Know Everything About Three Ways To Get Great Bedroom Design Ideas

One great way to find new bedroom design ideas is from bedroom design pictures in magazines and books as well as from one simple thing like a vase, painting or pillow.

You can get some great ideas from those designer bedrooms in the decorating magazines. Don't be scared if the look you want really like seems a bit pricey, you can shop around to purchase similar items to those in the design for less cost. Purchase some magazines or design books and make note of all the bedrooms you like. Is there one that you can't live without?

Decorating your bedroom to resemble a design that you see in a book or magazine is not that difficult. Simply write down all of the items in the photographs that you want to have in your room (drapes, bedding, accents, wall art, rugs etc...) then take the photograph with you while you shop and attempt to match them up. Remember, when shopping for things from a photo you need to pay attention to the scale of the pieces so that they look proportioned next to each other when you get them home.

If you are buying new furniture but are on a budget, try shopping at yard sales or thrift stores where you can take home some great buys on furniture that is almost like brand new. It may take time before you can purchase everything you need but you'll produce a great designer look if you follow the picture thoroughly.

Or maybe you want to come up with your own unique design? If you know you need a new look but don't know where to start then take a look around your bedroom as it is. What things do you still like about the way it looks? What are the things you don't like? If there is some item that you still like such as maybe a wall hanging or vase, then use that to be the base of your design and design the bedroom around that item working with complimentary colors and matching furniture.

If you are formulating your bedroom design idea on an item that you already have then think about what other decor you need to make the whole room work. Curtains, wall art, bedding, rugs and accessories are more of the things you will be choosing. If possible bring the piece with you on shopping trips so you can be sure your selections compliment the item. You could redo an entire room based on a favorite pillow - simply buy accessories in a similar style and match your bedding, rugs, wall colors and wall art in style and color.

Another easier and less expensive method to come up with a bedroom design is to plan it around a coordinated bedding set. Not as much fun or as unique as bringing to life your own idea, but it can work. Some of these sets have matching accessories like pillow, curtains, lamps and at times furniture. You can redo a whole bedroom with a complimentary look in a pinch and in one stop at the store!