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Sndgems jewelry guides are easy to use, interesting and helpful guide to buying jewelry onle. Our jewelry guides are indispensable guide to judging jewelry characterstics, distinguishing genuine from imitation, making wise choices, useful to all type of consumers, from professional jewelry to online searchers.  Our diamond guides help everyone in viewing diamonds as gemologists, diamond experts, diamond dealers, experienced lapidaries, diamond buyers and online customers.  Our diamond guides dissects each aspect of diamond value in detail with a wealth of diamond grading information. Our gemstone guides help everyone in viewing colored gemstones as gemologists, gem dealers, experienced lapidaries, gem buyers and online customers.  Our gemstone guides dissects each aspect of ruby, sapphire, ruby value in detail with a wealth of gemstone grading information. Our guides offers step-by-step instructions for how to examine and judge the quality and craftsmanship and materials even if you dont know anything about jewelry.  If you're thinking of buying jewelry online this guide is a best place to start.  Our guides will help you to know about jewelry details such as finishes, settings, flaws and fakes. Our guides cover diamonds, gemstones, jewelry craftsmanship, treatments, diamond and gems sources, appraisals. There is something for everyone.


Purchasing Rubies on the Internet

When judging rubies from photographs, one can separate then into two main characters – the Mild and the Wild. With this short-cut, we will be able to extract some basic rules for an otherwise unmanageable multitude of ruby varieties.

Know Your Precious Gemstones

Gemstones are described by gemologists using technical specifications. Gems have refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, and lustre. Some minerals that are too soft to be generally applied in jewelry may still be considered a gemstone because of their remarkable color, lustre or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Crystals and gemstones are a marvel of nature- in there perfect geometrical structures. Only five types of gemstones were considered precious: diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst.

Ruby  July's Gemstone of Hot & Spicy Fun

Ruby is a semi-precious gemstone frequently incorporated into some of the most modern, beautiful handmade jewelry in the world. Ruby is most often found in shades of opaque or translucent red, and is widely recognized as the July Birthstone as well as the gemstone for the 15th and 40th anniversaries.

Ruby - The Eternal Flame

Known to be the symbol of eternal love, the fiery and emotional ruby is usually presented as a gift for couples celebrating their 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. Although rubies come in different shades of red - from orange-red, pinkish, to purple-red - the most valuable form come in a deep red shade.

Ruby Anniversary Gifts for the Swinging Generation

Anyone celebrating their 40th anniversary around now would have been tying the knot during the late 1960s, a heady and evocative time in popular culture. For the gift buyer, this throws up some magnificent ruby ring anniversary gift ideas, maybe even giving you the opportunity to remind the couple of the original meaning of swinging after 40 years of devotion.

Ruby as Jewelry Gemstone

Rubies are the stones of folklore and mystery. Often fiery red and reflecting an extraordinary depth of color, ruby rings are said to resemble the heart and is able inspire the passions of love. This stone is often associated with masculinity and strength though it is said to also represent passion and strength in women..

Ruby Jewelry

Romance and ruby jewelry go hand in hand. As a true sign of love and passion, it is a must gift for your beloved, a perfect way to say you care for her. Preferably, it comes in red color but nowadays, it is also gaining popularity in pink, purple and brown colors too. Moreover, ruby rings are also used as wedding jewelry these days.

Sapphires, Rubies, And Emeralds: How Colored Gemstones Are Valued

The colors of the rainbow caught forever in glittering jewels that take your breath away. Colored gemstones can rival diamonds for their beauty but how are they valued?

Even though sapphires, rubies and emeralds differ in color and weight for example, there is a consistency in how they are valued. And that includes lesser known gemstones like tourmaline, alexandrite, peridots, and garnets as well. The four characteristics that determine value in a colored gemstones are color, clarity, cut, and carats, but the most important is color, color, and more color.

Star Sapphires and Rubies

Commonly stars are known in ruby and sapphire but they also appear in garnet, spinel and other less known varieties. There are differences between all stars, but we will here pretend that nature made all stars equal.

Gemstone phenomena, especially asterism, are a tough call to judge on photo. However, no normal jeweler will be able to show you a fine natural star sapphire, let alone a selection to choose from. Good ruby stars are rare even beyond the normal gemstone rarity. Unless you live in a metropolis or travel to Tucson or Basel, the internet is the only place to compare and buy such gem.

Ruby Jewelry Care, Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Rubies like diamonds and sapphires are very tough, durable gemstone and can be passes over generations like a heirloom piece of jewelry if you properly care for it, clean and maintain it regularly. We see a lot of ruby jewelry displayed at museums gleaming as if it were just designed. This is due to the fact that it has been properly taken care of over years. You too can add years to your ruby jewelry by following our jewelry expert recommended tips.

Read More.

Buying a ruby ring may be the one of the most important jewelry related decisions one has to ever make. Our jewelry guides is designed to help you get the best buy possible.  Our diamond guides are highly informative - useful for first-tine diamond buyer, the gemologist, and the jewelry retailer. Its a must read for everone who is planning to buy jewelry online.  Our guides offer a wealth of information keeping explanations streamlined enough so even the first-time ruby buyer can confidently buy ruby jewelry online. Our guides shows you step-by-step how to evaluate sapphire and settings in different designs and metals.  Its helped thousands of ruby jewelry buyers make smart decisions - and it can help you to. Read More.

