Know Everything About The Use of Light Fixtures as Simple Makeover Ideas

Sometimes a room may need a simple change to bring it up to date or increase its functionality. The ceiling is one wall that is sometimes overlooked. The ceiling can be considered the fifth wall in a room. Tackling the ceiling as a part of your interior home decoration is important. Upgrading or changing light fixtures can also be a practical option for a simple makeover. Just as you carefully choose pictures, paintings or wall decorations for your other four walls, choosing light fixtures that fit into your home d?cor is just as important.

If you are on a limited budget and decide to redesign a room in your home, a good new coat of paint can make a difference. Using your ceiling to accent your new look. Invest in new home interior lighting fixtures for your new rooms. Choose a ceiling paint that highlights the space in your room. You can choose the same color that you use on your walls or use a color that accentuates your room style and design. If you want to bring out the height of the ceiling, choose a color that is lighter than the walls, but within the monochromatic color scheme. This fools the eye into perceiving a higher height.

Tips for painting your ceiling:

? Instead of hauling a stepladder which can sometimes be cumbersome, consider using a wooden crate as your step stool.

? Light fixtures can be tricky; painting around them may not always provide you with the desired effect. Unscrew the ceiling roses first but make sure your power supply is off before attempting to unscrew anything.

? Use an extension pole with a roller or a painting pad attached. If you don't have access to a pole that long, you can always improvise. Attaching a roller to a broom handle can work as an extender to your brush.

? Cutting the paint into the wall-ceiling junction is much easier done from the wall side. Therefore if you are planning to paint your walls as well, overlap the ceiling paint onto the wall.

? Use non drip paint or ceiling paint, and protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and cap. Home made drips guards are easy to make.

? Do not load the paint roller too much, which would likely lead the paint to drip down the roller handle onto you.

If you want your ceiling to serve as a focal point, use a tasteful but eye catching color. Don't let your ceiling color overwhelm you overall room d?cor. Light fixtures also can serve as a focal point on your new ceiling. Choose a light fixture that serves to accent your brand new painted ceiling or create focus to your wall decorations.

Light Make Over

Changing the home interior lighting can also be the affordable face lift a room needs. A dimly lit room can benefit from new light fixtures. There are many types of light fixtures to choose from. Track lighting in a kitchen or chandelier lights in dining areas to name a few are examples. Upgrading your light fixtures can be new life to any room especially if your current fixtures are outdated.