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Website Security

If a Web site doesn't have their security set up properly, your credit card information could be seen by any hacker who cares to look at it. However, if the site's security is set up correctly, there should never be a problem with you credit card information falling into the wrong hands. Let's go over a few simple rules of thumb that you can use to protect yourself when buying on the Internet. The first you should NEVER do is send a credit card number through Email. It would be extremely easy for a knowledgeable hacker to intercept an Email message--which would be very bad if it contained information like your credit card number. If a site wants you to buy something by sending your credit card number to them through Email, just keep on shopping. It's not worth the risk. The second thing you should never do is enter credit card information into a form on a Web site unless they tell you that the form (or site) is secure. Although you can't really tell if they're telling the truth or not, they usually are.

Security Analysis

A better way to tell if a form really is secure is by looking at the address bar in your browser (see the picture below). When you're looking at the form where you're supposed to enter your credit card number, the address should begin with "https://", not "http://". That little letter "s" in there means that the information that you're sending the site through the form is encrypted, which means that even if someone intercepts the information, they won't be able to do anything with it. Any questions regarding our virtual secured web server could be directed to support@icom.com . Usually, shopping on the Web is much safer than shopping over the phone, or even through the mail. There's a much smaller chance that a telephone operator or a waiter will write down your credit card number and then sell it, or that a store will throw out a receipt and someone will dig through the store's garbage to find it. Especially if you keep the rules just mentioned in mind, you'll most likely have a very good experience shopping over the Internet.

Security Measures

We use only the most advanced technology to protect the information that’s important to you. Our secure server software, Secure Socket Layer (which is supported by Netscape 2.0+, Microsoft IE 3.0+ and most frames-enabled browsers) keeps all of your personal information, including your credit card number, name, address and email address, totally safe from unauthorized access. Once you begin a transaction, the rest of your visit will take place on our secure server. If you are using either Netscape or Microsoft browsers, a small key or padlock will appear in the bottom right corner of your browser, reminding you of the security of your transaction. Should unauthorized use of your credit card occur, most banks cover all charges resulting from the unauthorized use or may limit your liability to just $50.

Website Security

Probably the biggest concern most Internet shoppers have is safety--and with good reason.

Credit Card Safety

However, in the event that your bank should hold you liable, FreeShop will cover your liability up to $50 providing that the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made at FreeShop while using the secure server. Sparkle N Dazzle Co. is an authorized participant in MasterCard's Shop Smart! program and provides today's best available means to safeguard your transactions. Lets check out one of our secured ordering pages. If it is secure the lock or padlock should close. Click here to go to one of our secured ordering page.

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