Know Everything About The Rug: The Most Visible Home Decor

Rugs are one of the essentials in home decorations and have been for as long as most historians can tell. Since the dawn of civilization, human beings used animal hides and crudely woven reeds similar to tall grass or bamboo as rugs for covering the floor, the chairs, and even sleeping surfaces. Simply put, the rug is the most basic and yet also most valuable household possession for most families. Through the years, the making of rugs evolved into an artistic pursuit beyond just a functional one making the notable household item more visible in homes. They became a sort of art canvasses that needed an expression from the home owner.

One notable area rug, the "Pazyryk" carpet, was discovered by a Russian archaeologist in the year 1949 during a dig at an ancient Siberian burial site. This rug was so finely made that, even though it was long frozen in ice, there was no notable change in its fiber, color, and design and is very well preserved. The Pazyryk carpet is considered a fine work of Scythian art with exquisite details, symmetrical patterns, and rich colors.

The finest handmade rugs of the present day are prized objects. Wool is the premium material for elegant handtufted wool rugs. And in wool, sophisticated colors are combined with the latest contemporary designs to complement most of todays decoration schemes. Home owners acknowledge the superiority of wool in terms of durability. Aside from possessing an elegant beauty, the fabric has a quality and value that makes it an excellent choice for the home.

A benefit of using wool rugs is its natural resilience to the elements. It also feels soft to the touch great for your feet yet has excellent durability. It can also prevent fires and lower room humidity. Aside from this, the wool fabric is hypoallergenic and does not promote the spreading of dust mites and bacteria. Additionally, these rugs will absorb and remove any gases from the air.

Most wool rugs produced are handtufted wherein no two rugs are similar and exactly alike. Almost all rugs are made of 100 percent sheared wool with cotton backing that requires professional dry cleaning and regular vacuum cleaning. Extra care, however, must be done when cleaning the rug since natural shedding of the wool might occur.

Today, rugs continue to play an important item in most interior design concepts being the fastest and simplest design element. Wool rugs continue to reinvent and revitalize the existing home decorations and at the same time giving warmth and depth, as well as effective absorption of sound, and protection of the floor surface.