The word 'jewelry' definitely produces a spark in our minds and the thoughts of bright, dazzling jewelry start haunting us. Gold (also popularly referred to as the 'yellow metal') has dominated the world of jewelry. However, with the change in times the concept of jewelry has changed too.

Virtually every type of valuable metal and stone has its advocates in jewelry. Diamonds are especially popular, spawning the saying and Marilyn Monroe's song about the relationship between girls and that particular gem. Despite the widespread use of sapphires, its historical use is quite a bit more convoluted.

While there is considerable debate on the birth of sapphires and its use in jewelry, historians believe that sapphires were not known until the Roman Empire. The name sapphire comes from the Hebrew word "sapphiros" which meant blue gem, a term used long before the Roman Empire. Another interesting myth to uncover would be how the Persians came to believe that the planet itself actually rests on a huge sapphire.

Sapphire jewelry can be found in a variety of colors. Sapphire is in fact a very important gemstone found in gemstone jewelry. Sapphire, in its natural form, is blue in appearance. However, other colors like black, brown etc are also found. Sapphire jewelry offers you a variety of colors like purple, blue, grey etc.

Amazingly, some sapphires even change in color depending on their surroundings. There are many kinds of sapphire jewelry: bracelets, earrings, studs, pendants, rings, and more. These come in all kinds of colors, shapes, patterns and designs, such that you should be able to find jewelry using sapphires to fit any outfit or occasion.

Take for example,a sapphire pendant made of white gold.The exotic purple of the sapphire is complimented by the refined elegance of the white gold pendant.Who wouldn't compliment you when you are wearing a pair of dazzling pink sapphire earrings or an elegant blue sapphire ring?Sapphire ring adds elegance and style to your wardrobe.You can find great deals on sapphire jewelry of all types in popular online jewelry shops and well known jewelry studios.

Your sapphire jewelry will have a much longer life if you give it proper care. Cleaning of the sapphire gemstone is an important step for preserving its beauty and longevity. To clean the gemstone, use a soft brush (a soft toothbrush is preferable) and a diluted solution of ammonia.