Want To Know Everything About Spotting Fake Gold Jewelry & Avoiding Jewelry Fraud

Times have changed in the world that we all live in and one thing that has changed is that counterfeit jewelry is far more difficult to spot then it used to be. Just about everything that can be counterfeited, is being counterfeited now and the quality of the fake products is higher than it has ever been before.

Fake plated gold jewelry that is stamped 14K or 18K is nothing new any more, so you have to be aware of it. That also goes for anything that has a stamp of legitimacy on it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to manufacture a fake stamp, so they are out there. Almost without exception, fake gold jewelry will be presented in a brand new counterfeit jewelry box along with a fake story of how it came into the sellers possession.

If you are even willing to waste your time talking to someone on a city street that comes up to you with a gold chain in a box with a story you should tell them to accompany you to a jewelry store to have it legitimized before you buy it. They wont. Another counterfeit item that is commonly floating around is fake Rolex watches. They come in both ladies and mens sizes and they too will come in a legitimate looking box.

These are easy to spot, because the second hand on them "ticks" while a real Rolex second hand "sweeps". If the watch isn't running, so you can tell, that is an even further giveaway, because Rolex watches aren't battery operated. Con artists are clever and don't think that just because it is a "nice old lady" that that speaks to the legitimacy of the item in the least bit. If they are asking a ridiculously low price, you have to ask yourself why.