Know Everything About The Beauty of High Quality Wood in Interior Design

Most of us adore wood - all kinds of wood from cherry and teak to birch and oak. We use it as wall paneling, make furniture and home accessories from it and even use it as a decorator touch in the form of fancy wood baseboards. It is next to impossible to enter any home in North America and not find wood somewhere.

Solid wood has a unique character and presence all its own and it lends an air of permanence and character to a home. If it is expertly crafted, it will endure many lifetimes and due to this fact, many homeowners use it in their interior design plans and buy high quality pieces of furniture that can be passed down through the generations.

One of the things we love about solid wood is that it can be rustic in design; made from knotty pine and perfect for a cottage or chalet. It can be crafted from rich birch; with clean modern lines. Or it can be formal; crafted from deep mahogany and used in a formal library or den.

Something else you should know about wood - unlike any other accessory or home furnishing piece in your house, it simply gets better as it ages. For example, sold wood floor boards look fabulous with digs and nicks that give it a character all its own, and are reminiscent of time spent at home with your family. Solid wood furniture takes on a charming patina with time, which glows quietly and emits a proud sense of history and character.

More recently, we have once again fallen for with the historical craft of wood carving and skilled carvers and artists are once again busy making carved mantels and customized.