Everything You Need to Know About Ruby Engagement Rings: A Birthstone Guide for Alternative Brides

July's birthstone, the ruby, is known as the king of precious gemstones. 

Non-traditional Engagement Rings: What the Ruby Symbolizes.

For those who are lucky enough to be born in July with a ruby as your birthstone, in the ancient times, ruby - or ratnaraj - means the 'king of gems'. It was highly prized by the royalty throught the ages.

The Burmese rubies are famous for it's pigeon's blood hue and these gems are considered the finest in the world, but other important rubies are also found in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Ranking 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, rubies are the second hardest natural gems in the world, just behind diamonds, which means they are durable enough to withstand the everyday wear that your engagement ring is subjected through. 

While diamonds are thought to symbolize strength and eternity, sapphires represent truth and fidelity, and rubies have long been associated with love, passion and protection.

For those who are lucky enough to be born in July with a regal ruby as your birthstone, in the ancient times, ruby was known as the 'the king of the gems'. Rubies have been prized by royalty throughout the ages. Rubies symbolize romance ... making a perfect gemstone alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Because red has long been associated with love and passion, a ruby makes a fitting focal point for an romantic non-diamond engagement ring.

Although diamonds previously ruled the engagement ring world, the diamond paired with the ruby in the 17th and 18th centuries in toi et moi ring, in order to symbolize eternity and love.

Rubies are actually red sapphires, one of the 8 gemstones from the Corundum family. In fact, if a ruby is any other color but red, it's no longer called a ruby.

Ruby, therefore, is a fabulous choice as the center stone for an engagement ring. Obtained from the mineral corundum, it has a rating of 9 on Mohs scale.

A royal favorite, a ruby engagement ring stone symbolizes love and passion. Learn how to find the gem that best fits your budget and style.

Ruby can give fresh perspective to engagement rings and wedding bands. We will help you select the very best ruby for her.

Ruby engagement rings are the perfect gemstone alternative to the ever-popular diamond engagement ring. This fiery red jewel is an eternal symbol of romance.

Our ruby engagement ring are available in diamond halo, solitaire, vintage, three-stone, classic and other popular styles at best price.

Often more valuable than diamonds, the most coveted pigeon blood-red rubies have traditionally come from the ancient Mogok mines, or Myanmar. Today, these mines are almost depleted, so the prices of Burmese rubies are well beyond the budget of most modern brides. Add to this the US embargo on gemstones from Myanmar and it is easy to understand why gem collectors have turned elsewhere in their search for the perfect red gem. And so it is that Gemfield's African rubies are increasingly popular and adding their flash of rich purple red color to high jewellery pieces.

Sometimes called  Toi et Moi - meaning as 'you and me' - this style was very popular in Victorian era jewelry and often paired a diamond with a colored gemstone - a sapphire and diamond for fidelity and truth, or a ruby and diamond for passion and devotion. These styles continue to be a favorite among today�s brides.

Shining bright with the color of love and passion, a ruby engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of romance. The extremely rare and highly sought after ruby is the ultimate Valentines Day gift.

Ruby engagement rings contain the most precious gemstones on the market, and range in color from pink to blood red. ... Diamonds. Gemstones. Budget. All.

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The ruby is known all over the world as a symbol of love, romance and passion. With so many elegant and unique designs to choose from, a ruby engagement ring is a fantastic way to celebrate your love and commitment. 

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