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An Insight Into Popular Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Author: Paul Shane

Mostly made of gemstones or metals, jewellery is a favourite with women all over the world. Used for ornamentation in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, et al, it is something that adds on to the beauty of a woman. And, when matched well with clothes, it can have a splendid effect as an accessory.

To know more about these ornaments, you should have a fair idea about the gemstones that go into their making. Listed below are few of the most popular stones that are commonly used in jewellery making:


A form of quartz or coloured rock crystal, amethyst is found in three main forms – silica, alumina and violone (a silicate of aluminium and lithium). Since its quartz contains iron, the value of an amethyst can be gauged by the deepness in its colour. Brazil, Siberia and Persia are some of the most renowned makers of the gemstone.


Transparent in colour, this stone is named so due to its pale green or deep sea green tinge. A pale water blue beryl, it combines with iron to give the green colour. Quite inexpensive and easily available, it is heated to produce the blue colour that is predominanytly used in ornaments made of aquamarine. It is mostly mined in countries like India, Siberia and Brazil.


Green forms of beryl, this gemstone is widely available in countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, India and Pakistan. The Ural Mountains in Russia have the greatest natural deposits of emeralds and are said to retain the entire global market. For ages, this gemstone has been used in emerald jewelry - especially the crowns – worn by royal families.


Regarded as a pure stone, crystal has often been used as a diving stone. A number of ancient fortune tellers have used crystal balls and usually associate it with mystical properties. Often linked to the moon, this gemstone is considered as one of the seven sacred substances for Buddhists. Japan is the most renowned manufacturer of this stone.


The most precious and desirable gemstone, diamond is made of pure carbon and is the hardest of all stones. Widely used in jewellery, it is popularly regarded as a woman's 'best friend'. The best of them are colorless and transparent and often come with a light blue tint. Kimberley and Australia are two of the biggest producers of diamond in the world.

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