New Ruby Mines

While Mogok is the most famous location in Burma for the finest pigeon red rubies, most of the Burmese rubies found today actually come from a different location called Mong Hsu in the Shan State of Burma. The Mong Hsu depositand the deposit was so huge that it was hailed as the most important discovery of burmese ruby for hundreds of years. But these Mong Hsu rubies were not of the same quality as the famous Mogok rubies -- they had a tendency to a slightly bluish or purplish hue which was not as attractive. However, the color can be improved by heat treatment, so virtually all the Mong Hsu ruby in the market has been heat treated. Read More.

Celebrity Ruby Rings
  • Award Show Jewelry
  • Award Show Party Jewelry
  • Celebrity Engagement Rings
  • Celebrity Jewelry
  • Celebrity Jewelry Line
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Hip Hop Jewelry
  • Mens Celebrity Jewelry
  • Movie Premiere Jewelry
  • Red Carpet Jewelry
  • Royalty Jewelry
  • Jessica Simpsons Ruby Engagement Ring

    A dear Neil Lane creation has been spotted on the ring finger of Jessica Simpson recently. It is one of the nontraditional engagement rings created by the renowned brand. It certainly made the rendezvous of Jessica with her five month’s beau, Eric Johnson. If not the design, its price tag of $100,000 is definitely the agent that created all the news. Read More.

    Identification of Synthetic or Fake Rubiess from Genuine Rubies Guidelines

    Synthetic Ruby and Sapphire have been sold commercially from early 1900s. For Online Shoppers it is very difficult to distinguish between Fake & Natural Rubies and Sapphires. Snthetic or Lab Grown Sapphires will be exceptionally large, free of inclusions, good saturated color, a closed-back setting and at unbelievable low prices. We have provided ruby and sapphire buying tips for identifying genuine rubies and sapphires from fake rubies and sapphires for our online shoppers shopping at our ruby and sapphire jewelry online jewelry store. Read More.

    Identification of Ruby, Sapphire Sources - If they're from Burma, Ceylon or Thailand

    How to evaluate and identify a genuine ruby and sapphire from synthetic or fake ruby and sapphire. Also you should be able to judge quality of ruby and sapphire and also be able to find the source of rubies and sapphires. Read More.

    Buying Ruby Jewelry at Jewelry Stores

    Read about how to get good deals on genuine ruby jewelry online. Read More.l

    Gemstones Buying Guides, Expert Advice, Online Gemstone Shopping Tips

    Welcome to the dazzling world of gemstones! You will find out all the shiny details about gem stones, what type of gemstones can be found out there and how from dusty hard rocks they transform into that precious shiny ring necklace or pendant in your nearby jewelry store. Read More.


    Now you should be able to evaluate and identify a genuine emerald from synthetic or fake emerald. Also you should be able to judge quality of emerald and also be able to find the source of emerald. This will help you in getting a genuine and good quality emerald when shopping at online jewelry stores.
    Genuine Gemstones, Certified Diamonds, Genuine Columbian Emeralds, Genuine Madgaskar Emeralds, Emerald Jewelry Buying Guides, Online Shopping Tips, Online Shopping, Great Emerald Jewelry Reviews Online, Emerald Diamond Rings Jewelry Social Bookmarking

    Genuine Gemstones, Certified Diamonds, Genuine Columbian Emeralds, Genuine Madgaskar Emeralds, Emerald Jewelry Buying Guides, Online Shopping Tips, Online Shopping, Great Emerald Jewelry Reviews Online, Emerald Jewelry



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    Online Shopping Tips - How to Buy Authentic Jewelry, Genuine Gemstones, Natural Diamonds & Real Gold

    What is a Genuine Gemstone? Know All About Genuine Gemstones. Read More.

    What is Authentic Jewelry? Know All About Authentic. Read More.

    What is Certified Jewelry? Know All About Certified Jewelry. Read More.

    What is Fine Designer Jewelry? Know All About Fine Jewelry. Read More.

    Genuine Gemstones Identification? Know All About Fine Genuine Gemstones. Read More.

    What is Real Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium or Fake Gold Filled, Gold Plated? Know All About Real Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Palladium. Read More.

    Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Ruby Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Sapphire Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Emerald Jewelry Caring & Cleaning, Diamond Caring & Cleaning. Read More.

    Genuine Diamond Testers, Genuine Gemstones Testers, Real Metal Testers, Authentic Jewelry Testers. ? Know All About Testers to Identify Natural Diamonds, Genuine Gemstones, Real Metals and Authentic Jewelry. Read More.

    Sndgems Jewelry Trade Affiliations, Read More and Conflict-Free Diamonds. Read More.
    Celebrity News - Red Carpet, Oscars, Celebrity Jewelry. Read More.
    Fine-Quality Burma Ruby, Ceylon Ruby, Kashmir Sapphire, Burma Sapphie, Columbian Emerald Guides. Read More.
    Complete Online Shopping Guide to ensure safe shopping, getting quality value product with money back guarantee when shopping online for jewelry. Read More.

    Identification of Synthetic or Fake Emeralds from Genuine Emeralds Guidelines. Read More.

    Identification of Synthetic or Fake Rubies and Sapphires from Genuine Rubies and Sapphires Guides. Read More.

    Identification of Ruby, Sapphire Sources - If they're from Burma, Ceylon or Thailand. Read More.
    Identification of Emerald Sources - If they're from Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Africa. Read More.
    Complete Online Shopping Guide to ensure safe, secure online jewelry shopping. Read More.


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