Know Everything About The Beauty of Contemporary Table Lamps

Streamlined polished chrome bases. Frosted white glass shades. Clusters of filaments lit by LEDs. These are not your father's table lamps! Indeed, table lamps have come a long way since any old light bulb stuck on a piece of wood with a dusty shade could be passed off as a fashionable piece of home decor.

Today's contemporary table lamps are works of art. New lamps tend to be built from metal and glass materials. Most lamps adopt a minimalist color scheme. The bases are often black or grey or white, with the designer letting the polished or brushed look of the metal come through to the final product. The lamps are then topped off with a white or cream shade to complete the look. On the other end of the scale, designers - using the same materials - have taken advantage of technological advances to create innovative new table lamps. Using these new production techniques, designers can use the same materials to create colorful and playful table lamps. One trend is making table lamps look like other objects, such as a glowing block of ice or even Chinese takeout boxes. These designs are perfect for children, or the young at heart.

Aside from the materials and the color schemes, designers generally create table lamps with simple, pared down designs. The emphasis is on sleek and streamlined looks, with simple and unbroken lines. Especially notable is the movement away from traditional table lamp designs, with a base, stem and light shade. Indeed, the creation of new materials with unique lighting abilities has allowed designers to experiment with amazing new designs. And at the farthest point from simple designs are the trend towards table lamps that more closely resemble tabletop chandeliers with the use of glowing strands of plastic and light.

All this focus on aesthetics is not to imply at all that this new crop of lamps is not highly functional. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Functionality is a central concern. Modern table lamps take exceptional pride in providing the very best light for reading or writing. This means creating an adjustable light that can either focus or diffuse the light, depending on your needs.

Contemporary table lamps have entered an exciting creative phase, spurred on by the development of new materials, and the participation of countless young and exciting designers. If you are looking to update your interior design, a contemporary table lamp can be an important starting point for any changes.