Gemstones have mesmerized and enticed people for centuries. Legends have developed throughout the world and followed these gemstones until today. These legends and stories have only served to intensify the interest with which these gemstones have been followed. Gemstone engagement rings have been growing in popularity for past many years and have gradually replaced diamonds to larger extent. Diamonds are valued because they are rare but certain gemstones are even rarer. Varieties of colors, shape and sizes are available to the couples when they opt for gemstones to enhance the look of the ring. But the couples should consider a particular stone for its unique quality and select the one as per their taste.

Cost of gemstone engagement rings is usually way below and within budget of average buyers, which is an added advantage to the couples, apart from the choice of colors.

The stones are also popular as birthstones. So, you can set a birthstone of the bride-to-be on the ring.

If you are looking for an alternative to diamond engagement rings, then emerald is usually the choice as the stone is not only historic but matches the hardness of diamond and is rare also. Emerald can be picked up for its green color and different shades of it. Pearl also can be picked up safely for its unique shine and look. Opt for the cultured and natural pearls for their hardness.

The couples who are searching for a gemstone that has both the hardness for durability purpose and at the same time it is associated with royalty, they can settle for blue sapphire stone. This stone is rarer than diamond and adds value to the ring. Pink sapphire stone comes in different shades including bright hot pink and pale one. The couples can search for its rare varieties as well. if you are looking for the stones that look equally good on different settings, then yellow sapphire stones can be suggested for the purpose.

Ruby is another stone that is popular for gemstone engagement rings around the world. The stone was discovered in 1967 and immediately was valued for its unique values. Ruby is red or pink in color. But it is a softer stone and demands a careful setting to adequately protect it from damages.

For a fancier gemstone, you should opt for purple sapphire that changes color when exposed to different lighting conditions. This stone even gives the impression of two different stones sometimes under the lights. Rainbow sapphire also is increasingly gaining in popularity for its fancy colors.

If the couples search around for the stones that are known for spirituality, purity and sincerity, then amethyst engagement ring can be relied on. Many religious activities are also associated with the stone.

Are you fond of blue stones? Then, many shades of blue color can be ensured when you go shopping for turquoise stones engagement rings. The historic stone comes in shades of sky-blue, robin's egg blue, blue-green, grayish green or green. For wellbeing, optimism and faithfulness, a couple can pick up aquamarine stone.

To conclude, gemstone engagement rings are the option when the couples are searching for a colorful stone. But they must compare the prices as well in the competitive online market.