Know Everything About The Best Way to Clean the Upholstered Furniture

Your furniture looks dull? Here are some tips on how to treat your furniture and also get the tips on how to clean the leather furniture. Upholstered furniture also needs regular cleaning. It can be easily cleaned at home, get some tips on the best way to clean the upholstered furniture.

LEATHER TABLE TOPS AND UPHOLSTERY should be oiled thoroughly once or twice a year to keep them from drying out and powdering or cracking. Use castor oil, neats foot oil, white Vaseline (for light colored leathers), or a good commercial leather conditioner. Do not use linseed oil or mineral oil. If you select neat's foot oil (obtainable at shoe repair shops) remember that it leaves a dull rather than a glossy finish. Apply the oil with a clean soft cloth when the leather is clean and perfectly dry. Rub it in with your fingers or the palm of your hand until no trace of the oil remains, or it will soil clothing. Artificial leather can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or one dipped into suds made with soap or detergent.

ROUTINE CARE OF UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE includes regular dusting with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner or with a stiff brush, and the prompt treatment of spots. Remove the cushions and dust them first. Put them outdoors afterwards for a good airing in a well-shaded place to avoid sun fading, or place them near an open window. Then dust the furniture thoroughly, getting into all the crevices. Dimes, nickels, and quarters, or lost silverware, are often found during the process sometimes even scissors and knives so probe carefully. In removing stains, especially those of unknown origin, always test the fabric first where it won't show, to make certain that no damage will be done. Directions for taking out various marks are given in the chapter Spots and Stains (see also Index).

UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE CAN BE CLEANED at home without a great deal of trouble. On materials damaged by water, notably pile fabrics like velvet, use a standard dry cleaning fluid. On materials not harmed by water, use good upholstery shampoo or stiff soap lather. The foam type of commercial cleaner is the most effective of the various kinds on the market. The Bissell upholstery kit includes such a cleaner in a pressurized can, from which it emerges ready to go to work.

FOR BEST RESULTS upholstered furniture should be cleaned before it is obviously soiled. Dark patches caused by hair oils, perspiration, etc., may alter the fabric chemically so that light or dark areas are left even when it is clean. Light cleaning before soilage is apparent will minimize this hazard and keep the material looking bright and new. It will also prolong its life.

A HOMEMADE UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO: To prepare this, dissolve six teaspoonfuls of white soap flakes in one pint of boiling water and add two teaspoonfuls of ammonia or borax. Let mixture cool until it has jelled, then beat it to a stiff lather with an eggbeater.

Dull looking furniture can be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner brush or hand brush and clean them with the unseed oil mixed with turpentine and hot water. Use saddle soap to clean leather furniture, and oil the leather tabletops and upholstery once or twice a year. Use the good commercial leather condition to maintain the glossy look. Upholstered furniture can be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner or stiff brush. Use a standard dry cleaning fluid. For the best result clean the upholstered furniture before it is obviously soiled. You can use the homemade shampoo to clean the upholstery as per direction. These tips will help you better in cleaning your furniture.