Tote and Shoulder Handbag trends for Spring / Summer 2009 Sun, 24 May 2009, 00:00 EST

The handbag is not just a comfortable accessory to keep all our personal things in, like our sunglasses, cell phone or wallet; it is an essential part of any woman's life-style! Without the handbag, women don't feel complete or comfortable, because a handbag is part of us and of our look; it represents us, our personality and our habits. The bag can be considered as a visiting card: looking at it, people can easily get an impression of who we are, of our life-style and our hobbies.

This spring-summer 2009, the handbag will play an important role in our look. Small or Large, colorful or neutral, classic or trendy, it will fill our days with good humor and joy, so that we can enjoy a fantastic summer, always certain of having that "faithful friend" by our side, ready to come to our aid in any situation.

But what are the most fashionable styles of designer handbags proposed by designers for this explosive spring-summer 2009?

We have just prepared on the Tote and Shoulder stylish bags which will be the absolute main players for this season. Let's look at them in more detail:

  * Shoulder bags: One of the best inventions for young mothers with small babies, thanks to their ease and practicality, they will be very trendy this spring-summer season, with wide comfortable straps that make the handbag itself more stable on the shoulder, preventing back pain and strain. The weight in fact, is distributed in a more even way over all the shoulder and it is not concentrated just on a specific point. Shoulder bags are not only very comfortable to wear but they are also an excellent solution for dedicated shoppers because a shoulder bag, being worn on the shoulder or across the body, doesn't occupy your hands, leaving you free to do your shopping easily.

  * Tote bags: comfortable and wide, they will assure you space and practicality all through the day, roomy enough to keep inside everything you need to look gorgeous and charming, every minute of your day. You can use your tote handbag for every occasion: when you go shopping, for a fun weekend out with your partner or with your friends, or if you go out for a walk with your children: as you know, a mother always needs an infinite amount of space to put her children's biscuits, toys or water!!!!