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Diamonds are sold by the carat (ct)-not to be confused with karat (kt), which refers to gold quality in the Unites States. Once you've determined what cut, color, and clarity grade you're looking for in a diamond, it's easy to determine the carat weight of diamond that will fit within your budget.
As a rule, the price increases per carat as we go from smaller to larger stones, since the larger stones are more limited in supply. As you will see, the price of a diamond does not increase proportionally-there are disproportionate jumps. And larger the stone (all else being equal in terms of overall quality), more disproportionate the increase in cost per carat may be. A 2-carat stone would cost four times as much as a 1-carat stone and not twice.

To choose the best carat weight of diamond, consider her style, the size of her finger, the size of your setting, and your budget.

If you have a set budget, explore all your options and you'll find that there is a wide range of diamond carat weights and qualities available in your price range.

If your recipient is very active or not used to wearing jewelry, she may find herself bumping or nicking her new ring. Consider a smaller size diamond or a setting that protects a larger diamond from getting knocked against doors and counters.

Also keep in mind that the smaller the finger, the larger the diamond will appear. A 1½-carat diamond solitaire looks much larger on a size 4 finger than a size 8.

If you have already chosen a setting, to make sure you choose a diamond to fit, look for the diamond size specifications of your ring in the product catalog or ask your Sndgems.com customer service associate what size diamond you should look for.

Finally, if a large carat weight is important to you, yet you're working within a budget, consider a diamond with a good cut, SI1–SI2 clarity, and an I of J color grade.

But the best way to determine what size is best is by getting an idea of what she is expecting. If you plan carefully, you can get some answers without even raising her suspicions.

Diamond Clarity

Diamonds that are absolutely clean are very much in demand and are therefore the most expensive. View Details.


Diamond Color

We think color is one is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a diamond because it is one of the first things most people notice-whether or not the diamond is "white". View Details.


Diamond Cut

In its natural state, a diamond's beauty is generally concealed. While nature determines a diamond's color, clarity, and carat weight, the hand of a master craftsman is needed to release its fire and beauty. View Details.