Want To Know Everything About Identifying Real Diamonds From Fake Diamonds

How are diamonds made? Well, under natural circumstances, it takes putting carbon under pressure millions of years to create a diamond. This is why diamonds are so expensive to purchase. Fortunately, man is no longer confided to waiting for nature to create diamonds. Diamonds made by man can be created much faster and the quality is higher than ever before. In fact, a layman may now find it hard to tell the difference between a fake diamond from a real one.

Fake Diamonds – Spot a Counterfeit Diamond

Here are some easy tips you can use to determine fake diamond - or real?

Ask. Ask the salesman straight out if the diamond you are looking at is a fake or real. A reputable salesman will give you an honest answer.

Wear and Tear. Real diamonds are almost indestructible. If you seek chips or scratches on the gem, chances are your diamond is made by man and not nature.

Documentation. Ask for a certificate from the Gemological Institution of America. The GIA is the largest diamond grading authority in the world.

Appraisal. Take the diamond to a certified diamond appraiser. While the naked eye may not be able to distinguish between a real diamond and fake one, appraisers have the tools needed to tell the difference.

Setting. Look at the quality of the setting. If the diamond is fake, there is a higher chance the setting will be of poor quality than if the diamond is real.

Fake or real, a beautifully cut diamond in a dazzling setting can be a real eye catcher. The trick is not to pay more for your diamond, fake or real, than it is really worth. By taking the proper precautions to know what you are buying, you can enjoy your diamond purchase without regrets.