Known to be the symbol of eternal love, the fiery and emotional ruby is usually presented as a gift for couples celebrating their 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. Although rubies come in different shades of red - from orange-red, pinkish, to purple-red - the most valuable form come in a deep red shade.

Common Locations of Rubies

Mining for rubies started some 2,500 years ago, and to this date, ruby mining is still being undertaken in some parts of Asia such as Thailand and Burma, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the United States. But Burma, now known as Myanmar, is the most well-known source of fine rubies. Studies have shown that ruby mining in Burma could be traced way back into the Stone Age and Bronze Age, as proven by tools found in the Mogok mining area. Thailand, on the other hand, is considered today as the most important trading center in the world when it comes to ruby trading. There have also been discoveries of rubies in some areas in Vietnam and most recently in Madagascar.

Myths and Rubies

In the ancient Sanskrit language, ruby is called ratnaraj translated as "king of gemstones." Ancient Hindus believe that it is the "Lord of all Gems."

Also known as the birthstone of those born in the month of July, and in some studies those under the zodiac Capricorn; ruby is not only regarded as a symbol of eternal love.

Out of the many myths and legends surrounding its brilliance, the one that stuck the most to lovers of this lasting gemstone is the one that said one should always be appreciative of rubies because they become lackluster when neglected, overlooked or unloved. In a word, you personify its symbolism, and its importance is revered in your relationship with it.

Sovereigns or crowned heads turned to rubies for help in predicting and consequently preventing impending danger. Royalties kept rubies in their possession to protect them against vulnerability. They believed that the stone turns dark in color when imminent danger is at hand and returns to its original shade when the threat is gone.

It is likewise believed that any one who wears ruby ring is given good health, wealth, wisdom, and luck in love and can live peacefully amongst his enemies. This is probably one of the reasons why this gemstone has been regarded as one of the most cherished gems in history. Even today, rubies are viewed as more precious and rare than diamonds.

Its inherent eternal flame, its brilliance, the way the shade of red is refracted on each facet of the stone, giving a different red every time you turn it towards the sun, and the rich legend surrounding it; these are only some of the finest qualities of ruby that make it precious and rare. This is why some true-blue romantics prefer it over diamonds. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, and yes, they may spell forever, but forever does not cross over to eternity. A ruby's eternal flame does.