" Long for $5925.00

PTITALY29-7.25: Platinum Bracelet imported from Italy 5.5 mm Wide and 7.25" Long for $6862.00

PTITALY31-8.0: Platinum Bracelet imported from Italy 6.2 mm Wide and 8.0" Long for $6562.00

PTITALY32-8.0: Platinum Bracelet imported from Italy 3.5 mm Wide and 8.0" Long for $7762.00

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