Ruby Anniversary Gifts for the Next Generation

Anyone celebrating their 40th anniversary around now would have been tying the knot during the late 1960s, a heady and evocative time in popular culture. For the gift buyer, this throws up some magnificent ruby anniversary gift ideas, maybe even giving you the opportunity to remind the couple of the original meaning of swinging after 40 years of devotion.

Joking aside, the fact that a marriage has lasted four decades really is cause for celebration. For longer than most of the family members can remember, the couple have been there. Maybe they are an integral part of the clan, or perhaps they're only seen at Christmas but never miss a birthday. Whatever your relationship, it's time to celebrate their union with a wonderful ruby anniversary gift.

No doubt as the anniversary approaches, the couple will be thinking of the day, forty years ago, giggling at the fashions and humming the tunes. Why not blow the dust off their memories with something to really bring the period to life? A copy of the Times from the day of the wedding, for example, will make a fascinating read. Or how about a compilation of hit singles from the year? And for those who cashed in their sixpences when decimalisation came in, a framed set of coins that were in circulation in the 60s is sure to delight.

Of course, not all couples have their feet rooted in the period of their marriage. Some are still plucking today's cultural treasures as they emerge. A fitting gift idea for these hep cats might be tickets to a dazzling West End show. You could even combine it with a meal in a London restaurant. If nothing else it will stop them taking a packed lunch into the theatre; Spamalot should not be taken literally.

Experiences need not be limited to terra firma, either. Breathtaking balloon flights over the British countryside and romantic boat trips down the Thames make gifts to remember. You purchase the personalised tickets and the couple can book a day of their choosing a ideal for those with a busy life but a need to relax in each other's company.

A browse around the net for 40th wedding anniversary gifts will no doubt throw up some terrific ideas to celebrate the day. The gift doesn't have to refer to the past or the present, of course. There's nothing wrong with a simple bottle of champagne and some celebratory flutes, or some quality spirits for the couple to savour. Quirky or traditional, as long as the gift is focused on the couple, it will blow them away. Man.