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Rope Chain: It's sturdy especially compared to hollow rope chain and flat chains like the herringbone. The thicker the chain, the stronger it is. It's ideal for suspending pendants and charms. However, heavier the pendant, the thicker the chain should be. Eventhough it can be repaired to look like new, it's not easy to repair as a solid link chain. Hand-made rope however is easier to repair than the machine-made type.

Diamond Cut Rope Chain: The tiny flat surfaces on the chain reflect light like the facets of a gemstone and give the chain a brighter look. The process of cutting these surfaces is called diamond cutting. Since diamond-cut rope sparkles more than the standard rope, it tends to sell better. Some jewelers have had customers complain that diamond-cut rope snags their clothes. Other jewelers say their customers are pleased with it. The cause of this discrepency is probably that the chains are made by different companies. Part of the problem may be the use of old instead of new diamonds to cut their facets. When buying diamond-cut rope, brush it with your clothing and run lightly through your fingers to see if it snags or scratches.

Chain Types

Box Chain: Most of the box chains in the market are small and lightweight. As its name indicates, this chain looks like a line of little boxes linked together. It's most frequently used to hang pendants and charms. Naturally, the thicker the box link will be, the stronger the chain will be.

Due to its flat surfaces which reflect light, box chain may look brighter than some other small chains. Box chain might break if it is very thin, and some of it does not allow pendants to roll as easily as a rope or cable chain.

Flat Chain: The most popular flat chain on the market is the herringbone. Some jewelers won't stock it as it kinks so easily. It offers a big look at low price. The flatness of the chain makes it wider than other types of chain of the same weight and price. It often looks shiner than rope and link chain. This is due to light reflecting off a broader surface area. It's available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. It's not durable. It's not a good chain for pendant. It is hard to repair it properly.

Chain Types

Link Chain: Solid-link chains get the highest rating from jewelers and chain dealers alike. Link chain comes in wide variety of styles. One that is particularly popular in anchor chain. Virtually, it is often refered to the Gucci chain. Another popular link chain is the figaro. It usually has an alternating pattern of one large and three small lnks. Linl chain s also comes in wide variety of sizes- from the small, basic chain termed cable to striking jumbo necklaces and bracelets. Normally the thicker the link the stronger itis, provided it is solid and well soldered. A link chain that has been twisted about 85 degrees and then flattened is often called a curb link.

Handmade Rope Chain: Considering its complexity, handmade rope is relatively inexpensive. There are various qualities of handmade rope. A high quality 14k rope will have: A good way to compare the weave is to twist rope slightly. A loosely assembled rope will untwist to a larger length than one which is tighter. It' strong and a good chain for pendants. I's easy to repair and it's flexible and hangs nicely.

Chain Guide

Choosing the right chain or necklace isn't hard. Several factors steer this decision, including age, body shape and body composition.


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