The beauty of an immaculate sapphire cannot be described. This precious gemstone comes in colors of the blue of the evening or the distant blue of the horizon or the sky at sunset, and casts a spell on us, luring enchantingly. This gemstone comes in various other colors like pink, orange, purple, and yellow.

These mesmerizing gems are loved by all and are one of the most favorite gemstones used in jewelry. The color of a sapphire is associated with harmony, friendship, loyalty, love, longing, and reliability, all symbolizing a beautiful everlasting relationship. This is precisely the reason why many women consider a sapphire ring as a good omen to wear as their engagement ring.

A sapphire ring is loved universally for its durability and quality and is a favorite of not only the wearers, but also gem specialists. It is considered to be next only to the diamond in hardness. Sapphires are easy to take care of and are not delicate, although sapphire rings exude a misleading delicacy when worn on the finger.

Sapphire rings are available in enchanting designs. There are rings available with all colors of the sapphire and also set with other gems. A beautifully sparkling sapphire goes very well with precious gemstones like diamond, opal, aquamarine etc to create a ring. These sapphire rings look good when set in all precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver. A sapphire ring is said to be especially for a woman who is well balanced and is always willing to take on new challenges.

The quality of a sapphire ring depends on how well the gem cutter brings out the color of the stone. From every angle they bring out various colors. There are so many choices that it is difficult to choose. The value of the sapphire ring depends on the size, color, and transparency, while the origin of the sapphire also plays an important role. Rings made of untreated sapphires are very popular, in spite of the cost involved.

Sapphire is the birthstone of people born in September and is associated with the planet Venus. Wearing a ring made of sapphire is believed to bring luck to those whose birthstone it is.

Jewelers make sapphire rings for both men and women as there is a demand for it. A sapphire ring makes a beautiful gift for both genders and on any occasion. A sapphire ring as an engagement ring gives the bride a hope for the long beautiful journey of her life with her beloved.