Buying Pendants

This luxury gift is a must for jewelry lovers. These slide pendants are beautiful, timeless and classic. Sell them with romance, and they're sure to win a loved one's heart all over again.

Have a Heart! Love doesn't end on Valentine's Day. Neither does heart jewelry. The vitality of romance abounds through spring and summer. Heart-shaped pendants are a particularly popular way to say "I give you my heart." Some hearts are interpreted in clean, streamlined versions. Some are puffed to a third dimension. Still others are wrapped in basket weave. They come in platinum and all colors of gold, and many have diamond accents.

Whether it's a few stark sparks or covered in pavé, there's a diamond heart to excite anyone. And remember the heart conveys loving wishes throughout the year, so when a customer looks in your showcase this summer, don't be caught half-hearted.

Diamond Slides

Diamond Slide: Whether round or fancy cuts on an omega or other chain, this style offers your customers many choices and you many sales opportunities. Adaptability is a main attraction of the diamond slide pendant. Traditionally, these were worn only on an omega, but now they’re found on any type of chain.

In addition to different chain types, slide pendants are available with all shapes and sizes of diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds still reign supreme, followed by princess cuts and radiants. Pear and trillion shapes are popular also and are easy to design around, The best-sellers feature a center diamond from 0.5 to 3 carats with smaller accent diamonds in platinum or high-karat gold. Look for diamond slide pendants on a chain, and know how the chain passes through the pendant rather than a bail. Also be sure the pendant’s opening is big enough to accommodate whatever chain it will be paired with.

Solitaire Pentants

Solitaire Pendant: The understated simplicity of the diamond solitaire necklace has made it a fashion classic. It is truly the little black dress of jewelry, right for a variety of occasions from day to evening. Depending on taste and budget, there is a wide range of styles available, including modern bezel settings on delicate yellow or white gold chains.

Quietly elegant, these fashion basics can be worn with other jewelry--a strand of pearls, diamond solitaire necklace, even a gold chain--or on their own. If you lean toward the classic, look for round diamond studs of a quarter carat or more. Updated shape and style variations include square princess cut diamonds, pearl studs with diamond accents or delicate diamond flowers and stars.

Three Stone Pendants

Three-stone diamond jewelry goes beyond the anniversary ring. If three-stone rings are a good idea, then so are three-stone necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins. That’s the thrust of a new Diamond Promotion Service campaign that follows on the heels of the successful effort supporting three-stone diamond anniversary rings. Holidays, births, special birthdays and new jobs are all suitable occasions.

Looking for Pendants

This luxury gift is a must for jewelry lovers. To shop for pendants Click Here.

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