Want To Know Everything About Spotting Fake Vintage Jewelry

In today's vintage jewelry market, there are many unscrupulous jewelry dealers hoping to make a quick buck off of an unsuspecting collector by selling them a fake piece of jewelry at authentic prices. And with the high-quality fake materials being used to mass produce these fake pieces that are being found on the market today, it can be very hard to tell which pieces are real and which ones are frauds.

With so many reproductions on the market, it can even be hard for professionals to tell the real pieces of vintage jewelry from the frauds. How then can a novice size up a piece of jewelry to be sure that they are purchasing the real thing? Here's how:

  • Always question a good bargain. In most cases, a deal that seems too good to be true really is too good to be true. So, before you make an emotional purchase and snatch up a beautiful piece of jewelry at an unbelievable price, stop to think that what you see, or what you think you see, might not be what you are actually getting.

  • Do your homework. Online there are dozens of sites that post pictures and descriptions of known frauds that are being mass produced and sold as authentic pieces. If you tend to purchase pieces from a certain time period or style, be sure that you are familiar with the scams that are out there before you go shopping.
  • Be aware that there will be unsigned pieces of jewelry that almost look exactly like the real thing. These pieces were often created at the same time as the original by competing jewelers. While the materials used to make these pieces may be real, the "knockoff" is not worth as much as the original and the price should reflect this.
  • Never trust that all the information that a dealer gives you is correct. Even dealers receive false information and can pass it along to their consumers unintentionally.

Remember, the most important thing that you can do to prevent being duped at the vintage jewelry counter is to make yourself aware of what's out there and how to tell the real pieces from the frauds. Taking just a little bit of time to do your homework before you go shopping can save you a great deal of hassle and headache in the long run.