Work and Large Handbags for 2009 - Sun, 24 May 2009, 00:00 EST

* Small bags: lovely jewels enriched with rhinestones and decorations, they are an explosion of elegance and light, whatever your look. They can make your summer extremely fun and joyful, if they are made in the most fashionable vivid tonalities such as violet, purple, turquoise, red, emerald green; and are even more seductive and gorgeous if made of exotic leather in the newest trendy metallic shades such as silver and gold. Despite their small size, their interior is perfectly divided into pockets and compartments, so that everything has its own the strap and space, made of leather or of brass chains, is very often detachable so that they can easily be transformed into luxury pochettes to display with pride.

  * Large work bags: the classic large work bag, with a detachable strap and both handles is the innovative style promoted for this spring-summer 2009 by designers, and leather masters perfect in classic colors such as bordeaux, light brown, dark green, beige, shades which fit well with a summer climate but which make our work bag wearable not only in summer but in every season and with any style. Work bags have been proposed once more, especially to make the woman stylish and trendy for work too, even though this model can be worn perfectly well instead of your tote bag, when you go shopping or when you are out and need to have your personal things always by your side. The work bag can have many uses: choose yours!!!!

  * No bag at all: many designers agree with the decision to deprive the woman of her handbag, considering it a superfluous accessory, above all in this period of economic crisis. So, the woman, this spring-summer will also have the option of choosing not to wear her bag anymore and keeping all her things in the pockets of her trousers so that she can feel unburdened and free.

We absolutely don't want to influence your personal relationship and your tastes with your handbag, but, in our opinion, depriving a woman of her handbag is something unnatural and senseless because it is like depriving her of a distinctive element of her femininity. The handbag, as we said before, is for a woman an intrinsic part of herself, and depriving her of it is like stripping away a part of her personality.

In this short article we have identified the trendiest handbag styles for spring-summer 2009.