Pendants - It's All About you

Author: Paul Shane

One of the highly preferred, sold and bought among all jewellery are pendants. Pendants enjoy both popularity as well as their central and most visible positioning on the human body. They are universal jewellery i.e. both men and women prefer wearing them alike. And they are, probably the most worn unisex jewellery of all. Here are some of the pendants that have highest popularity.

Diamond Pendants

Diamonds and platinum pendants are probably the most sought after today. Though people, especially women also like wearing other material as pendant, however, the most popular ones are diamond pendants. Gift a diamond pendant to a woman, be it your friend, girlfriend, wife, mother or any one, and you can see a similar shine in the eyes of the person.

Gold and Silver Pendants

Gold and Silver pendants come second in the popularity charts of pendants. People prefer gold and silver necklaces and neck chains but when it comes to pendants, they usually prefer diamonds more than gold ones. However, gold and silver pendants are still a mass favourite and they are more unisex in nature than diamonds or platinum.

Pearls and Crystals and other things

Pendants made of pearls, crystals, gems and gemstones are more preferred by women, however they too have universal utility. Women love wearing pearl, crystal and gem pendants in choker style and also in other styles. It all depends from individual to individual, from outfit to outfit and also at times from occasion to occasion.

Pendants express a person's mood or personality quite well. In fact nothing else expresses a personality so well as do the pendants. They are sometimes worn to let the others know what you are and what are your beliefs, what is his likes and dislikes. Sometimes pendants are the best way to express the kind of occasion and shines and shimmers to make the celebrations more interesting.

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